Best Noosa Camping: Top 10 Camping Spots

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Best Noosa Camping: Top 10 Camping Spots

Embark on a tour through Noosa's stunning landscapes, where natural harmony meets coastal beauty. Noosa is a haven of peace and adventure, from the pristine beaches to the verdant hinterland. Nestled on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, it is enticed by its blend of laid-back charm and exciting outdoor activities.


Sunshine beaches, coastal pathways, and Noosa National Park are all threads in the fabric of Noosa, and we want you to explore them with us. Whether you prefer calm or exhilaration, Noosa welcomes you to explore its many attractions. This website lists the top ten Noosa camping places you will enjoy. Jackery's trustworthy power solutions will elevate your outdoor adventure, ensuring a seamless and thrilling voyage. Jackery Solar Generators offer the optimum combination of convenience and sustainability.

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Key Takeaways:

• Gear Up for Noosa's Nature Escape: Prepare for your Noosa journey with the appropriate gear, combining seaside leisure and inland discovery. Pack basics for coastal paths and enjoy Noosa's laid-back atmosphere. Jackery Solar Generators bring convenience to your outdoor activities.        

 Explore Noosa's numerous camping options with our top picks. From sun-kissed beaches to Noosa National Park, these destinations provide the ideal balance of relaxation and action. Immerse yourself in the coastal elegance and hinterland beauty to make unique camping moments.

• Choose Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro and 1000 Pro to accompany your Noosa adventure. Their small size and large capacities ensure a consistent power source for your devices, allowing you to easily capture and share the beauty of Noosa during your Sunshine Coast journey.

Noosa Camping Essentials: What To Pack?

Prepare for a delightful outdoor adventure in Noosa with these camping basics, which balance coastal relaxation and inland discovery. Whether you're a seasoned camper or new to the world of camping, preparing for an outdoor experience in Noosa involves careful planning. A rigorous checklist ensures you have all you need for an excellent experience before entering Noosa's laid-back charm.

Camping in Noosa offers a variety of environments, from coastal walks to the serenity of Noosa National Park. Prepare for your selected destinations by bringing coastal apparel, robust footwear, and Jackery Solar Generators for a perfect blend of comfort and outdoor adventure.

As you plan your camping trip, use this checklist to guide your preparations and avoid mistakes. Whether relaxing on the sun-kissed beaches or hiking through the bush, pack with the intention of an enjoyable camping trip in Noosa's stunning beauty.

Noosa Camping Essentials


Sleeping Bag

Camping Table

Portable Stove


Food Storage

Weather-Proof Clothing

Personal Hygiene

First Aid Kit






Jackery Solar Generator

Portable solar generators excel in off-grid situations by providing a consistent power supply when conventional energy is unavailable. When camping in Noosa, these generators offer a solution for keeping critical gadgets operational. For example, the Jackery Solar Generator is a dependable portable solar power supply for camping that emits less noise and has a larger capacity, making it great for any excursion. The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro or 2000 Pro is one of the most essential pieces of camping equipment for today's campers, and it has contributed to a more environmentally friendly camping experience.

Best Noosa Camping: Top 10 Camping Spots

Discover the top ten camping destinations for peaceful beauty and fun in nature. Camping is a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, providing a distinct blend of tranquilly and nature experience. Choosing the right location enhances the camping experience by ensuring safety, comfort, and convenient access to various activities. These carefully selected top campsites will provide an unforgettable adventure and a greater understanding of the world's ecosystems. Noosa camping is more than simply a vacation; it is an immersive experience that renews the soul and instils a lifetime love of the outdoors.

best 10 noosa camping spots

1. Noosa North Shore Beach Campground

Location: 240 Wilderness Track, Noosa North Shore QLD 4565, Australia

Phone: (07) 5449 8811

Website: Noosa North Shore Beach Campground   

When to Visit: Year-round

Amenities: Powered and unpowered sites, amenities block, beachfront camping

Activities: Beachcombing, fishing, 4WD adventures, surfing, camping, hiking

Located on Beach Road, Noosa North Shore Beach Campground provides a beachside camping experience with various amenities. The campsite, which has both powered and unpowered sites with a dedicated phone line (07) 5449 8811, offers convenience amid natural beauty. Enjoy access to amenity blocks, beachcombing, fishing, 4WD adventures along the beach, and surfing chances. Noosa North Shore Beach Campground is an excellent year-round resort for people looking for a seaside getaway on the beautiful Noosa North Shore. 

