Jackery Launches Navi 2000: The Ultimate Balcony Power Station for Maximum Flexibility and Self-Consumption Coverage

Jackery, the leader in portable clean energy solutions, is thrilled to launch its latest innovation: Jackery Navi 2000 Balcony Solar System. *Note: now available in Germany only. This groundbreaking addition expands Jackery's diverse product line and revolutionizes the landscape of home energy storage solutions. While traditional balcony power stations tether users to fixed home storage systems, Jackery Navi 2000 introduces a new era of mobility with its innovative design.

Now available in Germany, this all-in-one solution features a cascadable LiFePO4 power station housed in durable aluminium, complete with an integrated inverter. Its portability allows for quick set-up, making it ideal for a variety of locations including balconies, fences, holiday homes, gardens, or tiny houses. Navi 2000 integrates seamlessly with optional flexible solar panels, offering versatility beyond traditional power solutions. Compatible with all standard solar panels with MC4 connectors, it provides an excellent additional storage solution to existing systems with a maximum solar charge capacity of 1600 watts. Navi 2000 can also be used as a mobile power station, providing energy for camping or outdoor activities. An optional lightweight, foldable trolley increases its portability for on-the-go convenience.

Jackery Launches Navi 2000

1600 watts of solar power and bidirectional charging for high self-consumption coverage

Jackery's ready-to-connect Balcony Power Station is a weatherproof IP65 power station with an integrated inverter, controller, and energy management system (EMS) for maximum flexibility. With the ability to connect multiple solar panels up to a total of 1600 watts, users can maximize solar output by adjusting panel positioning for optimal sun exposure. Jackery Navi 2000 can generate up to 900 kWh more electricity per year than conventional 800-watt balcony systems. In addition, the system can accommodate both Jackery's flexible modules and standard panels with MC4 connections, or a combination of the two, facilitated by the built-in dual MPPT solar controller.

With a storage capacity of 2 kWh, expandable to 8 kWh with up to three battery packs, Jackery Navi 2000 complies with government regulations by feeding 800 watts into the domestic grid, in line with the Solar Package 1 policy in Germany. In addition, smart plugs allow users to adjust the power output, increasing control and efficiency dynamically.

Jackery Navi 2000 also stands out with its bidirectional charging and discharging capability using a single cable. With a simple click of the app, users can seamlessly supplement solar energy with AC power to achieve an 80% battery charge in less than 52 minutes. This hybrid charging feature will be particularly beneficial in scenarios where dynamic electricity tariffs are introduced in the future.

Compliant with leading safety standards

As a leading provider of mobile power solutions, Jackery prioritizes reliability and safety with Navi 2000. Encased in durable aluminum, the non-flammable lithium iron phosphate storage unit with integrated inverter boasts surge voltage resistance of up to 4000 V and is IP65 certified for weatherproofing. Enhanced with robust insulation and a dedicated heating and cooling system, Navi 2000 can withstand extreme weather conditions ranging from -20 to 55 °C.  In addition, Navi 2000 fulfills the safety standard for home energy storage systems following IEC 62109-1 and -2.

For those eager to explore the mobile balcony solar system, Jackery will be showcasing Navi 2000 at Intersolar in Munich from June 19th to 21st at Hall C4, booth 380.

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