Empowering Adventures: Unveiling the Jackery Journey in Off-Grid Green Energy

Jackery Stories/Empowering Adventures: Unveiling the Jackery Journey in Off-Grid Green Energy
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Robin Eatch

Empowering Adventures: Unveiling the Jackery Journey in Off-Grid Green Energy

1. Introduction

Hi, I'm Robin, based in Derbyshire, UK. I work as a technical director for a systems integrator specializing in solutions for the food and beverage industry. Alongside my professional life, I'm also an avid photographer with a keen interest in videography and video production.

2. Discovery of Jackery

I became a Jackery customer in 2016 when I purchased two Jackery Titan pocket sized power banks. These have now become my reliable companions ever since purchasing them, providing additional power for all of my photography and video work.

3. Benefits of Using Jackery

I love hitting the road with my wife and dog - taking Jackery's Explorer 2000 Plus alongside with me, and paired with the SolarSaga’s 200W* Solar Panels, this means I can keep using my laptop, make coffee, and even have some toast to eat, even when we're not on electrical hookups. The flexibility it offers, in terms of charging options, is a complete game-changer for all of our outdoor  adventures.

The Lake District is one of our favourite destinations, and a place we’ve visited for over 30 years, on a regular basis. This place has given us many happy and memorable holidays during those years. We love to see different colours of scenery through the different seasons of the year, and enjoy walking with our dog, as well as photographing the different and beautiful views Cumbria has to offer. On our recent holiday we were actually staying on a site, during some bad weather and there was a power cut. However, due to our battery reserve, maintained by solar panels, we didn’t realise there had been one at all. It was only after someone else mentioned it we knew the power cut had occurred. This really is where solar generation and power stations come into their own.

4. Jackery Journey

My Jackery journey began many years ago, back in 2016, when I was on the lookout for a hand-held power bank, in order to enhance all of my photography and videography endeavours. The goal was to extend my shooting time by utilizing a power bank and DC coupler, to run my camera, as well as power an audio field recorder, that would alternatively use a significant amount of AA batteries.

After putting several power banks to the test, the Jackery Titan emerged as the frontrunner in terms of both capacity and durability. So exceptional were its qualities, I ended up with not one, but two units. Fast-forward to today, and these powerhouses are still in regular use - surpassing all of our expectations.

So when the time came to explore off-grid green energy solutions, I delved into the available options. Once again, Jackery rose to the top of the list, this time with the Solar Explorer 2000 Plus, using two SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels. The decision was driven by the unit's impressive 3000W output in pure sine AC, a high capacity exceeding 2000Wh, and additionally its expandability with additional battery packs. A truly winning combination, made even better - featuring its function allowing it to monitor and configure the Explorer 2000 Plus Power Station, via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi through a dedicated App.


Portable enough to accompany me between trips, the unit can be charged at home using mains power or in the garden, using solar energy. When out and about, I have the flexibility and freedom, to charge from solar, the vehicle's 12V, or via electrical hook-up, catering to any situation. The unit's adaptability in charging options was a major factor in my decision to invest in this package. While we always hope it won't be necessary, the extended warranty from purchasing directly on Jackery's Official Website, coupled with the excellent life expectancy of the solar cells, assures us of many years of free, solar energy - even on those cloudy British days.

Note: The Australian website does not sell SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel, but you can purchase SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel.

5. Expectations for Jackery

As time has progressed it’s great to see advances in battery technology with increased capacity, reduced size and greater output. This has also been accompanied with advances in solar technology, with higher efficiency panels. I think there should also be more focus on what I would call “micro generation”, using very small amounts of energy from lots of sources, over continued periods of time. This would help supplement solar energy and provide a constant background energy source. By “micro generation” I mean energy that could be recovered from people walking along a path, from noise made by vehicles on busy roads and other situations, where smaller movements can contribute to energy generation.

Learn more about the author, Robin, by exploring his additional platforms. Check out his work on Adobe Portfolio: https://robin8cf1.myportfolio.com/work

and catch his reviews on YouTube at "Robin The Reviewer": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6wJD8oPTokT_7-t0zvABlw.

Note: The Australian official website sells the Australian version.

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