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Beach Picnic 101: How to Have A Memorable Picnic On The Beach

Beach Picnic 101: How to Have A Memorable Picnic On The Beach

A beach picnic is a classic example of outdoor dining. There's more to organizing a beach picnic than packing your towels, throwing on your bathing suit and flip-flops, and stocking the cooler with deli sandwiches and alcoholic beverages. You can optimize your beach picnic preparations using the items and tips on this supply list.

beach picnic 101

One of the annual pleasures of eating during warm and occasionally cold weather is the picnic, and our packing guide for the ideal beach picnic will guarantee you a memorable experience, regardless of the location. The page will help you prepare the beach picnic supplies and foods, tips, and ideas. Besides, Jackery Portable Power Stations with compact sizes and easy-to-carry design are strongly suggested for charging your picnic electronics with solar energy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Australia is a land bound by the sea, having thousands of km of coastline. People love the beach and enjoy beach picnics with families and friends.

  • Jackery Explorer 500 and 240 portable power stations are must-haves for a beach picnic since they can power all-electric essentials with solar energy.

  • There are six steps to planning and setting up a beach picnic in Australia: pack light first, then plan your picnic portfolio, prepare the foods & drinks, keep everything cool, check the alcohol rules, organize the picnic arrangement, and leave no trace at last.

  • There are more beach picnic ideas, such as relaxing solo, romantic couple, and happy family beach picnics.

Why Do People Enjoy Beach Picnic in Australia?

Australia is a land bound by the sea, having thousands of km of coastline. While much of the coast is desolate and inaccessible, there are numerous areas where you can get away from the crowds and score a piece of paradise with no one else around.

Enjoy Outdoors: A beach picnic is usually all about the food, but we also like spending time with the people we bring. A beach picnic is a terrific opportunity to spend time outdoors with friends or family and relax, rather than meeting for a quick lunch at a crowded restaurant.

Clean Water: If there is one thing that we Australians take for granted, it is how clean our environment is! We can drink the tap water, swim and surf freely, and tour the streets with little litter. As a result, the beach is an ideal location for picnics and relaxing while admiring the lovely and clear ocean.

Beach BBQ: With seaside barbeques, picnic shelters, and rotundas dotting our coastline, there's no excuse not to dine with a five-star view. While Australia lacks iconic cuisine, we make up for it with fuss-free, delicious, and inventive culinary pleasures like BBQs with some of the world's most excellent seafood!

Fresh Air: Nothing beats getting some fresh air on a hot day, especially if there's food involved! Fill a basket with a few favorite foods, grab a friend, and head outside for a relaxed beach picnic.

What to Bring to A Beach Picnic?

An umbrella is ideal for shade during a seashore picnic in the morning or midday. To ensure the opportunity to witness the sunset during your beach picnic, ensure you arrive in time to savor the buffet before the onset of darkness. Including essential items in your beach picnic basket, including a picnic blanket, food, and a cooler, among others, is crucial.

what to bring to a beach picnic

Although a towel is comfortable for lounging, it is not the most practical item for a beach picnic. Towels are typically relatively small, and their corners are prone to raking, which can cause grit to accumulate on food surfaces. Bring a large quilt, blanket, or tablecloth in its place. Thus, you will have ample space to recline, and a simple load in the washing machine will quickly remedy any spills.

Although it would be ideal to maximise vitamin D absorption, the opportunity to benefit from shade is appreciated. You'll be relieved you brought an umbrella or tent after hours of scorching in the sun. You can shade the beach picnic food or container even when not using the umbrella to prevent it from overheating.

Beach Picnic Checklist

Picnic Blanket





Picnic Basket

Market Tote








Portable Speaker

Beach Chairs

Finger Foods





Cutting Board

Small Bowls




Bug Spray

Portable Grill

Grilling Tools

Hand Wipes

Trash Bags

Entertainment Items

Portable Power Station

While not suggesting the need to purchase an entirely new picnic setup, a few components of picnic equipment can be utilized to organize stress-free and memorable beach picnics. Many inexpensive and inventive beach picnic accessories are available for assembling a practical and uncomplicated beach picnic. We have compiled the finest beach picnic equipment to assist you in planning adorable beach picnic arrangements and perfecting your beach days.

