Van Life Australia: Benefits, Challenges, How-To, Tips - Jackery Australia

Van Life Australia: Benefits, Challenges, How-To, Tips - Jackery Australia

Australia is a massive nation that is best explored by car. It can be a harsh location to travel, and the distances are vast, but the van ride to your destination can be one of the most memorable parts of your journey.

van life Australia

Many individuals are drawn to van life as they pursue their passions and seek adventure. Van Life Australia allows van lifers to explore our vast country at leisure and take advantage of everything it offers. To begin living in a van, you must first take specific steps.

Many people fantasize about leaving the suburbs for the road, but is van life as glamorous as it appears on Instagram? This comprehensive guide to van life in Australia will cover everything you need to know, including the benefits, difficulties, and how to start van life. Due to portability, durability, and high capacity, we strongly recommend Jackery Solar Generators as the best power source for van life.  





Inverter Power

Surge Power

Explorer 2000 Pro + SolarSaga 100W




Explorer 1000 Pro + SolarSaga 80W/100W




We recommend Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro and 1000 Pro, which have a greater capacity to charge your van's appliances, including your portable fan, camera, and more. Heat dissipation and high-temperature protection make the power station more durable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Van life is both a philosophy and a lifestyle. It is about having freedom and flexibility, living frugally and simply, and not being bound by mortgages and materialism.

  • However, living in a van also has challenges like lack of space, risks, loneliness, and parking difficulty.

  • Your adventure plans will influence what you pack for the journey. The essentials in a van are the sleeping bag, tent, cooking stuff, first aid tools, toiletry, and solar generator.

  • There are five steps to start your van life: choosing a proper camper van, van conversion, buying insurance, finding a place to park, and making money on the road.

  • Here, we recommend Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro and 1000 Pro for powering van appliances with higher capacity.

Why Is Van Life Popular in Australia?

Van life in Australia is a concept that could be more complex. Volkswagen introduced its van in the 1950s. So why has a new generation reimagined it as the ultimate vacation destination? 

Van life is both a philosophy and a lifestyle. It is about having freedom and flexibility, living frugally and simply, and not being bound by mortgages and materialism.

Van life allows you to explore the open road at your leisure, unrestricted by a lease or strict travel schedule. Every Australian traveler has their preferences, including what they consider to be the benefits of touring the country in a camper van.

Here are some reasons why a van may be preferable to a tent or caravanning:

  • Freedom: The van life entails having all your living necessities and home comforts in a single space, allowing you to experience complete freedom and travel wherever you please in Australia. Every decision leads to a new adventure.

  • Enjoy Your Time: With its freedom and adaptability, Van Life celebrates our limited time on this gorgeous planet. Whether you wish to spend the day trekking with your children, surfing with your significant other, or painting the Australian landscape in solitude, your van will get you there.

  • Simplicity: Your residence will have more storage space than your van. Therefore, you must reevaluate your possessions and bring only those that bring you genuine pleasure or serve a necessary function.

  • Enjoy The Landscape: The essence of van life will require you to spend most of your waking hours in Australia's great outdoors - camp beside pristine beaches, atop towering cliffs, within exotic rainforests, and in vast deserts. You can name the wilderness your new home. 

  • Low Costs: With no rent, mortgage, or utility payments, living in a van can save you significant money, especially on housing, which appears to be rising in Australia. You will still have to pay for petrol and vehicle maintenance, but you have complete control over your spending in this area.

What Are The Challenges of Van Life Australia?

Have you ever imagined living on the open road, traveling wherever the world takes you, and enjoying the outdoors? The van life may be for you. Van life Australia has become a popular lifestyle option, with many people opting for van life instead of a traditional residence. 

There are some challenges to living in a van:

  • Lack of Space: Lack of space is one of the most significant challenges of van life. The amount of available space depends on your setup, but regardless of your design, living in a van provides substantially less space than living in a traditional home.

  • Having Risks: A further disadvantage of van life is that, like any other vehicle, your van is susceptible to breakdowns, repairs, and collisions. Or you may encounter the difficulty of running out of electricity; in this case, a Jackery Solar Generator is the best power source for charging van essentials with solar power.

  • Loneliness: Besides homesickness, living in a van can be isolating, mainly if you continually move. Creating and maintaining new friendships can be challenging, and the absence of a permanent community can be difficult for some.

  • Parking Difficulty: Depending on the size of your van and the surrounding area, locating a parking spot can take time and effort. It holds for finding a parking spot during the day and at night. There are two factors to consider: the larger your setup and the closer you are to the metropolis, the more difficult it will be.