2. Noosa River Holiday Park

Location: 4 Russell Street, Noosaville, Queensland 4566, Australia

Phone: (07) 5449 7050

Website: Noosa River Holiday Park  

When to Visit: Spring to summer

Amenities: Powered and unpowered sites, cabins, amenities block, riverfront location

Activities: Kayaking, fishing, river walks, dining in Noosaville Nestled at 4 Russell

One of the most picturesque and well-liked Queensland coast holiday parks is on the banks of the lovely Noosa River. Street in Noosaville, Noosa River Holiday Park, provides riverside camping and lodging. With powered and unpowered sites, cottages, and a dedicated phone line (07) 5449 8060, the vacation park offers a variety of alternatives. Enjoy the amenities block, go kayaking down the river, try your hand at fishing, take leisurely river walks, and explore Noosaville's food selections. Noosa River Holiday Park is the perfect year-round resort for people looking for a peaceful riverfront getaway in the heart of Noosaville.

3. Habitat Noosa Camping

Location: Elanda Pt Rd, Como QLD 4571, Australia

Phone: (07) 5485 3165

Website: Habitat Noosa Camping 

When to Visit: Year-round

Amenities: Powered and unpowered sites, glamping options, amenities block, lakefront camping

Activities: Canoeing, wildlife encounters, guided eco-tours, stargazing, camping

Habitat Noosa Camping, located at 204 Lake Flat Road near Elanda Point, provides a unique camping experience by the lake. The campground blends nature with comfort, offering powered and unpowered sites, glamping possibilities, and a dedicated phone line (07) 5485 3165. Enjoy the amenities block, canoeing, seeing local wildlife, attending guided eco-tours, and stargazing. Habitat Noosa Camping is the perfect year-round option for anyone looking for a unique and environmentally friendly camping experience on the gorgeous shores of Lake Cootharaba.

4. Boreen Point Campground

Location: 1 Esplanade, Boreen Point QLD 4565, Australia

Phone: (07) 5485 3244

Website: Boreen Point Campground 

When to Visit: Summer

Amenities: Powered and unpowered sites, cabins, amenities block, lakefront location 

Activities: Sailing, fishing, kayaking, bushwalking, camping, hiking, biking

Boreen Point Campground at 73 Esplanade provides a lovely lakeside camping experience. The campsite offers diverse accommodations, including powered and unpowered sites, cottages, and a dedicated phone line (07) 5485 3244. Enjoy access to the amenities block, sail on the lake, and try fishing, kayaking, and leisurely bushwalking in the neighbourhood. Boreen Point Campground is a great year-round option for people looking for a lakeside hideaway in the lovely village of Boreen Point. The park encircles the lake, which features a lengthy sandy shoreline. Stroll along the Tewantin Heritage Walk, explore the ancient Mill Point Settlement ruins, or explore the Noosa Trail Network.

5. Campsite 4 Upper Noosa River

Location: Noosa North Shore QLD 4571, Australia

Phone: (07) 3408 9026

Website: Campsite 4 (Upper Noosa River) 

When to Visit: Summer to Autumn

Amenities: Basic facilities, bush camping, toilet, water

Activities: Canoeing, bird watching, fishing, nature appreciation, camping, hiking

Campsite 4 is located beside the Upper Noosa River in Great Sandy National Park and provides a back-to-nature camping experience. With no phone number or website, the campsite prioritises simplicity. Enjoy minimal amenities, canoeing experiences on the river, bird watching, fishing, and admiring the campsite's natural beauty. Campsite 4 is the perfect year-round option for people looking for a peaceful and immersed camping experience in the unspoilt environment of the Upper Noosa River. Besides, one of the most beloved adventures thus far has been kayak camping on the Upper Noosa River. In addition to facilitating a deeper connection with nature, the journey offers the ideal blend of excitement and relaxation.

6. Brahminy Walkers Camp

Location: Noosa North Shore, Great Sandy National Park, Queensland 4565, Australia

Website: Brahminy Walkers Camp 

When to Visit: Spring to Autumn

Amenities: Basic facilities, beachfront camping, toilet, picnic table

Activities: Bushwalking, beachcombing, wildlife encounters, starlit beach nights

Brahminy Walkers Camp, located on Noosa North Shore within the Great Sandy National Park, provides a modest seaside camping experience. With no phone number or internet, the campsite prioritises direct contact with nature. Enjoy modest amenities, go bushwalking and beachcombing, see local wildlife, and enjoy starry beach nights. Brahminy Walkers Camp is an excellent year-round option for anyone looking for a peaceful and rustic camping experience on the stunning Noosa North Shore. Here, at one of several campsites along the Cooloola Great Walk, hikers may unwind after a day on the trail. Pitch your tent in the Cooloola sand mound on a west-facing slope surrounded by banksias and low coastal heath.

