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Best Kenilworth Camping: Top 10 Camping Spots

Best Kenilworth Camping: Top 10 Camping Spots

Kenilworth, situated in the picturesque upper Mary Valley Country behind the Blackall Range, is a small community of approximately 300 inhabitants. It is conveniently located 50 minutes from the coast and one and a half hours by car north of Brisbane. The town is situated on the Mary River, which empties into the sea opposite Frazer Island after meandering northward from Maleny via Conondale, Kenilworth, Gympie, Tiaro, and Maryborough.

best kenilworth camping

Kenilworth maintains the ambiance of the 1930s and offers a surprisingly wide array of tourist attractions, including a highly captivating historical museum, numerous art galleries, restaurants, stores, and a cheese, ice cream, and yogurt factory. However, Kenilworth camping is the most essential; we have compiled a selection of the ten best locations for camping. In addition, Jackery Solar Generators, which integrate portable power stations with solar panels, supply camping appliances with stable and continuous power on the go.

Key Takeaways:

  • When planning your camping in Kenilworth, the first thing is to consider the camping gear listed below, like camping essential items - camping tent, table & chair, etc., and the kitchen stuff, clothes, first aid kit, and Jackery Solar Generators.

  • We've picked the best ten spots you can camp in Kenilworth, from rural areas to residential farms.

  • Here, we recommend Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro and 1000 Pro for charging your camping appliances since some campgrounds don't provide power.

  • Except for Kenilworth camping, you can take some time to visit the local bakery and dairy shops and the historical museum.

Kenilworth Camping Essentials: What To Pack?

Those planning an upcoming camping journey to Kenilworth are likely still determining what to bring along for the excursion. Whether this is your third camping excursion of the year or your inaugural camping trip, it is always advantageous to have a handy checklist before loading the boot or trailer with camping supplies. As no one wishes to be stranded without tent pegs, we have compiled a list to assist you in preparing yourself before embarking on your journey or returning home.

Camping is an enjoyable way to spend time outdoors with friends, family, or oneself. Furthermore, there are a multitude of methods to accomplish this. You can camp with the bare necessities or adorn your campsite with additional items such as blankets, cushions, and a hammock. Camping in Kenilworth typically entails the provision of a designated area for erecting a tent, a picnic table, and a parking space.

Kenilworth Camping Essentials

Camping Tent

Sleeping Bag

Cooking Utensils




Mini Fridge

Hygiene Items

Repair Tools

Clothing System


First Aid Kit

Camping Chairs & Table

Camping Blanket

Trash Bags

Bug Spray


Jackery Solar Generator

Determine the camping area's amenities, such as tables, a restroom, and electricity, before your arrival. In situations where power is unavailable, such as at outdoor locations or campsites, power is a crucial element of a camping trip to recharge electronic devices. Camping in Kenilworth with a Jackery Solar Generator not only enables you to recharge small devices such as cameras, phones, and lights, but it also supplies sufficient power to operate a portable fan, cooler, and culinary appliances, ensuring that you have nutritious meals for the duration of your journey. 

Best Kenilworth Camping: Top 10 Camping Spots

Every individual desires a brief respite from the fast-paced nature of daily existence. Therefore, why not seek solace and rejuvenation in a verdant rainforest encircled by undulating hills? While camping may appeal to only some individuals, Kenilworth offers many camping opportunities.

kenilworth camping sites

There are several remarkable options for Kenilworth camping, spanning from riverside camping to accommodations near the city center. One may lodge at the campsite for canoeing on the Mary River, or nature walks in the adjacent national parks. Alternatively, due to the proximity of a small hinterland township primarily recognized for its dairy farming, the rural region of Kenilworth exudes a serene and unhurried ambiance. 

