Power Outage in Canberra: How to Deal With Power Outages

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Power Outage in Canberra: How to Deal With Power Outages

As the capital city experiences occasional disruptions, understanding how to manage and respond to power outages becomes increasingly essential. Jackery's expertise shows through as we discuss practical tactics, from backup power solutions to proactive steps, to keep you resilient in unforeseen outages. Prepare for power outages by learning to minimise disruptions and sustain critical services.


This page teaches you how to react robustly to Canberra power outages. Examine the recommended techniques, such as adopting dependable backup power solutions and practical preparedness advice. The Jackery Solar Generator ensures that your home receives consistent and reliable power. Join us as we walk you through a thorough strategy for resilience, ensuring you're ready for any power loss in Canberra. 

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Key Takeaways:

Various circumstances, including local weather, technology issues, and infrastructure risks, cause power outages in Canberra. 

It is essential to prepare for a power outage in Canberra. Firstly, you should always stay in the know, prepare an emergency kit, make a communication plan, keep a backup generator, and be involved in community preparedness.     &nbscharacterised by lightning and strong winds.p;

Jackery Solar Generators are a safe and practical choice for power outage backup solutions. We highly recommend Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro and 2000 Plus to charge your essential electronics during a power outage.

During a power outage, you must have relative actions to deal with, such as staying informed with updates, ensuring your safety, conserving energy for refrigerators, medical devices, etc, preparing for extended outages, and using a Jackery Solar Generator. 

Understanding Power Outages in Canberra 

Power outages in Canberra may arise due to many factors, encompassing region-specific meteorological conditions, technological complexities, and vulnerabilities in infrastructure. Year-round, Canberra is confronted with various meteorological phenomena, such as intense heatwaves, bushfires, and severe storms characterised by lightning and strong winds.

  • Infrastructure Vulnerabilities: Power disruptions in Canberra may also be attributed to ageing power infrastructure and insufficient maintenance. The city may remain vulnerable to unscheduled power disruptions due to obsolete equipment and inadequate investment in infrastructure resilience despite endeavours to upgrade and modernise the electrical grid.
  • Technology Problems: Equipment malfunctions, software inaccuracies, and cyber assaults are all potential sources of disruption to Canberra's electricity supply. As Australia's capital city, Canberra accommodates vital government institutions and infrastructure, rendering it a prospective target for cyber assaults that may compromise the power grid.
  • Bushfire Season: Furthermore, bushfire season increases the likelihood of power disruptions as bushfires can cause damage to power infrastructure and initiate safety shutdowns. The severity and frequency of power outages in various areas of Canberra can be discerned from historical data on the duration of power outages. 
  • Common Reasons: Canberra inhabitants frequently encounter outage situations such as brownouts, blackouts, and voltage fluctuations. Blackouts transpire when electrical power is entirely interrupted, whereas brownouts manifest as voltage fluctuations that result in muted illumination and diminished operation of appliances. Voltage fluctuations can inflict harm upon delicate electronic appliances and devices. Seasonal patterns in power outages in Canberra also play significant roles. 

Utility providers and government agencies can identify areas for improvement and implement measures to enhance grid reliability and resilience by analysing outage data. Getting a thorough grasp of the several factors that cause power outages in Canberra - including meteorological conditions, technological obstacles, infrastructural susceptibilities, and seasonal trends—is imperative to mitigate potential dangers and guarantee a dependable electricity provision for local enterprises and inhabitants.

How Do You Prepare for A Power Outage in Canberra?

You certainly want to avoid scrambling for supplies during a power outage. Therefore, while you still have power, you should gather necessary items in a single, readily accessible location. Detailed instructions on preparing for a power outage in Canberra are provided below.

how to prepare for power outage canberra

Step 1: Stay In The Know

Ensure your utility account contains up-to-date contact information so family members can send you SMS notifications during a power outage. You must consult your newly enhanced power outage map, which includes vital details such as the individuals affected, the current status of the restoration efforts, and the anticipated reinstatement of power.

Determine which individuals can assist you in evacuating or remaining at home during a prolonged power disruption. Maintain a physical copy of your contact list on paper. Register for text alert systems and applications. Maintain non-interruptible communication devices, such as a crank or battery-operated radio, a non-cordless home phone, and chargers or batteries for your computers and mobile phones.

