Intersolar 2024 Debut: Jackery Smart Plug Pro Powered by Shelly Revolutionizes Balcony Solar Plant with Navi 2000

Following the recent unveiling of its innovative mobile DIY system, Navi 2000, Jackery has partnered with Shelly Group to enhance the functionality of its balcony power plant solution with smart energy management. Shelly Group, a global provider of IoT solutions specialized in monitoring and analyzing energy consumption in home and building automation systems, brings its expertise to this collaboration. Jackery will debut the Jackery Smart Plug Pro powered by Shelly at Intersolar 2024, aiming to optimize intelligent energy management for households. Combined with Jackery's mobile home storage system Navi 2000 and its accompanying app, the smart solution offers real-time energy monitoring, intelligent power allocation, and remote control of connected devices. This launch marks just the beginning of this collaboration, with more products already in development, including future support for Shelly's smart electricity meter, Shelly Pro 3EM.

"Our partnership with Jackery drives innovation further and brings smart home energy management to the next significant level.” says Wolfgang Kirsch, CEO of Shelly Group.

"We have invested considerable effort in our co-branded product to ensure that it delivers unparalleled user experience and added value to our customers. We are confident that such partnerships will accelerate our growth and leverage Shelly Group’s positing in the segment.”

Jackery Smart Plug Pro Powered by Shelly Revolutionizes Balcony Solar Plant with Navi 2000

Real-time energy monitoring 

The all-in-one balcony power plant, Jackery Navi 2000, captures solar energy with an input power of up to 2000 watts while complying with regulations by feeding a maximum of 800 watts into the grid. The amount of energy supplied to the household is based on individual forecasts and settings in the Jackery app. With the new WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled Jackery Smart Plug Pro Powered by Shelly, PV users can further optimize this control and dynamically adjust the output power. The IoT solution monitors the status and consumption patterns of connected devices in the home, enabling more efficient energy management. Additionally, the Navi 2000 provides real-time energy status and adjusts the energy supply dynamically to match the household load. This intelligent system increases the self-consumption of PV electricity and minimizes the use of energy from the public grid, reducing electricity costs and enhancing the efficiency of the PV system utilization.

Fast Connection with Local Control

Communication between smart devices often relies on cloud-to-cloud transmissions, which, while easy to set up using open APIs, can suffer from delayed communication and internet dependency. Thanks to the collaboration between Jackery and Shelly Group, the new plug overcomes these issues. The Navi 2000 connects locally with the Jackery Smart Plug Pro Powered by Shelly, allowing devices to communicate and control functions directly and seamlessly.

The new Jackery Smart Plug Pro powered by Shelly will debut at the Jackery booth C4.380 at Intersolar 2024 and is now available for 29 euros at the Jackery online shop