1. Bluff Creek Campground

Location: 44 Wilcox Rd, Kenilworth QLD 4574 Australia

Phone: 0456 532 850
When to Visit: Spring to Summer
Amenities: Flushing toilets, pet allowed, picnic tables, shower, power
Activities: Camping, walking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, horse riding
Bluff Creek Campground is a modest, uncomplicated campground situated amidst picturesque surroundings. Privacy, solitude, and space are fundamental principles that we strive to cultivate. The artisans, producers, and adjacent villages and markets provide countless opportunities while the location is as tranquil as possible. 
A marginally more refined approach to camping, Bluff Creek Campground is an ideal location for families seeking first-rate amenities. Bluff Creek Campground, situated on 100 acres of pet-friendly rolling grounds, offers a variety of expansive campsites with picturesque vistas in every direction. Tent adjacent to the meandering creek and congregate around the fire pit during the nocturnal hours. 

2. Kenilworth Homestead

Location: 2760 Eumundi - Kenilworth Rd, Kenilworth, QLD Australia
Phone: (07) 5446 0555
When to Visit: All year
Amenities: Toilets, showers, potable water, pet allowed, fire allowed
Activities: Camping, walking, wedding, spa, caravanning, glamping
Kenilworth Homestead is a privately operated facility for outdoor education, family camping, and events, situated on the picturesque Mary River and only two kilometers from the Kenilworth township. Constructed in 1865, it was formerly referred to as the Kenilworth Station. On 30 November 1998, it was designated a national heritage site, making it the most historically significant campsite in Kenilworth. 
Kenilworth Homestead is a historically significant Sunshine Coast campground that has received widespread acclaim. It provides premier family campsites, some of which are powered for campers who prefer creature conveniences and others undesignated and unpowered for those who like to create their camping paradise. In addition to providing exquisite accommodations, Kenilworth Homestead offers Spa Rooms for couples seeking an extra level of luxury. 

3. Kookaburra Park

Location: 2951 Maleny Kenilworth Road, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, QLD, Australia
Phone: +61 137468
When to Visit: Only weekends
Amenities: Pet allowed, fire, drinking water, shower, camp kitchen, free laundry
Activities: Camping, biking, walking, hiking, wildlife watching, feeding the animals
Formerly referred to as Cambroon Caravan Park, the present proprietors assumed control of the antiquated establishment in 2019. Family-oriented Kookaburra Park – West is situated in the riverside, verdant suburb of Karana Downs and has been for many years. Presently, the establishment of an entirely new bicycle track has generated a renewed surge in visitor interest. 

After extensive renovations and modernizations, Kookaburra Park is now a pleasure for campers. Choose from cabins, each with its distinct motif, powered sites more spacious than the majority, or unpowered sites spanning 75 acres. Additionally, Kookaburra Park has acquired a sanctuary-like quality due to the proprietors' policy of rescuing distressed creatures whenever feasible. Hand-feeding the deer, interacting with the guinea pigs, and cuddling them are all activities that should be noticed.

4. Kenilworth Camping On The River

Location: Paulger Road, Eumundi Kenilworth Rd, Kenilworth QLD 4574, Australia
Phone: +61 455 176 240
When to Visit: Summer
Amenities: Campfire, dogs allowed, toilets, phone reception
Activities: Camping, swimming, fishing, kayaking, biking, walking, dairy tours
You will discover a variety of camping spots tucked away among the verdant mountains in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Along the watercourse, the Kenilworth Camping grounds comprise expansive grassy areas. There are no designated campsites; instead, campers are free to choose their location by driving around. A limited number of portaloos are strategically placed for ease of access; these are routinely emptied and cleansed.

Choose a location and erect a tent on this commercial dairy farm managed by a family that continues to yield an annual output of 2.5 million liters of milk. You may select your spot along the 580 acres of pristine, natural farmland or the 5-kilometer shoreline overlooking the Mary River. In addition to providing campers with a comprehensive experience of the Australian outback, Kenilworth Camping On The River is dog-friendly.

