Power Outage in Dubbo Guide with Preparations & Strategies

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Power Outage in Dubbo Guide with Preparations & Strategies

About 70% of Australia's energy is used in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, all on the eastern seaboard. New South Wales, Australia's economic powerhouse and one of the states with the most people, often needs more power because its equipment is getting old and more people are using it.


Power outages that happen out of the blue in Dubbo are common and annoying, but they can be handled well by planning and making emergency reaction plans. 


You can keep life and work going during a power outage in Dubbo if you are prepared and respond appropriately. Jackery Solar Generator can also charge your home goods. You can even bring it inside your home because it doesn't make any noise or give off any pollution.

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Key Takeaways:

Power outages in Dubbo are often caused by extreme weather, such as high winds, thunderstorms and extreme heat. Other causes may include equipment failure, power outage or maintenance work.

The areas most affected by the Dubbo power outage are the suburbs of Delroy, Dubbo South, Dubbo West, Dubbo North, Dubbo East and Dubbo City Centre.

When a power outage happens, you can contact your local electricity dealer, Essential Energy, on 13 20 80.

When preparing for power outages in Dubbo, you should pay attention to the power outage info, pack the emergency kit, use a solar generator, make a communication plan, and store food and water.

When there is a power outage, you can choose a Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro or 2000 Plus to charge essential appliances.

Understanding Power Outages in Dubbo 

Power outages can be annoying or disastrous, based on how bad they are and how long they last. People in Dubbo have a hard time with these power outages because they only sometimes know when they'll happen, how long they'll last, or why.

Power outages in Dubbo are often caused by bad weather like storms, high winds, and very high temperatures. Other reasons could be broken equipment, a power outage, or repair work.

The suburbs of Delroy, Dubbo South, Dubbo West, Dubbo North, Dubbo East, and Dubbo City Centre are mostly hit hard by the power loss in Dubbo.

power outage dubbo

There is an emergency in Dubbo because the power went out without warning.

"On May 8, 2023, a woman died when her oxygen concentrator lost power because the power went out for no reason." When Gloria Shea's home in Dubbo, western New South Wales, lost power early in the morning on May 8, she died. She was 80 years old. Because she had emphysema, she needed air to stay alive.

This event should serve as a warning to people in the area and to power companies. Find out how to report and check if the power is out in Dubbo.

How to check the power outage status in Dubbo?

Essential Energy is your area electricity provider. You can call them on 13 20 80. To obtain information regarding any regional power outages, whether scheduled or not, you may also refer to the Essential Energy website. The website will show how long and bad the outage is and how long it is expected to take to fix it.

How to report a power outage in Dubbo?

Call 13 20 80, Essential Energy's emergency number, any day or night. You will need to give your address, a way to reach you, and an explanation of the problem. I would also like to have your Essential Energy account number on hand.

  1. Go to the Essential Energy website.
  2. Find the latest power outage info about the Dubbo region.
  3. Check the details on each power outage to see if these influence your residence.

How Do You Prepare for A Power Outage in Dubbo?

People often have to deal with emergencies like losing power, which can mess up their lives and work. It is essential to make an emergency reaction plan ahead of time so that you can handle these kinds of situations.

Make some plans ahead of time before the power goes out so that you are better prepared in case of an emergency. Here are some critical steps to take to get ready:

Step 1: Notice Power Outage Information  

Dubbo's power outages are usually caused by bad weather like hurricanes, thunderstorms, and high winds, but people can also cause them. Power outages that people cause are usually predicted ahead of time and shown on the website.

People in Dubbo should check the Essential Energy website to discover outages in their area.

We might feel tense if the power goes out suddenly, but we should stay calm and focus on the task. Don't freak out; remain calm and think clearly. Try to keep your family together for your safety and call the local government or power company.

Step 2: Pack An Emergency Kit

During a power outage, no one wants to run around the dark house looking for needed things. If the power goes out, assemble a simple first aid kit and tool kit beforehand.

Keep some emergency lighting on hand, like a flashlight or emergency lights. When the power goes out, these lamps can provide light and prevent accidents. Keep your batteries somewhere dry and at room temperature so the contacts don't touch.

Mark your emergency kit and put it somewhere that is easy to find. Please make sure everyone in the family knows where it is. Lastly, check back every six months to replace things that have gone bad and add new ones as your family's needs change. 

Emergency Supply Kit

Face masks


Non-perished food

3 Gallons of water per person


First aid kit



Extra set of keys

Car keys

Credit cards




Jackery Solar Generator


Important documents

Pet supplies

Before the power goes out, get first aid kits and other tools ready in an emergency. Essential medical drugs are crucial. These include painkillers, bandages, cold medicines, alcohol for cleaning, and medicines for injuries.

Cleaning products and hand sanitisers can help you stay healthy and avoid getting sick. Always keep screwdrivers, wrenches, and other tools in the tool kit if the power goes out and you need to fix something.

