EOFY Sales Savvy Shopper's Guide: How to Maximize Your Savings 【2024 Updated】

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EOFY Sales Savvy Shopper's Guide: How to Maximize Your Savings 【2024 Updated】

In Australia, discount periods are highly anticipated, especially for consumer electronics and appliances. Many shoppers strategically plan their purchases around these times to maximize their savings.

The Australian financial year ends on June 30th, but this standard information is essential not only for accountants but also for consumers. Because many companies save the most comprehensive sales campaigns of the year for this period to liquidate their product stocks, EOFY Sale 2024 could be the deal you have been waiting for, with great discounts in the last financial month of the year.

The EOFY sales season is particularly advantageous for high-ticket items like electronics and appliances. EOFY month is the perfect time to invest in these products without breaking the bank.

There may be different priorities and shopping lists during this sales season. Still, the prevalence of generator and portable battery pack use for Australian households is a known fact - a precaution against power outages, uninterrupted power supply for outdoor activities, and RV users. The EOFY sales period is perfect for acquiring a solar generator at a considerable discount.

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Demystifying the EOFY Sales Frenzy

The standard financial year for tax returns in Australia is July 1st to 30th. It covers the 12 months between June and July. EOFY, "End of Financial Year," is an abbreviation that symbolizes the big discounts made in June. Companies may make the most significant discounts of the year in this period to eliminate their stocks. It is undoubtedly the best period for all kinds of shopping, large or small.

Some retailers start making discount announcements at the end of May. However, the main period of EOFY sales occurs in June. In short, consumers can follow discount opportunities in the last week of May. Still, it is better not to rush and wait until June to decide on purchasing.

There's a strategic logic behind the EOFY discounts. Here's what motivates retailers:

    • Clearing Out Inventory: By offering significant discounts, businesses aim to sell off the remaining stock from the outgoing financial year. Clearing inventory frees up storage space, reduces holding costs, and allows them to claim tax benefits on the sold inventory.

    • Making Room for New Arrivals: New merchandise comes with the new financial year. EOFY sales help create space for these fresh products by clearing out existing stock.

  • Boosting Sales and Cash Flow: EOFY sales provide a significant cash inflow to companies' coffers in the last month of the financial year. The increase in cash flow and sales graphs in the last month has had a positive impact on the annual balance sheets of companies.

EOFY sales have a significant share in annual e-commerce volume. Let's talk about last year. In June 2023, consumers spent nearly 10 billion USD during the EOFY period. This figure shows a minimum growth of 5% compared to 2022. 

How to Buy Your Favorite Items at the Best Discounts

The Australian e-commerce market is expected to reach a size of 37 billion US dollars in 2024, and undoubtedly, one of the largest portions of sales will occur during the EOFY sales period. EOFY is a significant discount period for hundreds of products, from electronics to home appliances, furniture, and textiles. For Australians, June offers opportunities to buy needed products at a discount. Still, it would help to do meticulous research to catch the best deals. In this section, we will turn you into an EOFY sales ninja with the tips we share under four subheadings.

  1. 1. Compare prices in advance: 

Don't let the EOFY sales hype cloud your judgment! Awaken your inner Sherlock Holmes and search for the best prices before the shopping spree begins. Take note of the prices of products that interest you on e-commerce sites such as Amazon. Compare different brands and models on sites like Versus.

Price comparisons can be made between different brands and similar models or add-ons of the same brand. Let's say you have the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro and Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus models on your radar for the EOFY sales period. You plan to purchase one of these two products for home and RV use. But if you get a super discount during the EOFY appliance sale, wouldn't it be nice to buy a Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus with battery packs? You can also compare Jackery products on this page to find a proper feature and price.

  1. 2. Find coupons and promo codes: 

Online shopping is a treasure trove of coupons, codes, and promo offers. E-commerce and online shopping stores offer discount coupons on special days, sometimes at certain times. In addition to the significant discounts during the EOFY sale period, the extra discounts you can provide with coupons are like a dream for consumers. It is helpful to check the official sites periodically to catch these codes. For example, Jackery offers extra discount opportunities you cannot find on e-commerce sites by publishing EOFY discount codes on its product pages, that is, on its leading site. In short, coupons create a driving force for you to experience the best EOFY sales experience.

  1. 3. Join a membership program:

Many brands and retailers offer membership perks that unlock exclusive benefits if you are looking for a product. Membership programs are sometimes posted on social media or the company's website. Members are instantly informed about privileges published by the company, such as additional discounts, discount coupons, early access, and free shipping. You can save a lot with these additional discounts during the EOFY sale period. Some discounts are available in limited quantities or for a limited time. Naturally, members will have a first-mover advantage. Don't miss the opportunities, and stay tuned to your favorite brands.

  1. 4. Subscription, social media, andemail appointments:

There is a product that interests you, and you are waiting for the day it goes on sale. The best strategy is to follow the brand's social media channels and subscribe to the main communication channels. With subscriptions, you will be instantly informed about discounts, special offers, and promotions.