5. Booloumba Creek Camping

Location: LOT 274 Booloumba Creek Rd, Cambroon QLD 4552, Australia
Phone: +61 137468
When to Visit: All year
Amenities: Toilets, camping tent, camper trailer, wheelchair access
Activities: Camping, walking, driving, biking, horse riding
The rugged mountains, dense rainforest, and swift-moving streams comprise the natural landscapes of Conondale National Park. Investigate an early 20th-century gold mine, traverse scenic forest trails in a 4WD, or ascend the Mount Allan Fire Tower for a view of the range. Along Booloumba Creek, there are a variety of campgrounds from which to choose; pitch your tent and then venture out to discover natural swimming sites and scenic areas, including Booloumba Falls.

This campground caters to families and is well-liked for all the right reasons. Situated in an open forest environment, Booloumba Creek Camping offers three distinct camping sections to accommodate campers of all sorts. The picturesque road to these accommodations crosses several creeks; therefore, four-wheel-drive vehicles with a high clearance are advised. The vicinity is replete with expansive traveling paths and areas suitable for children to play. Since this campsite is located within the National Park, canines are not permitted.  

6. Parklands Camping Kenilworth

Location: 184 Kenilworth Brooloo Rd, Kenilworth QLD 4574, Australia
Phone: 0492 918 756
When to Visit: Spring to Autumn
Amenities: Toilets, hot shower, dogs allowed, bookings required
Activities: Camping, walking, relaxing, sightseeing, biking
Parklands Camping is located directly on the Mary River. This campground is accessible to a limited number of campers at any given moment; therefore, reservations are essential. The spotless property provides an ideal environment for the children to learn about farming. You may invite your four-legged companion to join the party if you keep them on a leash. Relax by the Mary River, bathe, or explore the surrounding area. The campground provides a tranquil retreat ideal for spending quality time with families around the campfire. Cross the road to the Parklands Motocross Park, which features courses for children and adults, for some added excitement.

7. Charlie Moreland Camping Area

Location: Sunday Creek Road, Kenilworth, Queensland, 4574, Australia
Phone: 07 5446 0925
When to Visit: Summer
Amenities: Flushing toilets, wheelchair access, campfire
Activities: Tent camping, caravan/camper/motorhome camping, walking, biking
Charlie Moreland Camping Area, situated near Little Yabba Creek in a picturesque open area, accommodates all types of RVs, tents, caravans, and campervans. This scenic area along the banks of Little Yabba Creek is ideal for a family escape; it is lined with open eucalypt forest for camping. The Charlie Moreland Camping Area is the only other campground in Kenilworth that does not permit pets.

Situated within the breathtaking Imbil State Forest, this campground's accessibility via two-wheel-drive vehicles is one of its chief selling points, even though it is reached via an untreated five-kilometer road. Fires are permitted under specific circumstances; however, the campground lacks amenities beyond lavatories. Thus, it is yet another location optimally prepared for travelers who wish to be self-sufficient.

8. Kenilworth Showgrounds

Location: Charles Street, Kenilworth, Queensland, 4574, Australia
Phone: 0438 849 947
When to Visit: Summer to Autumn
Amenities: Hot showers, toilets, power, drinking water, dump point, bins
Activities: Camping, dairy tours, walking, biking, swimming, lawn bowls
Those who value proximity to the city should contemplate lodging at the Kenilworth Showgrounds. This campground is 450 meters from the downtown area, making the Kenilworth patisserie, Kenilworth Dairies, and most of the region's primary attractions easily accessible on foot. When camping in Kenilworth, this location places you directly on the main street and within walking distance of everything you might require. 

Popular choices include:

  • Kenilworth Showgrounds for caravanners.
  • Families are seeking proximity to the town center.
  • Individuals are venturing into the realm of camping.

With all the necessary amenities and a location within walking distance of the town center, these campgrounds will quickly become your second home. It has various amenities, such as electricity, restrooms, hot showers, potable water, trash cans, and a disposal point.

