Jackery Stories/Adventures with Jackery: Powering the Outback
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4WD TV Host Simon Christie

Adventures with Jackery: Powering the Outback

1. Please introduce yourself or your team and explain what you do.

I’m Simon Christie, founder, host and producer of three Aussie off road TV shows, Australia’s biggest 4x4 social media platform and the well known brand 4wd TV. We’ve been making Australian TV shows about off roading since 2004 and have filmed all over the world. Our Team at Adventure Set Productions are highly experienced creative story tellers with an expertise in capturing outdoor adventure and producing quality content that will engage, educate and inspire.

2. Which Jackery product do you own and how has it helped you? (i.e. What devices do you power with Jackery products?)

At this stage we have the 500, 1000 Pro and 2000 Pro Solar Generators. We use all of them to keep our team charged when out in remote areas. At times it is just a quick recharge for our drone whilst at other times it’s a full work station power grid as we check, capture and collate the days filming whilst recharging our cameras, laptop, drone, radios and other equipment.

The 500 is very handy. Its small size makes it very convenient for quick charges on the go which is often small devices and our drone. The 1000 Pro is used for more substantial charging of equipment like radios. The 2000 is a real power house and can easily satisfy a full night’s equipment charging whilst easily powering our laptop during heavy work hours in the evenings.

3. Which model/capacity of Jackery solar generator would you recommend for people with a similar lifestyle to yours?

For a professional type situation, the 2000 is hard to beat. It gives you a full suite of remote power availability with enough peak power delivery to run mains hand tools as well as long term energy delivery for remote campsite lighting, cooking and other needs. Teamed with the matching solar panels, it is a tough, reliable and convenient power source for demanding situations.

4. How has the Jackery SolarSaga helped you when you use Jackery portable power stations on the road?

Our job takes us all over the Outback, into remote locations where power is not always available. Whilst our vehicles are well equipped with alternative power solutions, the Jackery products provide an alternative, more convenient and separately managed power option that can be simply recharged for free via convenient and easy to set up solar panels. The SolarSaga panels are comparatively small, easy to store, easy to set up and easy to move to maximise charging. All factors that play a major part in minimising weight when travelling as well as time and inconvenience.

5. Do you have any exciting stories or adventures that you would like to share?

We’re just back from an incredible trip filming through The Flinders Ranges. We filmed six episodes for 7Mate covering the best 4wd locations across the Southern Flinders. There were daily challenges with tough tracks, vehicle issues and hot tough and dusty conditions. On one day we found ourselves stuck with a broken vehicle in a very tough rocky gorge and the only way we could get out was to literally set the car on fire and use an explosion to repair a broken tyre. We successfully got the tyre back onto the wheel and pumped up. It’s a very common technique but it requires a lot of experience and knowledge to do it safely.

You can learn more about Simon from his Facebook handle https://www.facebook.com/4wdTV/