Amenities that ensure the preservation of chilling wine, pristine salads devoid of sand, and optimal comfort and temperature, enabling one to unwind and savor any outdoor gathering by the ocean. In addition, a portable power station is considerably more essential for a beach picnic to maintain the functionality of all electronic devices, including a portable speaker, refrigerator, fan, and more. Jackery Portable Power Stations are ideal for beach picnics due to their portability, versatility, and usability.

Jackery Portable Power Stations for Beach Picnics

Consider preparing the ideal beach BBQ picnic - warm sun, blue sky, fresh air in your lungs, and connecting with the planet - but there is no electricity for the outside grill. You might not realize it, but a portable solar power system can add additional charm to the moment. It's a fantastic way to improve your lifestyle. 

how jackery solar generator works

Jackery is a well-known solar producer specializing in making high-quality solar products such as solar generators, solar panels, and portable power stations. Jackery Portable Power Stations use lithium-ion batteries to provide a dependable and continuous power source for beach picnics. It is easier to convert more sunlight and store electricity for future use by combining Jackery Solar Panels with a Portable Power Station.

Aside from solar panels, there are other options for charging a Jackery Portable Power Station, such as wall outlets, carports, or other generators. Furthermore, with several output connections, you can charge multiple appliances simultaneously to ensure a powerful and enjoyable beach picnic without worrying about running out of power.

Picnics and outdoor events may get hot, mainly if no shade protects you from the blistering sun. Keep your portable fridge cold so your food will stay fresh for a while. However, if there is no electricity in the region where your picnic will be held, how will you keep your coolers cold? The solution is straightforward: utilize a Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station.

The Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station charges low to high-power appliances for extended periods. The power station is suitable for beach picnics because of its large battery capacity of 518Wh, easy-to-transport design, foldable handle, lower voice level (46dB - same as a human whisper), lightweight (6.4 Kg), and industry-leading BMS technology. The Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station has 1* AC outlet, 2* DC ports, 1* vehicle port, and 3* USB-A connections for charging picnic essentials, including a portable cooler, speaker, phone, camera, and more.

- Capacity: 518Wh (21.6V, 24Ah)
- Dimension: 24.2x19.3x30cm
- Cycle Life: 800 cycles to 80%+ capacity
- Charging Methods: Solar Charging: 9.5H; Wall Charging: 7.5H; Car Charging: 7.5H
- Output Ports: 1*AC Output: 240V, 500W (peak 1000W); 1*DC Output: 12V⎓7A; 3*USB-A: 5V⎓2.4A; 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A
jackery explorer 500 portable power station for beach picnic
If you are attending an outdoor picnic with family or friends and they have brought cameras, they must use them throughout the excursion. Regrettably, the absence of electrical power at this location renders these cameras incapable of operating correctly without a power supply. In such circumstances, they should carry a Jackery Explorer 240 to charge small devices whenever necessary.

The Explorer 240 Portable Power Station, the entry-level model from Jackery, is the optimal power source for small appliances. Due to its light weight of 3 kilograms, the Explorer 240 power station is easily transportable on a beach picnic. Its sophisticated safety features and streamlined appearance make it the product of choice among outdoor enthusiasts. The portable power station Jackery Explorer 240 is powered by a 240Wh lithium-ion battery cell. The multifunctional outputs (1* AC outlet, 1* DC car connector, and 2* USB-A ports) and pure sine wave inverter enable the simultaneous operation of various devices.

- Capacity: 240Wh (14.4V, 16.8Ah)
- Dimension: 19.99x13.31x23cm
- Cycle Life: 1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity
- Charging Methods: Solar Charging: 5H; Wall Charging: 5.5H; Car Charging: 6H
- Output Ports: 1*AC Output: 230V, 200W (peak 400W); 2*USB-A: 5V⎓2.4A; 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A
jackery explorer 240 portable power station for beach picnic

How to Have A Memorable Beach Picnic

Nothing beats eating delicious meals in a gorgeous setting. A beach picnic, if well prepared, can provide you with this simple joy. If you throw everything together at the last minute, you can end up with soggy sandwiches and sand between your teeth. We have some guidelines for a great beach picnic and examples of how to set one up to help you plan the perfect day at the beach.

