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Solar Generators FAQs for Australian Users

The demand for a quick transition to renewable energy is more urgent than ever. Australia's abundant sunlight provides unique geographical conditions for developing solar energy solutions while also allowing more and more people to shift their energy supply to solar generators. And that is why the market for solar generators keeps rising. And Jackery has developed revolutionary technologies to upgrade solar generators.

However, common questions for potential users are often neglected yet extremely important. The industry is still relatively new, and one must get as much information about different solutions as possible. This guide will answer some common questions solar generator users ask. This should help you make a more informed decision. Keep reading.

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What is a Solar Generator?

This section will introduce you to the basic information on solar generators.

1. The Definition of Solar Generators

A solar generator is a power-generating system that can transform sunlight into electricity. The main components of solar generators are the power station and the solar panels. The power generated can be stored in the power station, supplying power directly to household appliances such as televisions, energy-saving lights, refrigerators, etc. 

Solar generators have many optional sizes and capacities according to different power needs, making it convenient to power various scenarios.

2. Key Components and How They Generate Power

You can understand a solar powered generator better by considering its components. It has four main components:

  • Solar Panels: They are the main component of solar generators. It can capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. It is usually made of silicon-based materials and has good power generation performance. 

  • BMS: It has the function of battery cell protection to prevent safety risks such as overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating, creating a reassuring environment for users.

  • Storage Unit: Another crucial component of a solar-powered generator is the power storage. The battery can store the energy for later use, such as at night or on cloudy days.

  • Inverter: The direct current generated by solar panels cannot be directly used for power supply in household appliances and must be converted into alternating current through inverters.

A solar generator could be your best solution to the frustration of constant power outages. The solid power reserve these systems offer gives consumers peace of mind. 

3. A Green Solution

Solar generators are considered one of the cleanest forms of energy production. A small electric generator offers the best solution for green energy in a world where climate change has become a major concern. Their environment-friendly nature makes them even more attractive.

Solar generators leave zero emissions as they don't consume fossil fuel to generate power, as do traditional generators. They also operate quietly, giving users more peace and avoiding noise.  

How Does a Solar Generator Work in Australian Conditions?

Australia's superior environment has created a great opportunity for solar generators.

1. The Suitability of Solar Generators for Australia's Climate

One of the greatest concerns from consumers is the suitability of solar powered generators for Australia's climate. The report from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy in 2022 shows that Australia is the 7th largest solar nation in the world based on installed solar PV capacity. More reports indicated that solar PV accounts for 11.7% of Australia's electricity generation in 2021, representing 31.2 GWh.

Australian continents have the highest solar radiation per square meter compared to other regions in the world. It has the world's richest solar energy resources. With an average of 58 million PJ of solar radiation per year, it is easy to see why the market for home solar battery solutions keeps growing.

2. How Solar Energy Works

Converting solar energy into usable power in a solar powered generator is not complex. Here is a step-by-step explanation:

  • The sunlight shines on the battery board and stimulates the movement of electrons to generate direct current, which is called the photovoltaic effect. 

  • The inverter can convert DC into AC, ensuring that the generated power is the same as the voltage and frequency of the power supply equipment.

  • Excess energy can be stored for cloudy or nighttime use.

What are the Advantages of Solar Generators in Australia?

Owning a solar generator in Australia ensures freedom in terms of electrical energy. It offers the following benefits:

1. Savings on Energy Bills

Most homeowners spend a fortune on energy bills, some even without realizing it, especially in the summer heat when you need to use your air conditioner more. A solar generator can be your helper because of its immense long-term energy-saving benefits, as you don't have to pay for sunlight.

2. Reduced Environmental Impact

The world is facing climate change and other environmental issues. Traditional electricity and power sources are the most significant contributors to these effects. Using green energy with solar generators is among the most effective ways to deal with the crisis. 

3. Reliability During Power Outages

Power outages are common in any part of the world. Such issues hit some parts of Australia. Having a solar generator ensures you continue charging your devices and running your appliance without worrying about interrupting your work midway.

Advantages of Solar Generators in Australia

What Size Solar Generator Do I Need for My Home?

There are several steps to take before choosing a solar generator for your home. 

1. Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar Generators

Each household has different needs, and it's when you understand these needs that you will find the right one. These factors include:

  • Your needs: how many appliances do you want the generator to power, and for how long? It will directly determine the size of the generator.

  • Capacity: Capacity means how much energy the generator can store. This also comes down to your needs. A 2000W solar generator is big enough to connect 99% of your appliances.

  • Compatibility: Choose a solar generator compatible with your appliances. It should have suitable input and output ports for connecting multiple devices.

  • Charging options: A good solar generator should have several charging options, including solar panels and AC wall outlets.

2. Calculate Your Energy Needs

  • Determine how much energy each appliance needs by checking information on its power consumption.

  • Determine how long you will run the applications.

  • Calculate the power. The total power consumption can be obtained by adding the rated power of the electrical appliances. You can select the generator based on this data.

3. General Guidelines for Choosing Solar Generators

  • Number and power of solar panels. After calculating the required power, you can choose the appropriate number and size of solar panels. Usually, there are 80W, 100W solar panels available for selection.