Step 2: Prepare for Emergency Kit

Gather what you'll need and ensure that everyone in the home knows where to locate it. Prepare an emergency bag tailored to Canberra's environment with non-perishable food, water, medications, first aid supplies, and hygiene items. Consider your family's needs, such as infants, older individuals, and pets. 

Emergency Supply Kit

Face masks


Non-perished food

3 Gallons of water per person


First aid kit



Extra set of keys

Car keys

Credit cards




Jackery Solar Generator


Important documents

Pet supplies

Keeping an emergency kit on hand ensures your family can access essential goods during power outages and other crises. Ensure your emergency kit is easily accessible to all household members. Regularly inspect and replace goods to keep them fresh and up-to-date.

It never hurts to have a contingency plan. Even with the best of intentions and all of the preparedness in the world, you may be unable to remain in your home during an extended power outage, especially if it is the middle of winter and your children have the flu.

Step 3: Make A Communication Plan

Develop an all-encompassing communication plan to ensure you and your neighbours remain in contact during power disruptions or other unforeseen crises. Appoint an external point of contact who can serve as a centralised conduit for transmitting vital information to family members if local communication networks are inaccessible. Generate a comprehensive roster of emergency contacts, encompassing neighbours, family members, and local authorities; ensure that all individuals are conversant with each other's contact information to prevent separation or evacuation.

Utilise various communication channels, including landline and mobile phones, text messaging, email, and social media, to receive updates from utility companies and emergency services and to remain in touch with loved ones. Regularly reviewing your communication plan with your family will guarantee that all members are prepared in an emergency, such as a power disruption. Additionally, update contact information as necessary to ensure its effectiveness and accuracy.

Step 4: Keep A Backup Generator

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your electrical requirements. Both backup and non-power alternatives should be considered for illumination, communication, medical devices and refrigerated medication, cooking, garage doors, locks, and elevators. Discuss a plan for your medical requirements with your primary care physician or medical device manufacturers. In the event of a power outage, conserve resources and energy to prolong the life of batteries and minimise the impact on critical services.

Consider purchasing alternative power sources, such as the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus or 1000 Pro, to guarantee continuous access to electricity in the event of power outages. These portable solar generators harness the solar energy to produce renewable and environmentally friendly electricity, offering a reliable alternative power supply for essential devices and appliances. Equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery, multiple AC outlets, and USB connections, the Jackery Solar Generator series provides versatile and practical power solutions for various emergencies.

Incorporated into an emergency preparedness strategy, a portable solar generator guarantees uninterrupted power provision for critical equipment, including medical devices, communication devices, and illumination systems, even during prolonged power outages. In addition, solar generators offer an ecologically sound and sustainable substitute for conventional fuel-powered generators, thereby diminishing dependence on fossil fuels and pollutant emissions. 

Step 5: Involved In Community Preparedness

Participate in community preparedness activities such as neighbourhood watch programmes, emergency preparedness training, and volunteering with local disaster response agencies. Collaborate with neighbours to share resources, support vulnerable people, and boost community resilience during emergencies. Working as a community, Perth people may increase their ability to respond quickly to power outages and other emergencies, ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in the area.

Jackery Solar Generators for Power Outages in Canberra

Residents of Canberra can ensure the safety and well-being of themselves and their families by effectively planning and responding to power disruptions and other emergencies by adhering to the preparedness above guidelines. Investing in a solar generator, such as the Jackery Solar Generator, to supply power to appliances during power disruptions is crucial.

how jackery solar generator works in a brownout

Jackery Solar Generators use lithium-ion battery packs, which may be recharged using Jackery Solar Panels or another charging source. The integrated solar charging capabilities enable users to recharge the battery with solar energy, changing the generator into a self-sufficient power source for outdoor activities or emergency backup power.

Jackery Portable Power Stations provide various power output options, including AC outlets, DC connectors, and USB ports, for charging electronics and powering household appliances. These devices are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for emergencies, particularly the Solar Generator 1000 Pro and 2000 Plus.


Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus


1002Wh (43.2V/23.2Ah)

2042.8Wh (13A/638.4Ah)

Life Cycle

1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

4000 cycles to 70%+ capacity

Battery Cell

NMC battery

LiFePO4 battery




Recharging Methods

Explorer 1000 Pro + 2*SolarSaga 80W: 9H; AC Adapter: 1.8H; 12V Car Adapter: 12H

Explorer 2000 Plus + 6*SolarSaga 100W: 6H; AC Adapter: 1.7H; 12V Car Adapter: 25H

Output Ports

2*AC Output: 230V, 1000W (peak 2000W); 2*USB-A: Quick Charge 3.0x2, 18W Max; 2*USB-C: 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A); 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

3*AC Output: 230V~ 50Hz, 3000W Max, 6000W surge peak; 2*USB-A: Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max; 2*USB-C: 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 15V, 12V, 20V up to 5A); 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro is a sophisticated power solution designed with technology and efficiency at its core. This generator demonstrates adaptability and versatility by providing rapid AC recharge in just 1.8 hours, guaranteeing you never go without power when needed. This generator's excellent 1002Wh capacity and powerful 1000W output that can peak at 2000W easily accommodate your power-hungry gadgets and appliances.

It's built to last a decade, even with weekly use, making it a dependable long-term partner. Fast charging is now possible because of its twin 100W PD fast charging feature. If you need to swiftly charge your flashlights, smartphones, or other PD-compatible devices, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro covers you. Finally, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro emphasises flexibility. It provides three handy ways to recharge: solar energy, an AC outlet, and a vehicular output. This ensures you can keep the generator ready to operate regardless of location or circumstances. 

jackery solar generator 1000 pro
Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus is a portable powerhouse substantially advancing off-grid living and outdoor power demands. Equipped with high capacity and power output, this generator can power a regular household for weeks or meet the needs of adventurous trips and professional endeavours. It boasts a powerful 2 kWh base capacity that can be expanded to an impressive 12 kWh with extra battery packs, making it the ideal companion for road trips, outdoor adventures, heavy-duty activities, and unexpected emergencies.

Not content with mere capacity, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus portable power station distinguishes itself with an extendable power capability of up to 3000 W, a 30% increase over similar products in its category. This improved power supply guarantees that practically all vital equipment runs smoothly, meeting a wide range of requirements with remarkable efficiency.

Furthermore, with a quick six-hour solar charge time using 6*SolarSaga 100W solar panels, it transforms into an independent power source, utilising solar energy to fuel its operations and freeing users from reliance on the traditional power grid. In a world increasingly reliant on portable power solutions, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus stands out as a model of innovation and dependability. Whether embarking on outdoor activities, dealing with unforeseen outages, or looking for sustainable energy options, this generator provides unrivalled performance, allowing users to embrace a life of freedom and resilience. 

jackery solar generator 2000 plus for home

What Size of Solar Generator Do I Need?

To choose the right size solar generator, examine your energy usage, solar panel efficiency, battery storage capacity, and your equipment's specific requirements. Selecting the appropriate size solar generator entails balancing energy requirements, installation efficiency, mobility, and cost. Depending on their energy needs, customers can choose a Jackery Solar Generator with capacities ranging from 12 kWh to 300Wh for a portable solar system. The formula for calculating the operational hours of Jackery Solar Generator-powered appliances is as follows:

Working Hours (H) = [Jackery Solar Generator Capacity (Wh)*0.85] / Appliance's Wattage (W)

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro can run a 100-watt ceiling fan for 18.36 hours (2160Wh x 0.85/100). This computation assists in determining the hours during which appliances can function.

What To Do During A Power Outage in Canberra?

In the event of a power outage in Canberra, it is vital that you maintain composure, observe safety precautions, and execute suitable measures to mitigate disruptions and safeguard your welfare. Five crucial actions should be undertaken in the event of a power outage: 

what to do during power outage canberra

Step 1: Stay Informed with Updates

It is of the utmost importance to remain informed regarding the situation and await updates from utility providers or local authorities in the event of a power disruption. Carry a portable device or battery-powered radio for listening to news broadcasts and emergency alerts. Updates regarding restoration efforts, safety advisories, and evacuation orders can be obtained by subscribing to official social media platforms and websites. Maintaining knowledge enables you to make well-informed decisions and implement essential safety measures to safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

Additionally, if you have access to a mobile phone or the internet, enquire with utility companies regarding any further instructions for affected area residents and the estimated duration of the power outage. Remember that power restoration endeavours could be protracted, particularly in the aftermath of extensive blackouts or severe weather incidents; therefore, it is critical to exercise patience and be ready for possible setbacks.

Step 2: Ensure Personal Safety

During a power outage, prioritise human safety and security to reduce hazards and avoid accidents. Turn off and unplug any electrical equipment and devices to minimise power surge damage when power is restored. Instead of candles, which might cause fires, use flashlights or battery-powered lanterns to provide illumination. Keep doors and windows closed to keep warm in inclement weather and prevent burglars from entering your home.