Van life in Australia has many advantages, including a sense of independence, reduced costs, simplicity, and a connection to nature. However, it also presents challenges such as restricted space, a lack of routine, social isolation, and other inconveniences. Whether van life suits you depends on your circumstances, preferences, lifestyle, and priorities.

Van Life Australia Essentials: What to Pack?

Van Life Australia is the liberty of driving wherever you please and finding new, gorgeous spots to park our tiny home—spending days mountaineering or relaxing on Australia's insane beaches. We set up camp outside the van in the evening, cooked on our camp stove with a few beverages, and watched the sunset in a new location.

However, preparing the necessities for your van's existence would be best. Your adventure plans will influence what you pack for the journey, but there are certain items that you must remember.

The following products are required for your van life in Australia:

  • Sleeping bag & pillow

  • Camping tent

  • Camping chair

  • Cooking essentials

  • Jackery Solar Generators

  • Water & water bottle

  • Insurance

  • First aid kit & tools

  • Lighting 

  • Toiletry

Remember to bring a solar generator in your van! The majority of individuals use their phones daily. The battery life of modern smartphones is inferior to that of older Nokias, so you'll likely need to charge your phone and other essential electronics daily. Jackery Solar Generators are the finest van backup power source for converting the sun's rays into sufficient energy for daily use.

How to Start Your Van Life in Australia?

In most Australian towns, there is a caravan site; in some, camping is free. Camping in Australia's National Parks is also a popular pastime, and if you're feeling adventurous, you can even attempt stealth camping.

The optimal camping season in Australia varies by location. The following stages outline how to begin van life in Australia:

Step 1: Choose Your Camper Van

Ensure that van life is for you before purchasing your vehicle. You must decide whether to buy a new van or rent one for your journey.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of motorhomes and caravans to determine which is best adapted to your ideal van lifestyle. Motorhomes are more suitable for those who prefer to change campsites daily. In contrast, vans are perfect for those who like to stay at a single camp for extended periods.

If you believe that comfort and space are the most essential aspects of a van, you may be better off purchasing a camper van. 

  • High Roof Van: High-roof vehicles have tall, non-retractable roofs. These are useful because the vehicle typically has sufficient space to stand up. However, when adding height to low-hanging branches or carports, caution must be taken.

  • Fixed Roof Van: As the name suggests, these vehicles have a fixed roof. A fixed canopy is similar to a van with a pop-up top.

  • Pop Top Camper Van: Poptop vans have a pushable or windable canopy that provides more headroom than fixed-roof vans. It is convenient because you get the best of both worlds: a low roof while traveling and additional headroom when parked.

  • Demountable Camper Van: A demountable motorhome can be detached from the towing vehicle. Typically, a ute is required, and the camper slides onto and secures to the rear of it for driving.

  • 4X4 Camper Van: Four-wheel drive or 4WD vans are exceptional but uncommon. If you have one of these puppies, you can go on the shore, off-road, and in most other places, a standard four-wheel drive can take you.

Step 2: DIY Van Conversion

If you decide to save money by purchasing a used van, invest a portion of your savings in transforming it into a gorgeous and functional home. Van life in Australia is much simpler and more enjoyable if you have a mobile residence you can call your own.

The best way to ensure that your campervan meets all your needs is to purchase a van and convert it yourself. It also indicates that your van is unique and unlike anything else on the road. However, a DIY van conversion may be monumental if it's your first time.

If you want to save money, it will be less expensive to buy an old van and convert it yourself than to pay someone else to do the task. The van conversion consists of the following:

Seating Management

Depending on the number of passengers, you will need a place to rest when you are not driving, regardless of the purpose you choose for your van. Seats are one of the van's most space-consuming components. 

It is essential to consider their placement and function, whether they can be relocated, and whether under-seat storage can be utilized. Having seats that suit multiple purposes can significantly affect van life. 

  • Swivel seats that turn into a bed.

  • Fold-down seating, which turns into a bed or storage.

  • Fixed seating with built-in cabinets and compartments for storage underneath the seating area; you may need to sacrifice some floor space to accommodate this option, but it will provide more space.

Sleeping Arrangement

Sleeping accommodations are one of the most crucial considerations when traveling. With so many options available, it is difficult to determine which best meets your requirements.

There is no correct or incorrect answer, but having a plan with considerations for where and how you would like to sleep before beginning can save you a great deal of time and money in the long run.

  • When not in use, convertible beds can be used as a bench or lounge and dragged out to create additional sleeping space.

  • A fixed bed is optimal if you desire a large bed.

  • Pop-up roofs are an excellent method to add space and can be used as an extra bed.

Cooking Options

The cooking design of your converted van will hinge on its intended use. A couple who splits their time between full- and part-time employment will differ significantly from an individual who uses their converted van for weekend excursions. Additionally, your setup will depend on your culinary experience.