Home backup power tools, like Jackery Solar Generators, should be on hand to provide extra power for a certain amount of time. This helps us meet our backup power and lighting needs when the power goes out. Allows essential gadgets like cell phones and Wi-Fi routers to be charged. So, even if the power goes out, we can still use these things and talk to each other.  

Step 3: Make A Communication Plan

You and your friends should make a complete contact plan to stay in touch during power outages and other unplanned events. Pick someone outside the family to be your main point of contact for getting important information to them if the networks in their area go down. 

Make a complete list of people you can call in an emergency, such as family, friends, and the local government. Ensure everyone has a way to get in touch with each other so that no one gets lost or has to leave the area.

There are many ways to stay in touch with family and friends and get information from energy companies and emergency services. These include landline and cell phones, text messaging, email, and social media. Your family will be ready for a disaster like the power going out if you often review their communication plan. You should also ensure that your contact information is correct and current.

Step 4: Keep A Backup Generator

Make a detailed list of all the power you need. It's essential to plan for things that need power and things that don't, like communication, lights, cooking, medical devices and medicines that need to stay cold, and garage doors, locks, and lifts.

Make a plan for your medical needs with the help of your doctor or the people who make medical gadgets. Save money and time when the power goes out so that batteries last longer and critical services keep going as smoothly as possible. 

jackery solar generator for power outage

Buy backup power sources like the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus or 1000 Pro to ensure you always have power when the power goes out. These small solar generators get power from the sun and make clean, endless electricity. They give essential tools and appliances a safe backup power source. 

The Jackery Solar Generator line has an extensive lithium battery, several AC outlets, and USB ports, making it a valuable and adaptable power source in various scenarios.

A portable solar generator is essential to a disaster plan because it ensures that necessary electronics like medical devices, communication devices, and lighting systems always have power, even if it goes out for a long time.

Step 5: Store Food & Water

Ensure you have enough water and food to last a long time. For instance, you should always have some food that doesn't go bad, water in a bottle, canned food, etc. (Watch how long food can be kept and make sure it's up to date.)

Also, you must ensure you have enough water for your home. It's important that the jar for water storage is big enough and has a lid to stay clean and not collect dust. (Be careful to save water.) This can help us eat and live normally when the power goes out.

  • Drinking Water: Ensure sufficient clean drinking water to meet daily drinking and cooking needs.
  • Staple Food and Their Condiments: The primary nutrients people eat daily are things like vacuum-packed bread and cookies. The best seasonings are jams and other sauces that come in small containers.
  • High-Calorie Food and Fast Food: chocolate, potato chips, instant noodles, etc., as emergency food or an early source of carbohydrate intake.
  • Canned Food: stored for a long time and easy to eat.
  • Non-perishable Food:dry food, dried fruits, energy bars, etc.

Jackery Solar Generators for Power Outages in Dubbo

The Jackery Solar Generator can be used as a backup power source if the power goes out, making life much easier when you don't have control.    

how jackery solar generator works in a brownout

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro and Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus provide unparalleled power to keep you and your family powered during power outages. Both are composed of Explorer series portable power stations and SolarSaga solar panels.

The battery capacity of the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro is 1002Wh, which is enough to charge 93% of your home appliances.

By comparison, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus has an expandable battery capacity of 2 to 12 kWh, powering 99% of your appliances. Therefore, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro and 2000 Plus are more reliable options for home backup power.

Home Appliances

Working Hours

Solar Generator 1000 Pro

Solar Generator 2000 Plus

Fridge (350W)



Lighting (25W)



TV (60W)



Phone (10W)



Stove (750W)



Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro combines SolarSaga 80W solar PV panels with the Explorer 1000 Pro power station. It is a remarkably quiet generator, with noise levels as low as 46 dB. It has a lifespan of over ten years and can be fully recharged in just 1.8 hours. This device's dual 100W PD design provides a consistent and reliable power supply, ensuring that all necessary appliances remain operational during a power loss. 

The Explorer 1000 Pro power station is a rechargeable device with a capacity of 1002Wh. This allows it to power various appliances, including a television, CPAP machine, E-bike, refrigerator, and other devices, covering around 93% of commonly used equipment.

In addition, it is equipped with two 100W PD connectors and two USB-C ports, ensuring reliable and fast charging for various devices such as smartphones, cameras, and more. The MPPT solar charge technology guarantees an efficiency of 99%. Furthermore, this system supports recharging techniques through walls, vehicles, and solar recharge.    

jackery solar generator 1000 pro

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus

The Solar Generator 2000 Plus by Jackery significantly enhances the available choices for portable electricity with its exceptional performance. With its substantial capacity and formidable power output, this device can provide electricity for basic home needs.  

Adding battery cells to the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus enhances its capacity from 2 kWh to 12 kWh, leading to a significant transformation in providing backup power for households.

The Explorer 2000 Plus has a maximum power output of 3000W, 30% greater than other 2 kWh models with similar specifications. The bulk of critical household appliances are powered gadgets. Although the Solar Generator 2000 Plus is commonly used, it can achieve a complete charge within 6 hours by utilising six SolarSaga 100W solar panels. The power source achieves self-sufficiency by harnessing solar energy rather than relying on the power grid for charging.

