Lithium Power Station, The Best Camping Partner in Australia


The breathtaking landscapes of Australia invite people to immerse themselves in their untamed beauty. It is awe-inspiring coastlines, and natural wonders attract adventure seekers to cherish various outdoor experiences. Among these activities, camping is one of the popular pastimes for Aussies seeking to connect with nature. Research shows Australians made a record by taking 13.9 million caravan and camping trips in 2019.

As the demand for outdoor adventures steadily rises, so does the need for efficient equipment. Following this rise in demand, the lithium power station has emerged as a game changer. Its top-notch efficiency and sustainability have taken the camping experience to new heights of convenience. From rugged outback to coastal beaches, this innovative solution has become an ultimate camping partner for enthusiasts. Let's get ready to explore the undeniable significance of this cutting-edge technology.

Jackery Lithium Power Station for Camping

5 Drawbacks of Traditional Power Supplies in Camping

Many campers rely on traditional power sources for electricity, but these methods have many problems and cannot meet the needs of sustainable camping.

1. Noise and environmental pollution:

Traditional generators often produce noisy sounds that disrupt the tranquillity of the outdoors. This affects campers' rest and damages the serenity of nature. At the same time, the fuel combustion from these generators emits exhaust gas, negatively impacting surrounding air quality.

2. Limited power supply:

Traditional power equipment usually has limited electricity and is unable to meet long-term camping energy needs. Campers may face insufficient power issues, being unable to continuously use electronics, lighting, and other essentials, affecting the camping experience.

3. Inconvenience in transportation and use:

Traditional generators are often bulky and heavy, inconvenient to carry and transport. Moreover, they require liquid fuel, which is inconvenient to carry, store, and refuel, increasing the complexity of camping trips.

4. Difficult maintenance and upkeep:

Traditional power equipment requires regular maintenance, including oil changes, cleaning filters, etc. This increases campers' workload and risks breakdowns, causing annoyance and frustrations during camping.

5. Harmful to the environment:

Traditional power relies on burning fossil fuels, generating exhaust gas and greenhouse gases that damage the environment. Enjoying camping amid nature while exacerbating environmental issues contradicts eco-friendly ideals.

In summary, traditional power has many downsides for camping, including noise, limited supply, transportation inconvenience, maintenance difficulties, and harm to the environment, all affecting camping experience quality and sustainability. Therefore, more campers are shifting towards using more advanced, convenient, eco-friendly camping power solutions like solar panel power banks and lithium power station.

Why do you need Lithium Power Station for Camping?

When venturing into the vast wilderness of Australia, being equipped with the right tools is paramount. For example, if you are encamping in the remote areas of Australia, you may encounter limited access to electricity. You must need a consistent power source to keep your camping gear electrified in this situation. For this purpose, a lithium portable power station emerges as a must-have companion while on the go. Users can cherish a seamless outdoor experience with its power and lightweight setup.

So, investing in these powered devices can give significant benefits. Let's get into the top reasons you must have a lithium solar panel power bank while moving.

To Meet Electricity Demand

One of the major challenges during camping is meeting your power needs. You may need sustained energy to power your gadgets, lighting, appliances, and other outdoor gear. Portable lithium battery power stations are your best option, as they can provide stable electricity for lighting, cooking, entertainment, and different power needs during camping. For example, you can use the power station to charge flashlights, headlamps and illuminate the campsite at night. The power output from the station can also charge smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices so you stay connected in the outdoors. Of course, you can also use the power station to run small appliances like electric blankets for warmth and electric grills for cooking. The convenience of the power station will allow you to have a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

Break Energy Constraints

Lithium power stations are an indispensable tool that can break through the limitations of energy in the outdoors. Venturing deep into the wilderness far from the city brings many inconveniences for power supply, and traditional power sources like gas generators have limited capacity, requiring users to carry extra fuel. For long camping trips, it can be cumbersome or inconvenient. Due to these energy constraints, they are unable to power for extended periods during hiking, camping, or outdoor adventures.

In contrast, lithium portable power stations provide an effective solution for powering the exploration of Australia's natural wonders. These power sources deliver sustained electricity without reliance on refueling or frequent maintenance. The reliable power systems integrate lithium-ion batteries with durable storage capabilities. You can conveniently charge the batteries via solar panels. It enables campers to overcome energy limitations and obtain a sustainable supply.

Create Quiet Environment

During the camping journey, your utmost desire is to have a tranquil experience. Lithium power station operates silently without creating any disrupting noises. Unlike conventional sources, this solar panel power bank ensures a peaceful environment.

Without producing any loud sounds like generators, it fosters serenity. It allows the escapades to connect with nature and unwind in enchanting moments undisturbed. Also, the Australian government has imposed some operational policies and restrictions on noise created by generators in Queensland Parks and service-managed areas (QPWS) to maintain peace during camping. So, choosing a power supply like Jackery's portable power station that operates quietly is very important.