9. Guppy Gully

Location: 44 Wilcox RD, Kenilworth. QLD, Australia
Phone: (07) 5370 2030
Website: Guppy Gully
When to Visit: Spring to Summer
Amenities: Fire pits provided, no other amenities, no drinking water
Activities: Camping, hiking, paddling, swimming, fishing, wildlife watching
Guppy Gully is near Kenilworth on a functional farm in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland along the Mary River. Experience the tranquility and awe-inspiring vistas that Guppy Gully has to offer. This hidden jewel on the Mary River is a functional farm. The farm is inhabited by beef and dairy cattle, in addition to free-range poultry whose small housing is mobile throughout the property. This self-contained campsite features two expansive sites directly on the riverfront. Each site has a capacity of ten visitors or four caravans. Additionally, fire platforms are provided at each campsite, allowing guests to savor the scenery while gathered around a cozy campfire. Regardless of your actions, always remember the marshmallows.

10. Little Yabba Creek

Location: 3145 Maleny Kenilworth Rd, Kenilworth QLD 4552, Australia
Phone: +61 137468
When to Visit: All year
Amenities: Toilets, wheelchair access, tent, caravan, trailer
Activities: Tent camping, caravan camping, walking, horse riding, mountain biking
A free campground that is regarded as one of the finest in Kenilworth is Little Yabba Creek Park. This location is ideal for motorhomes, tents, caravans, campervans, and camper trailers on both sides of the road. It is approximately 6.5 kilometers from the heart of Kenilworth. From the Charlie Moreland day-use area, commence your expedition by traversing Little Yabba Creek via wading. Observe water beetles darting across the surface; Pacific blue eyes and other fish species swim beneath.

Even though it is near the road, the volume of disturbance is minimal during the night, making it an ideal lodging option for those searching for tranquility. One advantage of this establishment is that accommodation is not subject to reservation requirements. Upon successfully reserving a space, you must provide electricity and potable water. Nevertheless, restrooms, trash cans, barbeques, and picnic tables are provided.

Jackery Solar Generators for Kenilworth Camping

It is critical for Kenilworth campers who value comfort and convenience to have access to electricity. By carrying a portable solar generator into the outdoors, one can appreciate the amenities of modern life. A compact portable solar generator can store sufficient energy to power various personal electronic devices and small appliances, including but not limited to smartphones, mini refrigerators, lighting, and cameras. 

how jackery solar generator works
Jackery is a globally recognized manufacturer specializing in solar products of superior quality—Jackery Portable Power Stations delivers camping electronics with a consistent and dependable power supply via lithium batteries. By integrating Jackery Solar Panels into a portable power station, the Jackery Solar Generator effectively maximizes the utilization of solar energy.

Jackery Portable Power Stations are enormous batteries; most offer sufficient power storage to operate even the most fundamental camping equipment for an entire weekend. We suggest integrating Jackery Solar Panels with a Portable Power Station for extended camping excursions so you can always access pure, renewable solar energy.  

There exists an extensive variety of techniques for recharging a portable power station. An example of harnessing solar energy involves wiring and connecting power stations and connectors to solar panels. Furthermore, charge can be achieved by using a carport or an AC adapter.



Output Ports

Working Hours

Solar Generator 2000 Pro



2*AC Output: 230V, 2200W (peak 4400W); 2*USB-A: Quick Charge 3.0x2, 18W Max; 2*USB-C: 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 15V, 12V, 20V up to 5A); 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Coffee Maker(600W): 2.9H

Outdoor Grill(750W): 2.3H

Mini Cooler(300W): 5.8H

Lighting(25W): 69.1H

Phone(10W): 172.8H

Camera(25W): 69.1H

Solar Generator 1000 Pro



2*AC Output: 230V, 1000W, peak 2000W; 2*USB-A: Quick Charge 3.0x2, 18W Max; 2*USB-C: 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 15V, 12V, 20V up to 5A); 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Coffee Maker(600W): 1.3H

Outdoor Grill(750W): 1.1H

Mini Cooler(300W): 2.7H

Lighting(25W): 32.1H

Phone(10W): 80.2H

Camera(25W): 32.1H

The Solar Generator 2000 Pro has a substantial charging capacity of 2,160Wh and can be ultimately charged in under 5.5 hours using 6 SolarSaga 100W solar panels or in 2 hours using an AC wall receptacle. It is an optimal choice for camping in Kenilworth. As stated previously, many campgrounds lack electrical outlets; therefore, it is essential to bring a solar generator to charge devices such as mini-fridges, phones, and lighting, among others.

