Jackery's 11th Anniversary: Transforming Lives with Renewable Energy

On the occasion of its 11th Anniversary, Jackery, a global leader of innovative portable power and green outdoor energy solutions, is reflecting on its impact in enabling green energy solutions for users, worldwide. Since its founding, Jackery has been dedicated to providing clean, reliable power through innovative Solar Generators. These products have seamlessly integrated renewable energy into outdoor adventures, education, healthcare, disaster relief and everyday life. As it marks over a decade of innovation, Jackery is reaffirming its commitment in developing cutting-edge products, empowering sustainable energy solutions.

The Jackery Solar Generator provides safe, convenient and stable green and clean energy, reducing carbon emissions and maintaining the natural ecological environment. Equipped with the Solar Generator, customers are able to become self-sufficient through a closed-loop electricity supply, providing a safe, reliable and efficient supply of green power for all kinds of digital electronic devices, meeting your needs for outdoor adventures, home backup and rescue. Jackery offers a wide range of products that cater to diverse power needs, from smartphones and laptops to refrigerators and electric cooking equipment.

Texas Family Finds Light in the Darkness with Jackery Solar Power

When a record-breaking cold snap hit Texas and knocked out power across the state, the Kent Hagood family was fully prepared. Having already invested in a Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro, they quickly connected it to their refrigerator and other essential appliances, keeping everything running smoothly. While most households faced spoiled food and freezing nights without electricity, the Hagoods powered lights, TVs, and more thanks to their backup power supply. Even though installing a full, home electrical system can cost thousands, Judy believes their portable Jackery generator was a cost-effective investment. Beyond getting them through emergencies like the Texas blackouts, it’s also come in handy for camping, travel and outdoor adventures. For the Hagood family, their Jackery Solar Generator has been a total lifesaver during difficult times. Its reliable, renewable power gave them peace of mind when they needed it most.

Unforgettable Festive Experiences: Santa Claus Tour and Candle Concert Powered by Jackery

In Christmas 2022, Richard, dressed in his traditional Santa Claus attire of a red hat, white beard, red cotton suit, and boots, embarked on his annual Santa Claus tour, a cherished tradition he had faithfully took part in for the past 13 years. To enhance his journey, Richard was accompanied by the reliable Jackery Explorer 240, a portable power station. With its help, he could illuminate the Christmas tree , creating a magical atmosphere. Richard surprised children with well-prepared gifts, bringing endless surprises, laughter and joy throughout the entire neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, in Japan, a community organization orchestrated a unique park candle concert, powered solely by Jackery's Solar Generator. This event aimed to provide an environmentally-conscious and extraordinary experience for the attendees. Centered around candle-craft and music, the concert offered a serene and sustainable atmosphere, allowing participants to unwind and immerse themselves in the enchanting spectacle. The quiet and environmentally-friendly Portable Power Station from Jackery played a crucial role in making this event possible. By showcasing the possibilities of sustainable energy solutions, the concert encouraged participants to reflect on their lives and consider the impact they each have on the environment.

Powering Dreams: Jackery Empowers Adventures On the Ground and in the Sky

The spirit of adventure runs deep within the core of Jackery's brand identity. With its compact design, Jackery products are reliable companions, accompanying users on their journeys, no matter where their destinations may lie. But can you imagine the extent of Jackery's empowerment, to even reaching the skies?

Meet Joe Sener, an ardent private pilot and retired engineer, whose passion for aviation remains unwavering, even in his retirement. Joe's love for flying knows no bounds, and with Jackery's Solar Generator, his flying experiences have soared to new heights. No longer burdened by the weight of a cumbersome gasoline generator, Joe can now charge his devices effortlessly, all thanks to Jackery's unwavering support.

Through the fusion of Joe's unyielding passion for aviation and Jackery's steadfast commitment, unforgettable memories continue to be etched in the skies. Together, they exemplify the harmonious blend of innovation and unwavering determination, powering dreams and propelling adventures to new horizons.

Defying Limits: Jackery Empowers the Impossible

On a tranquil weekend, as the sun broke through the clouds and enveloped the lush fields in its warm embrace, Jodie St. Clair, an amputee, ventured into the great outdoors with her motorized prosthetic leg, powered by none other than the Jackery Explorer 300.

Jodie St. Clair is a fearless adventurer who holds RV camping close to her heart. Despite the tragic loss of her left leg in an accident, she refused to let fate dictate her path. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Jodie was fitted with a motorized prosthetic leg, courtesy of which she could continue to pursuing her outdoor dreams. With Jackery by her side, she fearlessly confronts life's obstacles and constantly pushes the boundaries of her own existence. Jackery has borne witness to her transformative journey - from the depths of her despair to a renewed life, becoming an indispensable companion in her remarkable story.

This 11-year journey serves as a testament to the versatility and effectiveness of Jackery's Solar Generator, as well as its profound impact on the lives of individuals globally. As we embark on the next decade, Jackery eagerly looks forward to exploring new opportunities and seeking out more user stories, showcasing the myriad ways its products can be utilized. If you have a unique and inspiring tale of how Jackery has powered your life, we invite you to join our User Story Recruitment Campaign. We would be delighted to hear from you and share your remarkable journey with the world.

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