During EOFY sales, you may encounter extra discounts and promotions in June. This great opportunity will be announced on June 1st. Follow Australian retail market news websites for analysis and recommendations on the best EOFY deals across various product categories. However, the sharpest move will be to apply close branding to your favorite brands by following social media channels.

Stay aware of massive discount percentages. Always prioritize quality over a seemingly "cheap" deal. Read product reviews and compare features before making a purchase. Finally, set a realistic budget for your EOFY shopping and stick to it! By following these tips, you can become a confident EOFY sales conqueror, ready to score incredible deals on your must-have items.

Best EOFY Sales

Popular Merchants and Discounts for EOFY Sales 2024 

The EOFY sales period is like a scavenger hunt for amazing deals. Jackery portable power stations are a perfect target! But where do you find the best bargains?

Tech platforms and major retailers in Australia typically offer a 21% discount during the EOFY sales, with popular tech products like TVs and laptops, as well as office equipment, seeing substantial price reductions. Fashion items, including clothing, shoes, and bags, along with beauty and fragrance products in key discount categories, also receive higher discounts at over 60% off, plus 5% off with a code.

E-commerce platforms extend these promotions to a broad spectrum of products, particularly non-essential items, with expectations of discounts similar to or exceeding the previous year's 60% off. Furniture and home furnishing brands join the sales with an up-to-50% discount, providing discounts on sofas, mattresses, and home décor. Additionally, home appliances and electronics, such as air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, smartphones, and tablets, are highlighted with high discounts to attract customers looking for quality products at reduced prices. 

Eco-life energy brands such as Jackery will also attend this carnival. Jackery, known for its portable power stations and solar generators, had remarkable EOFY sales in previous years. In June 2024, Jackery again offers great deals to consumers with significant discounts and surprising prices. By strategically planning your purchases and considering the abovementioned platforms, you can snag a Jackery portable power station or solar panel at an incredible price. Stay tuned for shopping opportunities on our social media channels and website to avoid missing up to 25% discounts and limited time flash sale with 50% discount, on June 13th, June 20th, June 27th at 8pm.

Reach Jackery’s EOFY Sales Page:

Jackery EOFY Sale 2024

Overall, electronics, major home appliances, furniture, apparel, and personal care products were the main categories that received the highest discounts of up to 70% during the EOFY sales 2024. E-commerce platforms cover a wider range of products with certain discounts.

Tips for EOFY Sales Shopping

Maximizing your savings during EOFY sales requires an innovative and strategic approach. Here are five essential tips to help you get the best deals while avoiding common pitfalls:

  1. 1. Buy from the Official Website and Pay Attention to Fraud Prevention

  • Verify Authenticity:Always purchase from the official websites or authorized dealers to ensure you're getting genuine products.
  • Secure Transactions:Look for secure payment methods and SSL encryption to protect your financial information.
  • Research Beforehand:Familiarize yourself with the retailer's reputation and customer reviews to avoid falling for counterfeit products or scams.
  1. 2. Set a Shopping Budget in Advance, Make a Wish List, and Prioritize Accordingly

  • Detailed Budget:Establish a comprehensive budget that accounts for taxes, shipping, and potential additional costs.
  • Wish List Organization:Categorize your wish list into needs and wants, and further prioritize based on utility and value.
  1. 3. Know the Terms and Conditions of Discounts on Goods

  • Discount Clarity:Investigate the terms of each discount to determine if it applies to all items or select products.
  • Stackable Offers:Find out if you can combine different types of discounts or promotions for maximum savings.
  • Expiration Dates:Be aware of any deadlines associated with discounts or promotional codes.
  1. 4. Know the Return and Exchange Policy

  • Comprehensive Return Policy:Ensure the retailer has a clear and customer-friendly return and exchange policy.
  • Insurance Options:Consider purchasing shipping insurance for high-value items to protect against damage during transit.
  • Restocking Fees:Be mindful of any restocking fees that may apply if you decide to return an item.
  1. 5. Know the Warranty Period

  • Warranty Comparison:Compare warranty durations across different brands and models to understand the level of protection you're getting.
  • Service Network:Check if the manufacturer has a reliable service network for repairs and maintenance.
  • Extended Warranty Options:Consider whether it's worth investing in an extended warranty for added peace of mind.


At Jackery, we are pioneers and innovators in portable solar power supply products. We have been producing environmentally friendly solar generators and panels since 2012. We strive to be worthy of consumers with our multifunctional and long-lasting products, identified with quality and advanced technology.

During EOFY sales, we strive to offer our customers the best possible deals on our industry-leading products. Everyone deserves access to clean, reliable power, and EOFY discounts provide great deals to get your hands on Jackery products. We invite you to explore our portable power generators and solar panel selection during the EOFY Sale 2024 season.

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