  • Battery sizing. Ensuring the battery is large enough to store sufficient energy to run all your appliances. You can follow the steps given above.

With this information, you are better equipped to build a reliable solar power backup system. You will have enough energy for your needs during power outages and camping trips.  

Are Solar Generators Suitable for Remote Areas in Australia?

Solar generators are the most suitable power solution for remote areas in Australia. These areas need more power backup systems than cities since power outages are frequent. Some remote areas even don't have electricity connectivity. 

1. Benefits of Solar Generators for Remote Locations

1) Cost-saving

You don't need to pay for electricity anymore with a solar generator. And you can gain long-term benefits because of its long service life.

2) Efficiency and Eco-friendly

Solar generators are quite efficient and environmentally friendly. Powerful solar generators will power many of your appliances simultaneously. Meanwhile, they are eco-friendly without leaving any carbon footprint.

2. Independence from the Grid

Grid electricity can be quite unreliable in certain areas. And when power outages occur, it can take some time before serious electrical issues are resolved. If you have a powerful solar generator, you can get rid of the power grid and no longer worry about unexpected power outages.

3. Limitations and Considerations

As much as a solar generator is an excellent investment, it's still important to note the limitations. Because it uses solar energy for charging, its power generation is affected by the intensity of sunlight. So, when using the generator, pay attention to the battery level and charge it promptly when the battery level is low.

How Do I Maintain and Care for my Solar Generator?

Maintenance and monitoring are crucial to the performance and longevity of a solar generator. 

1. Tips and Best Practices:

  • Avoid using your solar generator near flammable materials. Heat can affect its performance or cause damage.

  • Store in a clean and dry location, as moisture and dust may leak into the device to damage the internal parts.

  • Unreasonable charging and discharging your power station may shorten the battery lifespan.

  • Do not overload the generator. Calculate your energy needs and find a suitable power station.

  • Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions for properly installing and using your system. You can avoid electrical faults and repair them.

2. Lifespan of Solar Generators

A good solar generator can last ten years when used correctly, which is impressive among common generators. For example, products from Jackery can easily last for ten years while also maintaining 80% capacity if you use them properly.

3. How to Address Common Troubleshooting Issues

Here are some common issues with solar generators and how to solve them:

  • Insufficient sunlight affects charging time. Check the location of your solar panels and ensure nothing obscures them. Meanwhile, you need to regularly clean the solar panels to avoid pollutants affecting power generation efficiency

  • The battery is not charging. First, check the connections between the panels, charge controller, and battery. Tighten loose or clean corroded connectors. If the problem still exists, check the voltage output and test to ensure it's working properly. Replace any parts that are not working.

System overload and faulty components are often the beginning of most solar generator issues. Always check these first before looking for anything else. Keep your generator in good condition by avoiding overloads.

The Best Solar Generators for Australia - Jackery Solar Generators

Jackery is a leader in the world of solar energy solutions. We have provided many solutions for over ten years, focusing on innovativeness and customer satisfaction. Good examples are the following generators that can be purchased during the upcoming Jackery 11th anniversary sale:

1. Jackery Solar Generator 500

If you want the most portable power generator to charge your electronics, then the Jackery Solar Generator 500 is your ultimate solution with its capacity of 518Wh. It features a compact and lightweight design, making it one of the lightest and most portable rechargeable lithium battery generators on the market. You can easily carry it around. It is perfect for small appliances like mini-fridges, air pumps, and TVs.

The Jackery Solar Generator 500 has three optional charging methods to make your electricity usage more flexible without any limitations. 

Jackery Solar Generator 500

2. Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro has a capacity of 1002Wh and an output power of 1000W. It only takes 1.8 hours for it to fully charge through wall charging. Even if you use it weekly, the battery's max capacity will still be at 80% after 10 years of use. Its Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station only weighs 11.5kg, which is 30% lighter than other products with the same capacity in this industry, making it the perfect companion for off-grid living and power outages.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

3. Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is a real powerhouse for remote Australian areas or during power outages. Its incredible 2160Wh capacity can solve all your power needs, including induction cookers, blenders, air conditioners, electronic devices and more. Moreover, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro can be fully charged in 2 hours via AC wall outlet and 5.5 hours via 6 Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels. It's the perfect companion for home emergency applications requiring massive energy.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

4. Jackery's Latest Solar Generator

Jackery's strong R&D team is always looking for new technologies to improve customer experience. There will be 4 new members in the Australian market, including Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus, Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus, Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station and Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station, allowing consumers to enjoy more features for all their power needs. 

October 18th to 31st is Jackery 11th anniversary sale, the best-selling PPS and SG series will have discounts of up to 15%. The past 11 years have witnessed countless significant moments between Jackery and our global adventurers. Together, we will journey further and unlock endless possibilities. Explore how Jackery enriches the lives of people across the globe.


Jackery is not a new name in the world of solar generators. Our reputation is based on customer-focused production, innovativeness and affordability. And now Australian consumers can enjoy amazing discounts on its products in the upcoming Jackery 11th anniversary sale. You can reach out anytime to know more about our company and get your next solar generator.

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