The supplementary battery pack can be recharged using solar panels, offering increased versatility while enhancing charging efficacy and reducing time consumption. Jackery Solar Panels have an impressive solar conversion efficiency of up to 25%, generating more energy during its lifespan.

jackery solar generator 2000 plus

What Size Solar Generator Do I Need?

To choose an appropriately sized solar generator, it is essential to consider your energy requirements, the effectiveness of your solar panels, the capacity of your battery storage, and the specific equipment requirements. Selecting the appropriate solar generator size requires balancing energy requirements, installation effectiveness, portability, and expenses.  

Users can choose a Jackery Solar Generator for a portable solar system, which comes in sizes ranging from 12 kWh to 300Wh, depending on their energy needs. The formula for approximating the operational hours of appliances powered by the Jackery Solar Generator is as follows:

Working Hours (H) = [Jackery Solar Generator Capacity (Wh)*0.85] / Appliance's Wattage (W)

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro can run a 100-watt ceiling fan for 8.2 hours (1002Wh x 0.85/100). This computation assists in determining the hours during which appliances can function.

What to Do During & After A Power Outage in Dubbo?

It's important to be ready for a power outage, but you must also pay attention to what you do during and after a Dubbo power outage.

What To Do During A Power Outage

No matter how ready you are before the power goes out, you will still feel a little scared when it does. These tips can assist you in maintaining safety during a power outage.

  1. Find out if the outage is limited to your home

If you have outage alerts set up, check if you get a text message or email about the failure. If no one in your area tells you the power is out, check to see if your neighbours still have power. Check the fuse box or breaker panel for damage if your neighbour's power usually is on.

  1. Report a nearby power outage

If you know that the power is out in your area, please call the local emergency number to let them know. This gives service workers as much information as possible to help them get the tools to the right place.

  1. Turn off appliances and equipment that produce heat

Any electronics or gadgets in your home that were on before the power went out should be turned off and unplugged. This includes machines at home. This is helpful because it lowers the chance of a fire reopening when the power returns and shields electronics from possible power spikes.

  1. Do not open the refrigerator or freezer at will

Only open the door if you have to. A fridge full of food will freeze for 24 to 48 hours if the door stays closed, and it will keep food cold for about 4 hours. Putting a bag of pre-frozen ice cubes in the fridge can help it stay cold longer when the power goes out.

  1. Turn off all lights except one inside the house and one outside

After the power goes back on, lights inside and outside the house let people inside and repair workers outside know if the power is back on.

  1. Beware of fire

It would be best if you never used a gas stove, grill, portable heater, or propane heater to heat your home because it makes carbon monoxide when it's used, which can finally cause suffocation. A candle can also start a fire. Lighting the way is best to use a flashlight or glow stick.

What To Do After A Power Outage

Once the power comes back on, regular power use can't be returned right away. At the same time, some checks must be done after the power is back on to ensure everyone is safe and life goes back to normal. Here's what to do and how to protect your electronics and gadgets after the power goes out.

  1. Only turn on the most essentialappliances

The power source is unstable right after it's been fixed, and there's a good chance it will go out again. It will likely damage the electrical tools if you turn them all on simultaneously. Allow the electricity system some time to settle down. After 10 to 15 minutes, connect the other gadget again.

  1. If the unit doesn't start, check the circuit breaker

Start by unplugging everything that isn't already plugged into a surge protector. Next, check the circuit breaker. If the power goes out, you'll need to reset it. If you still can't use electricity regularly, please call your local power company so they can look at it and fix it.

  1. Check refrigerators and freezers

Make sure the freezer and fridge are back in working order. If your power goes out for more than four hours, check your fridge to see how cold it is. Then, check the refrigerator to see if any food has gone wrong. Food that has been spoiled should be thrown away right away. You don't have to risk your life and taste it to discover if it has gone wrong.

  1. Stay away from downed power lines

Do not touch broken power lines, and stay 10 metres away from the area. Also, do not touch anything that comes in contact with the cords. There's no way to know if things that touch power lines or water are charged.

These things can be just as dangerous to come into touch with as the downed power lines themselves. Tell the local power company or the repair department in charge of the problem so that it can be fixed.

  1. Replace all items used in the emergency kit

Make sure to replace any items in your survival kit so that you are ready for the next time the power goes out.

  1. Check for property damage

Check your property for damage if the power went out because of bad weather, like a storm. If the power goes out by mistake, please check if any electrical or electronic items in the house are broken. Also, you need to see if there has been any theft or damage from the power loss.

Final Thoughts

A power outage typically comes as a surprise. But a power outage is easy to handle if you are ready for it ahead of time. If you are in a part of Dubbo where power blackouts happen often, you need to pay extra attention to information about them and ensure you are ready for them.

Additionally, you should keep calm during a power outage and do what you must to stay safe. As soon as the power returns, take care of all the mess and return to everyday life. Please read this piece if you need help with a power outage in Dubbo. Of course, the Jackery Solar Generators will save the day if the power goes out. 

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