It would be best to contemplate how you cook in your vehicle. Most van converts opt for a modest camping stove and cooking equipment. Additional alternatives exist in certain vans, such as a gas stove or oven.

  • Electric stove

  • Portable BBQ stuff

  • Portable gas stove

Power Source

Regardless of your camping intentions, you must carefully consider your power requirements and consumption. At some point in their journey, most van dwellers will experience the sinking feeling when they turn the key, and nothing occurs because the battery is dead.

Generally speaking, water, fuel, and electricity are the three essentials for living on the road. Running out of these can be frustrating and even dangerous in extreme circumstances. Jackery Solar Generators are the best companion for van life due to their capacity to charge most outdoor appliances with solar power.

van life power source
Step 3: Make An Insurance 

If you want to live the van life in Australia, you must insure your vehicle. Your campervan, motorhome, or caravan is a high-value possession at high risk of being damaged in an accident, theft, or fire. 

If you do not have insurance, you will be responsible for covering the entire loss. And it's much simpler to enjoy van life if you have insurance if something goes wrong. In addition, many van insurance policies include roadside assistance, a lifesaver if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of Australia, and you require a tow to the nearest repair shop.

Step 4: Find A Place to Park 

In Australia, there are a significant number of camping options. You can locate a place to park your van in one of the following ways, depending on the type of campsite you're seeking.

Australia is replete with recreation areas adjacent to or near highways and motorways. These typically have toilets, but neither detergent nor water should be expected. These rest areas are intended to provide overnight accommodations for weary travelers.

Some prominent gas stations provide designated areas for overnight van camping. Watch for vehicle stops, and you will likely have good luck. These gasoline station rest areas may also offer showers for a charge or at no cost.

Step 5: Make Money On The Road

It's OK to consider a temporary road excursion a blissful vacation, but most Australians living the van life still need to generate some income. Either you will need to save a mountain of money before you leave, or you will need to find a means to earn as you travel.

The good news is that there are numerous methods to earn money while living in a van, including remote freelance work, online content creation, manual labor, and seasonal farming.

Jackery Solar Generators for Van Life Australia

When choosing van life in Australia, portable generators are a necessity. They don't require cumbersome fuel tanks, and you won't have to deal with engine pollution. Portable solar generators allow you to use electronic devices in your tent, campsite, or RV, even far from civilization.

how Jackery solar generator works
Jackery is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality solar products, including solar panels, power plants, and generators. Jackery's solar generators are optimal for use as a renewable energy source while van dwelling. Their high energy density is a significant advantage because it enables them to store much energy in a small package.   

How Many Watts Does A Van Use

In general, 2000W is sufficient to power these common van appliances. However, specificity is advantageous because each device is unique. The best action is determining the power required to operate the desired machines and the energy needed to initiate them.

Most Australian campgrounds offer 230V, 10A, or 16A electrical outlets. There may be locations with lower amperage, such as 5A or 6A connections.

Wattage in Camping = Voltage × Amperage

Multiply the voltage by the current to obtain wattage values. If the electrical connection at the campsite is 10A, the maximum wattage of the appliances you can connect is 2300W (10A x 230V).     

Van Appliances

Minimum Wattage

Maximum Wattage

Coffee Maker



Portable Stove



Camping Mini Fridge



Camping Fan



Camping Light



Outdoor Blender



Jackery Solar Generators for Van Life Australia

The Jackery Solar Generators provide pure, renewable solar energy to charge electronic devices off-grid. The Jackery Solar Panels convert sunlight into electricity, whereas the Portable Power Station stores and transfers camping-use electricity.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro offers the quickest solar recharging with 2016Wh capacity, 2200W inverter power, and 4400W surge power. Since it uses renewable energy, it is ideal for charging appliances and tools for van life in Australia, including camping lights, a mini refrigerator, and an outdoor stove.  

Jackery solar generator 2000 pro for van life

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

You can use six SolarSaga 100W solar panels to fully recharge the Explorer 2000 Pro portable power station in less than 5.5 hours, and with an AC wall outlet, it can be ultimately charged in only 2 hours. The superior lithium battery features two processors for battery protection and four temperature core detectors, ensuring the safest and most dependable charging experience possible.   

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro has a lifespan of ten years. It can remain in standby mode at total capacity for more than 365 days, making it a highly reliable emergency backup power supply.     

Product Specs

Capacity: 2160Wh Capacity, 2200W Inverter, 4400W Surge

Output Ports: 3*AC outputs (120V, 60Hz, 2,200W), 2*USB-A outputs (Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max), 2*USB-C outputs (100W Max, 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A), 1*car port (12V⎓10A).