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro has a ten-year lifespan, assuming it is utilized twice weekly. With a 100% capacity, it can remain dormant for more than a year, rendering it an exceptionally reliable emergency backup power source. Enhanced in durability, the Explorer 2000 Pro portable power station incorporates heat dissipation and high-temperature protection. Under its IP67 Waterproof Rating, the SolarSaga 100W solar panel is impervious to severe and damp conditions.

By simply activating a switch, you gain access to an infinite amount of power. Input and output display screens have been modernized and optimized, and brand-new on-screen functions, such as a low battery indicator and malfunction code indicator, provide high-quality data for crystal-clear reading and comprehension.

jackery solar generator 2000 pro for kenilworth camping

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

The 1002Wh capacity of the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro is in addition to its 1000W output power. One thousand charge cycles can sustain an entire wall charge of 1.8 hours. An additional 25% can be added to the electricity generation efficacy by integrating 2*SolarSaga 80W solar panels. Moreover, it provides an economical substitute for camping in Kenilworth.

The foldable handle facilitates storage and transportation. This compact power source is highly suitable for camping excursions owing to its lightweight construction and one thousand-charge cycle life. An apparatus is supplied with consistent power by a pure sine wave inverter. A battery management system (BMS) is integrated into this ultra-quiet (46dB) product to monitor and safeguard battery life.

With its multiple ports - 2*1000W AC output ports, 2*USB A, and a DC vehicle port - the Explorer 1000 Pro power station can power 93% of your camping equipment, including a portable fan, camping light, movie projector, and more. It can, for example, provide power for a 300W portable cooler for 2.7 hours and a 25W camping light for 32.1 hours.

jackery solar generator 1000 pro for kenilworth camping

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

What Things To Do in Kenilworth?

One of the best locations for rural camping is the town of Kenilworth, which has at least eight great camping grounds to stay at within very close proximity of each other. A rural locality of outstanding natural beauty, except for Kenilworth camping, it is also a great place to relax for a few days:

1Kg Donut Challenge in Kenilworth Bakery: As well as offering a terrific range of pies, sausage rolls, and sandwiches, all of which have plenty of vegan and gluten-free options, the bakery is home to both its world-famous 1 kg Donut Challenge and Australia's first-ever Coffee In A Donut! The 1 kg donut is vast and comes with a jam, custard, beesting or Nutella filling. Should you want to complete the challenge, you will need to pre-order your donut, but if you manage to eat it all, you will get your name on a plate on the wall.

Historical Museum: If you have a few hours spare, then the Kenilworth Historical Museum is a fascinating place to visit. Showcasing a living history display that dates back to the latter part of the 19th century, when the town became established, a guided museum tour also features a 20-minute DVD Presentation.

Kenilworth Dairies: If you love cheese and yogurt, then the Kenilworth Dairies are well worth visiting. Famous for its products, which they have been making onsite for 60 years, you can book a tour of their manufacturing facility. During this time, you will get to try some of their products, which include a great range of handmade ice cream and mousse as well.  

Final Thoughts

About 50 kilometers inland from the Sunshine Coast, Kenilworth is a small country community situated 152 kilometers north of Brisbane. On this page, we've compiled the top 10 places for Kenilworth camping and the essentials you should pack for a camping trip. You are sure to have a lovely time on your vacation, as the entire region is splendid. Additionally, when camping, please bring along a Jackery Solar Generator to supply power to most outdoor appliances, as many campgrounds do not offer it.

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