Step 1: Pack Light in Beach Picnic

Unfortunately for beachgoers with a lot of luggage, the optimum stretch of sand is more than a few steps from the parking lot, and ice-filled coolers are heavy. For long-distance transport, invest in an all-terrain wagon or beach cart or commandeer a boogie board or sled to tow coolers, blankets, beach chairs, folding tables, umbrellas, surfboards, firewood, beer, and passed-out picnickers. If you're not concerned with packing light, bring amenities like portable speakers, Jackery Portable Power Stations, pop-up beach tents, and a tiny wading pool for chilling multiple 24-packs.

Picnic equipment that should be kept from home includes dishware, napkins or paper towels, a sharp knife, a cutting board, barbeque tongs, matches, and a wine opener.

Step 2: Planning Your Picnic Portfolio

There are numerous methods for constructing a shorefront spread, and the quantity and nature of the items you bring along will depend on your ice capacity, the length of time you intend to spend at the beach, and the number of individuals sharing your blanket. For group meals, allocate one appetizer, two salads, one entree, and one dessert if you feed four to six people; for eight to twelve people, increase that to two appetizers, three salads, two entrees, and two desserts.

When coordinating a sundown to sundown event, the morning will be consumed with site setup; therefore, prepare a grab-and-go brunch to conserve time and space in a cooler or tote bag. Anyone who brings good old deli sandwiches for lunch has never been reprimanded; supplement with potato chips, a few premium deli salads, fruit, and cookies.

Step 3: Prepare The Food & Drinks

The preparation of sustenance is critical. You want to be able to assemble the meal on time upon your arrival at the shore hurriedly. As an alternative, complete the chopping, combining, and packaging in advance. Arrange a shady repast consisting of robust granola bars, jerky, fresh fruit and fruit bars, nut mix, crackers, and pretzels between meals. Refrigerate salsas, condiments, and pickled or hard-boiled eggs; they are available upon request.
The following are the most popular foods and drinks on a beach picnic:
  • Pre-make sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Cut-up Fruits or Vegetables
  • Dessert
  • Snacks
  • Water
Instead of plastic containers, use Tupperware to store the prepared food. This will prevent it from crushing and make it more manageable to arrange in a picnic-style configuration. Additionally, this will avoid a fly-away luggage scenario. A picnic is incomplete without a sweet delight. When devising a dessert menu, select an item that minimizes waste. Although chocolate and ice cream are famous, they dissolve rapidly and can become splattered on surfaces. Consider consuming fruit, pastries, or brownies instead. These are essentials for any beach picnic.

Step 4: Keep Foods & Drinks Cool

A cooler is required for a day spent in the sun. The ice packs take up a lot of space in your cooler bag. When the cooler fills up with water, the cubed ice melts quickly and soaks everything. Instead, the night before, freeze some of your water bottles. They'll act as ice packs; you can enjoy a wonderfully cooled beverage when they melt.

To reduce shuffling, stack food according to when you'll utilize it - pile steaks, burgers, and bratwurst for your dinnertime cookout on the bottom. Place lunchtime subs in the center, followed by snack dips and s'mores chocolate on top. Before leaving the house:
  • Freeze water bottles.
  • Remove them from the cooler.
  • Thaw them as needed throughout the day.
To avoid exposing food to a blast of hot air whenever someone needs a new drink, keep drinks in their cooler.

Step 5: Check The Alcohol Rules

Many enjoy their beach picnic with wine or a refreshing cocktail. If this is your intention, check if alcohol is permitted on the beach you intend to visit. A ticket for unlawful booze would ruin your carefree picnic. If alcoholic beverages are allowed, bring bottle openers, corkscrews, and glasses. It would be best if you also thought about bottles with twist tops. If you still need to finish them, store them in the refrigerator.

If alcohol is not permitted on the beach, make a fun mocktail. Instead of bringing the items, prepare them ahead of time. Freeze these the night before for a slushie texture, and let them melt somewhat during your beach picnic. You should bring insulated cups in addition to chilling them the night before. This will keep your tropical beverage cool.

Step 6: Set Up Picnic Arrangement

Getting your beach picnic to high ground is your best hope for separating sand and your digestive tract. Pack a lightweight, portable folding table, or create one out of coolers, chairs, crates, and a surfboard in a pinch. Shade the table with an umbrella or a pop-up sun shade, and if pests are an issue in your area, bring a set of inexpensive mesh screens designed to cover food.

If you only use a beach blanket, make it as large as possible and place your meal in the center. Consider a double-decker setup: first, lay out a considerable blanket or sheet, then anchor the corners with heavy items, and last, lay out a second, smaller blanket in the middle to help keep sand at bay.

