Solar Generator for Off Grid Living

Jackery Solar Generator for Off Grid Living

Exceptional power featuring optimal portability. Jackery Solar Generator is great for daily life, but additionally for off grid living. It further offers an extremely reliable power source on the go. The Jackery Explorer is best paired with the SolarSaga Solar Panel, that can be used to recharge the unit's battery. It additionally has a USB port for charging phones and other small devices, and an AC outlet for powering larger devices.

Jackery Solar Generator for Off Grid Living

What is Off Grid Living and Why Jackery?

Off-grid living is a lifestyle, where one relies completely on their own energy sources, which are often renewable energy sources, like the sun. Solar is now becoming more and more popular due to its excellent benefits. There are numerous reasons why people choose to live off the grid - some people do it to live independently, becoming more self-sustainable, while other people do it to positively impact the environment.

What is Off Grid Living and Why Jackery?

Jackery Solar Generators come as a powerful and clean source for off-grid living. You can use the power to operate anything you like - appliances including refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and grills to charging all your everyday household gadgets.

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Must Have Checklists for 

Enjoyable Adventure Off Grid Living

Living off the grid is not simply a walk in the park. It does take a significant amount of planning, research, and preparation to do this successfully. Here are several things you need to consider, first before making a switch.

Find a safe and convenient place that is an ideal off-grid location.

Step 1

Find a safe and convenient place that is an ideal off-grid location.

Step 2

Set up your off-grid home: once you have found the ideal place to live, you'll need to set up your off-grid home. This includes planning all your basic supplies, including finding a way to generate power, food supplies, getting portable water, disposing of all waste.

Set up your off-grid home
Find a safe and convenient place that is an ideal off-grid location.

Step 3

Prepare for emergencies: When you live off the grid, it means you have no access to commercial healthcare. Thus, you need to be prepared for emergencies. Apart from your first-aid kit, you need to have a plan for how you can get medical care when things go wrong.

Living off the grid is not simply a walk in the park. It does take a significant amount of planning, research, and preparation to do this successfully. Here are several things you need to consider, first before making a switch.

Recommended Jackery Solar Generator 

for Off Grid Living

  • Solar Generator 2000 Pro
  • Solar Generator 1000 Pro
Solar Generator 2000 Pro
Solar Generator 1000 Pro

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Frequently Asked Questions for Off Grid Living

1.What kinds of solar generator are best for off grid living?

We recommend that you can choose more high-capacity solar generator. The higher the capacity, the longer the charging time and the more diverse the devices that can be run.

For example Explorer 2000 Pro, delivers an enormous charging capacity (2,160Wh) powering all your required appliances including hot plates, blenders, air conditioners and more. It’s also ideal to use for outdoor off-grid activities (camping or RV) & home emergency use.

2.How to charge battery pack with generator for off grid living?

Kindly note that here are four methods to recharge the Explorer power station. Please refer to the following information:

1. Via Solar Saga panel(Charging options available when off grid living)

2. Via wall outlet

3. Via car charger

4. Via gas generator

When you're ready to live off-grid, use any of the above methods to fully charge your Power station and be ready for use.

3.What size generator do I need for off-grid living?

The size requirements for your solar system are based mainly on the energy requirements of your home and the sunlight patterns in your area.

If you are using a generator as a backup to a solar system, you can use Jackery Explorer 1500 or 2000 Pro to provide that extra power.

But kindly note that it varies based on your household electrical consumption. The more electricity you use, the bigger the generator you are going to need.

Taking the time to assess what you’re going to use your generator for, what appliances you absolutely need to run, and finding accurate running and starting wattages, will help you decide which generator to choose from and save you money too.

4.Is living off the grid a good idea and cheaper?

Many of us off-gridders really enjoy the thought of peace and quiet in the country, and the chance to shed all the city stress and distractions for a serene off-grid lifestyle.

But before the real off-grid life begins, you need to know what are the necessities of off-grid life and do some strategies. once you get everything set up, living off-grid is undeniably a cheaper way to live. Renewable energy is cost-effective, living off the land food-wise is cheaper (but takes more maintenance), and living in a less extravagant home can save you money, too.

5.Can you live off-grid with a generator?

Yes. Solar power is one of the most effective forms of generating electricity, it is absolutely green and as long as there is sunlight it ensures undisrupted power and thus is a great option for off-grid homes.

6.Is an off-grid solar system worth it?

We need to know what is the off-grid solar system first. The off-grid solar system is an independent power generation system. In the case of light, it can use solar panels to convert solar energy into electric energy to power the equipment and charge the battery; In overcast weather or with no light, the battery pack supplies power to the equipment. It is mostly used in areas far away from the power grid.

To the question of Is an off-grid solar system is worth it, the answer is undoubted: YES

Firstly, for most low-income families, off-grid solar products are inexpensive and affordable for most families.

Secondly, an off-grid solar energy system relies on solar power generation. It is clean energy, renewable resources, safe and reliable.

Thirdly, the off-grid solar power generation system can operate independently without regional restrictions and fuel consumption.

7.How do I start living off the grid?

Things You Should Know

1. Read everything you can about off grid living preparation now.

Use the many free online off grid living preparation resources to learn everything you can before you make your move.

2. Look at realistic potential locations.

Think about climate, land availability, taxes, building code requirements, and landholding options (freehold vs leasehold) when you're choosing off grid homes.

3. Study shelter possibilities

Based on your chosen location, dig around to uncover your options when it comes to off-the-grid homes.

Do you need to buy an off-grid cabin? Or will you have to build one? What kind of building materials would be best? And how big will your home need to be? These are the things you need to anticipate in advance.

Things You Should Do

1. Off-grid living requires you to develop home energy independence. In most cases, the best option is to retrofit your existing home with solar panels, which will absorb energy from the sun that you can use in your home.

2. Supplement your solar panels with a power station. When you have a stretch of cloudy weather or any kind of mechanical problem with your solar panels, a power station really comes in handy!

3. And in addition to the energy necessary for life, you also need to consider the supply of food and water and collect enough clothing for every season.

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