To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, use alternative heating sources such as gas or propane heaters, ensure appropriate ventilation and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Preemptive precautions to guarantee personal safety and security will help you reduce potential dangers and hazards during a power outage.

Step 3: Conserve Energy

Energy and resource conservation are critical during a power outage to maximise battery life and reduce the impact on essential services. Limiting the use of electronic appliances and devices can preserve battery life for communication and emergencies. As an alternative to electric appliances, utilise grills, camping ovens, gas stoves, or grills.

Avoid opening the freezer and refrigerator doors frequently to maintain food freshness and prevent spoilage. When feasible, prioritise critical operations such as communication, cooking, and heating while reducing the amount of energy used on non-essential tasks. By practising energy and resource conservation, one can prolong the availability of supplies and mitigate the disruption's effects on daily activities. Alternatively, you can utilise renewable energy to power your appliances by selecting a Jackery Solar Generator

Step 4: Prepare for Extended Outages

Prolonged power disruptions may occur in Canberra due to equipment malfunctions, severe weather conditions, or other unanticipated factors. Being ready for potential obstacles and disruptions to daily life is essential during extended interruptions. Restocking critical provisions, including food, water, medications, and emergency supplies, is advisable to maintain a prolonged supply for oneself and one's family.

If alternative accommodations or shelter options become necessary, contemplate residing with family or friends, procuring temporary lodging at motels or hotels, or using emergency shelters established by local authorities. Proactively preparing for prolonged power disruptions can fortify their resilience and adaptability, safeguarding their safety and overall welfare until power restoration.

Step 5: Use A Jackery Solar Generator

The presence of a dependable secondary power source can significantly augment one's capacity to manage a power outage in Canberra. Investing in a portable solar generator, such as the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro or 2000 Plus, can offer an uninterrupted power supply during power outages. These pioneering generators utilise solar energy to produce renewable and environmentally sustainable electricity, serving as an ecologically sustainable substitute for conventional fuel-powered generators.

The versatile and convenient Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro and 2000 Plus provide power solutions for various emergency requirements thanks to their features, including multiple AC outlets, USB ports, and a high-capacity lithium battery. These dependable portable solar generators supply reserve power for critical purposes such as charging electronic devices, operating essential appliances, and maintaining communication capabilities. Including a Jackery Solar Generator in your emergency preparedness strategy can instil confidence in your ability to remain safe and comfortable in power disruption and provide peace of mind.

Power Outage in Canberra FAQs

The following are the frequently asked questions about the power outages in Canberra:

1. How can I check if there's a power cut in my area?

There are multiple methods available to determine whether a power outage has occurred in one's vicinity: 

  • To determine whether power is out in your area, please consult Western Power's website and utilise their outage map or reporting tool.
  • Monitor the social media channels of your utility provider for updates and notifications regarding outages. Consult the solar media platforms of Western Power in Perth for messages and information regarding outages.
  • For assistance, please contact the utility provider's customer service hotline or automated outage reporting line. For further information, please get in touch with Western Power's customer support hotline or mechanical outage writing line.
  • Obtain real-time information on power outages using smartphone applications provided by utility companies or third-party services; in Perth, consult the Western Power app or others.
2. How do I report a power outage in Canberra?

You may report a power outage in Canberra by completing the subsequent steps:

  • Dial 13 10 93 to reach Evoenergy, the primary electricity distributor in Canberra, regarding the outage.
  • Visit the Evoenergy website and report the outage using their online outage reporting tool to obtain updates on restoration efforts.
  • Utilise the Evoenergy mobile application to access real-time outage information and updates and to report outages.
3. How long will a power outage last?

According to the survey, the average time to repair a power loss is about two hours. However, this depends on the location and source of the outage. Power outages are expected during the summer due to increased demand on the energy network. If you live in a bushfire-prone area, your energy supply may be disrupted due to a fault or fire, or the utility provider may switch off the power in your neighbourhood to prevent a fire from starting.  

Final Thoughts

Living in the capital city, which experiences intermittent power outages, necessitates a proactive and robust strategy. This article has highlighted practical tactics, ranging from backup power solutions to preparatory steps, to help you stand firm in unexpected outages. With this information, you are prepared to weather any power outage in Canberra and maintain crucial services. Invest in a Jackery Solar Generator to power your appliances more efficiently and with less noise.

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