Protect the Valid Environment

Lithium battery power stations are more environmentally friendly than oil-fired generators and burning wood. It does not use fossil fuels and produces no harmful gas emissions and carbon dioxide during the power generation process. This can avoid polluting the environment and is also safer. In addition, solar power generation does not need to burn any fuel but uses natural clean sunlight without damaging vegetation. If you choose wood burning, you will need to cut down a lot of trees. In contrast, using a lithium battery power station is convenient and environmentally friendly.

Jackery Lithium Portable Power Station

Jackery's Top Camping Power Stations for Every Need

If you are ready to invest in reliable battery power stations or solar generators in Australia, look no further than Jackery. We specialize in providing all portable power systems that best align with your needs. For outdoor adventures, we offer particular series ideal for off-grid use. Embracing high-quality products is beneficial to escalate your camping experience. So what makes Jackery's power stations the great camping companion outdoors?

Portability and Lightweight

Adventurous activities may involve moving around the campsite surroundings and exploring the wilderness during camping trips. Compact and portable power is crucial when adventure involves long-distance hiking journeys. Lithium power stations are lightweight and easy to carry, making them transportable companions on travels.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station features a foldable handle design at just 13.39 x 10.32 x 10.06 inches in size and weighs only 11.5 kg. It can be effortlessly placed in a vehicle for transport and conveniently brought to campsites.

Power and Capacity

The power output and capacity of power stations directly affect their supply runtime. Lithium power stations combine high power capacity and long battery life. At times, you may spend periods in Australia's off-grid or remote areas. In these remote regions, you may encounter limited electricity supply.

Here, Jackery's power solutions play the unsung hero role. Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station has a capacity of 1002Wh, while the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station boasts an even higher capacity of 2160Wh, over double the former. Such powerful capacity can simultaneously power various camping appliances like stoves, rice cookers, mini-fridges, and more, truly enabling abundant electricity during camping. Both power stations utilize high-density lithium battery packs to deliver stable long-term power output.

Charging Method

Australia is sun-drenched, providing ample opportunities to harness renewable solar energy. Power stations supporting solar, AC, and DC fast charging are highly convenient. Aside from solar, the charging capabilities of power stations are also crucial, as multiple recharging methods increase flexibility and greatly enhance convenience outdoors.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station and Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station possess multiple USB, DC, and AC output ports to simultaneously power or charge various devices. Additionally, pairing with the Jackery SolarSage 100W Solar Panel enables solar charging of the power stations. Thus, it delivers a steady, rapid power supply to make your outdoor experiences more seamless.


Safety performance is the foundation for long-term power station use. Lithium portable power stations come equipped with advanced safety features, with thermal control mechanisms to safeguard against overheating, overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. Jackery's high-quality batteries ensure campers can utilize the technology for reliable, safe charging. For instance, Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station and Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station integrate pure sine wave inverters to deliver steady power, helping users ensure a stable power supply and prevent overheating or voltage spikes.

Jackery's lithium power stations, carrying a power supply capable of withstanding camping conditions, are well-suited to cope with climate shifts during travels, especially if you head to Australia's rugged terrains, where you may encounter unexpected rainfall, storms, or twisters.

Quiet Environment

Lithium Power stations should have quiet charging characteristics and not produce significant noise during operation so as not to disturb the tranquillity and serenity of camping. Excessive noise can severely impact the experience of nature. Ideal power stations should have quality low-noise designs, such as the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station with just a 46dB noise rating, and the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station also controls under 53dB, ensuring their quiet operation will not disturb your camping experience.

In addition, as a green and eco-friendly camping companion, both Jackery power station models adopt clean and pollution-free power supply without causing any harm to the environment. They are ideal choices for campers to enhance sustainable camping experiences.

Technical Support and Warranty

During your outdoor expeditions, you may face considerable challenges regarding the performance of the power station. How can you find technical support to keep your equipment running in the rugged terrains of Australia? For this purpose, many reliable lithium-powered station brands offer considerable assistance.

Similarly, portable systems with warranty services ensure you can acquire replacements or professional aid even in remote locations. Jackery's portable power station (Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station or Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station) comes with at least 3 years of warranty. It assures that adventure escapades can get required support if required, even on the go.

Jackery Explorer Portable Power Station

Why Jackery?

In Australia, Jackery has built its stellar reputation by offering a variety of high-quality lithium power stations and solar generators in Australia. Our top-notch products are specially designed to cater for the needs of different types of campers. Whether you are an RV camper, backpacker, tent camper, or off-road escapade, we provide the required power supplies. With over 9 years of experience, we pledge a reliable experience for our users. By embracing our versatile, portable and eco-friendly product range, you can enjoy your outdoor venture fully.


In short, lithium portable power stations have been a game changer for camping in Australia. These solar generators in Australia enhance your camping experience with consistent power, portability, and sustainable attributes. It provides clean and renewable energy, eliminating the need for gasoline generators. Portable lithium batteries have a large storage capacity and can meet the power needs of various devices. Embrace real freedom in the wilderness with an environmentally friendly portable lithium power station.

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