Step 7: Leave No Trace

You're probably the only one who can eat at a picnic without getting your hands soiled. Hand wipes or napkins will be required for the rest of us to clean up any spilled crumbs or sticky situations. Bring cloth napkins to make your picnic more environmentally friendly. Reusable napkins may be cleaned simply at the end of the day and will not end up in the sand or a landfill.

Finally, at the shore, leave nothing but footprints. Gather any rubbish and place it in a nearby trash or recycling receptacle. If you see someone else's trash, bring it with you. It is critical to keep our beaches clean so everyone can enjoy them for many years.

More Beach Picnic Ideas To Inspire You

It may be challenging to devise original date night activities. Consider organizing a customized beach picnic rather than the conventional supper at a restaurant. The subsequent suggestions for beach picnics should serve as sources of inspiration.

Solo Relaxing Beach Picnic

Beach picnics are not exclusively intended for romantic dates, an afternoon with companions, or family gatherings. An individual can undoubtedly appreciate a solitary excursion. One might associate picnics with more sizable crowds, such as a romantic picnic date night with one's significant other or family and friends. However, a solitary seashore picnic can be enjoyed in solitude.

Time spent on a picnic alone can be an excellent way to practice self-care. At times, your health needs to step back and go on a date with yourself. Time spent alone can have profound positive effects on one's mental health and overall clarity of mind. Aside from assembling a few items for your solitary picnic, nothing else requires your attention or concern. You can appreciate the nature, cuisine, and solitude. A picnic excursion can be highly relaxing. Merely being in nature and taking in the crisp air at the shore will significantly enhance the enjoyment of your meal. Attending dinner or working from an office is only sometimes the case.
solo beach picnic

Couple Romantic Beach Picnic

Every couple should try a romantic beach picnic at least once. It's a great way to break up the regular dinner date routine and create lasting memories, as well as an excellent opportunity to shift into a lovely bathing suit and jump in the ocean with your date. It's a good idea to scope out your beach area ahead of time to ensure everything goes as planned. Find a beach where you can have your own space, then choose a time of day.

The finest picnic meal is delicious while still being easy to transport. Spaghetti and meatballs are probably not your first choice for a beach picnic, but many other possibilities exist. You can go as extravagant and gourmet as you like, but for most people, simple cuisine and cute presentations are all required to create a memorable occasion.

Romantic dinners rely on the setting to set the tone. The beach already has a romantic atmosphere, especially during sunrise or sunset. Still, you can enhance it even more with some elements your spouse will appreciate. The key to increasing the romantic ambiance for a beach picnic is to reimagine aspects of a traditional romantic meal to fit the setting.
couple beach picnic

Family Happy Beach Picnic

Spending an idyllic beach with one's family while traveling to the coast and savoring a picnic spread and games is unlike anything else. As the weather becomes milder, consider organizing a family outing to the beach. Putting first things first is essential. We know that gathering and setting the entire family up for a day trip can be challenging. There is much to prepare and bring, particularly for children.

After determining an ideal location that provides ample space for children to run and play, you can consider the contents of your cool bag or picnic basket. Family time together, engaging in enjoyable activities, and playing games constitute a significant portion of your day at the beach picnic. Among the most well-liked family beach picnic activities are the following:
  • Beach Scavenger Hunt: A beach scavenger hunt provides children with abundant natural elements to investigate and uncover. Engaging in a beach scavenger hunt enables youngsters to explore their novel surroundings in pursuit of potential inhabitants.
  • Seaside Mark Making: Before embarking on your excursion, apply a thin layer of sand onto the laminated cards, allowing your children to carve the shapes onto the cards. This activity promotes the development of motor skills and is suitable for younger children as well.
  • Sand Jar DIY: Bring shells and sand back from your vacation and allow your children to design their beach in a container; this would make an ideal souvenir.
family beach picnic

Final Thoughts

Bringing the sun, wind, sand, and food together might be easier if you plan. A few basic picnic guidelines and some helpful beach picnic supplies will go a long way toward preventing your beach meal from becoming a hot, sandy mess. This page will provide a complete beach picnic guide, including a beach picnic essentials checklist, tips, and more beach picnic ideas. Furthermore, consider including a Jackery Portable Power Station on your picnic checklist to charge all necessary electronics with solar energy!

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