Customer Review: "The Explorer 2000 Pro power station weighs approximately 19.5 kilograms (53 pounds) and has a portable handle that folds down. Simply tapping the button initiates home charging in mere seconds. The sophisticated SMART screen displays 18 operating states, recognizing and comprehending diverse usage conditions." 

Solar Generator 2000 Pro




Explorer 2000 Pro + SolarSaga 100W

Surge Power


Battery Type


Life Cycles

1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Noise Level


AC Input Ports

120V, 60Hz, 15A Max

DC Input Ports

11V-17.5V, 8A Max, Double to 8A Max 17.5V⎓60V, 12A, Double to 24A/1400W Max


12.1in x 15.1in x 10.5in



Recharging Time

Solar charge: 5.5H, AC Charge: 2H, Carport: 24H


Coffee Maker(500W): 3.7H

Portable Stove(600W): 3.1H

Camping Mini Fridge(100W): 18.4H

Camping Fan(60W): 30.6H

Camping Light(5W): 367.2H

Outdoor Blender(200W): 9.2H

*Learn more details from our product page

93% of appliances, including a refrigerator, CPAP machine, e-bike, and bilge pump, can be powered by the rechargeable Solar Generator 1000 Pro. In addition, it features 2* USB-C and 2* 100W PD connectors, enabling steady and rapid charging of camping devices such as your phone, camping light, and others.

Jackery solar generator 1000 pro for van life

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

The ultra-quiet solar generator has a lifespan of more than ten years and can be charged in under two hours. Its dual 100W PD design provides consistent power to set all necessary devices during power outages and camping.

Your devices are safeguarded by the consistent power provided by the pure sine wave inverter. This product has a built-in battery management system (BMS) to monitor and extend battery life; the LED light's three brightness modes help meet outdoor requirements.

Product Specs

Capacity: 1002Wh Capacity, 1000W Inverter, 2000W Surge

Output Ports: 3*AC outputs (120V, 60Hz, 1000W Inverter, 2000W Peak), 2*USB-A outputs (2*Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max), 2*USB-C outputs (100W Max, 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V up to 5A), 1*car port (12V⎓10A).  

Customer Review: "I purchased the 1000 Pro with two solar panels for emergency preparedness and camping." It is an outstanding solar generator, especially considering the price. The solar panels are constructed well and are exceptionally resilient. My family has used this for a few camping trips, backyard parties, and to fuel our refrigerator for a few hours during a power outage."

Solar Generator 1000 Pro




Explorer 1000 Pro + SolarSaga 100W

Explorer 1000 Pro + SolarSaga 80W

Surge Power


Battery Type


Life Cycles

1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Noise Level


AC Input Ports

120V, 60Hz, 15A Max

DC Input Ports

12V-17.5V⎓8A Max, Double to 16A Max 17.5V-60V⎓11A, Double to 22A/800W Max


13.39in x 10.32in x 10.06in



Recharging Time

Solar charge: 9H, AC Charge: 1.8H, Carport: 12H


Coffee Maker(500W): 1.7H

Portable Stove(600W): 1.4H

Camping Mini Fridge(100W): 8.5H

Camping Fan(60W): 19.6H

Camping Light(5W): 170.3H

Outdoor Blender(200W): 4.3H

*Learn more details from our product page

Is Van Life Safe in Australia?

While van life in Australia is generally considered safe, exercising caution and making responsible choices is essential. You can have a memorable and safe van life experience by being well-prepared, well-informed, and respectful of local regulations and conditions.

  • Personal Safety

As with any form of travel, safety must be a top priority. Be aware of your surroundings, secure your vehicle when you leave it unattended and rely on your intuition when selecting safe locations. Connect with other travelers, join online communities, and acquire local knowledge for a safer trip.

  • Road Conditions

Australia has immense distances, and some roads can be difficult due to remote locations, severe weather, and wildlife encounters. It's crucial to exercise caution, drive responsibly, and remain informed about road conditions.

  • Emergencies

Acquaint yourself with emergency services and contact numbers in various Australian regions. In an emergency, it is also prudent to have a secondary communication method, such as a satellite phone.

  • Wildlife

Australia is home to exotic and captivating fauna. However, knowing the potential risks associated with wildlife encounters while traveling is essential.   

Is Van Life Worth It In Australia?

It's just you, your four-wheeled residence, and the freedom to roam wherever your heart desires. It is the epitome of independence, an opportunity to immerse oneself in nature and exchange a mundane routine for a life full of awe-inspiring moments. Whether you're a seasoned van lifer seeking new inspiration or contemplating plunging into this nomadic way of life, van life in Australia is worthy. Remember to bring a Jackery Solar Generator to protect your van's power.                           

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