7. Ingenia Holidays Noosa

Location: 141 Cooroy-Noosa Road, Tewantin, Queensland 4565, Australia

Phone: (07) 5447 1712

Website: Ingenia Holidays Noosa 

When to Visit: Summer to Autumn

Amenities: Powered and unpowered sites, cabins, villas

Activities: Swimming pool, camp kitchen, amenities block, playground, camping

Ingenia Holidays Noosa, located at 141 Cooroy-Noosa Road in Tewantin, has a broad choice of accommodation alternatives. The holiday park caters to various interests by offering powered and unpowered sites, cottages, and villas. Enjoy amenities include a swimming pool, camp kitchen, amenities block, and playground. Whether you want to relax, swim, or explore the sights of Noosa, Ingenia Holidays Noosa is the perfect year-round destination for a comfortable and pleasurable stay. For reservations and enquiries, call (07) 5447 1712.

8. Noosa Spit Recreation Reserve

Location: Claude Batten Drive, Noosa Heads, Queensland 4567, Australia

Phone: (07) 5329 6500

Website: Noosa Spit Recreation Reserve 

When to Visit: All year

Amenities: Picnic areas, barbecue facilities, beach access

Activities: Picnicking, beach outings, water activities, camping, biking, surfing

The Noosa Spit Recreation Reserve, located on Claude Batten Drive in Noosa Heads, provides a picturesque and recreational setting. With no phone number, the reserve offers picnic sites, barbeque amenities, and direct beach access. Visitors can enjoy picnics with a view, beach outings, and various aquatic sports. Noosa Spit Recreation Reserve is a beautiful year-round destination for visitors looking for a relaxing and natural setting along Noosa's gorgeous coastline. For further information, visit the official Noosa Spit Recreation Reserve website or contact the local authorities. Despite being far from the main beach, Noosa Spit is a great place to rent surfboards and avoid the crowds. It is a stunning beach with regular, lower waves, ideal for beginners.

9. Noosa National Park

Location: Palm Grove Cct, Noosa Heads QLD 4567, Australia

Phone: 13 74 68

Website: Noosa National Park 

When to Visit: Year-around

Amenities: Picnic areas, walking trails, information centre

Activities: Bushwalking, wildlife watching, coastal exploration, picnicking

Noosa National Park, located along Park Road in Noosa Heads, welcomes tourists to experience its natural beauty. Call Queensland National Parks at 13 QGOV (13 74 68) for more information. Picnic spots, well-maintained walking pathways, and an information centre are among the amenities available at the park. Please take part in bushwalking expeditions, see wildlife in its native habitat, discover breathtaking coastal scenery, and enjoy picnics in nature. Noosa National Park is the perfect year-round destination for people looking for an immersive experience in the Noosa region's unique ecosystems.

10. Cobb & Co Nine Mile Camping Grounds

Location: 1484 Noosa Road, Tandur, Queensland 4570, Australia

Phone: (07) 5483 5065

Website: Cobb & Co Nine Mile Camping Grounds 

When to Visit: Spring to Autumn

Amenities: Amenities block, camp kitchen, swimming pool, playground

Activities: Horse riding, bushwalking, bird watching, starlit nights, camping

Cobb & Co Nine Mile Camping Grounds, located at 1484 Noosa Road near Tandur, provides a variety of camping experiences. The camping grounds accommodate a variety of interests by offering both powered and unpowered sites, as well as cottages. The facilities block, camp kitchen, swimming pool, and playground are all available. Enjoy horseback riding activities, bushwalking routes, bird watching, and starry nights. Cobb & Co Nine Mile Camping Grounds is the perfect year-round resort for anyone looking for natural beauty and modern facilities in the Noosa region. For reservations and enquiries, call (07) 5485 1731. 

Jackery Solar Generators for Noosa Camping

Jackery Solar Generators will make your Noosa camping trip even more enjoyable. Jackery Portable Power Stations are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want both convenience and sustainability. They provide a dependable energy supply for electronic gadgets and appliances, ensuring a flawless camping experience in the natural beauty of Noosa.

As a well-known company specialising in high-quality solar goods, Jackery provides portable power stations with lithium batteries, ensuring a continuous and dependable power supply during your Noosa journey. Jackery Solar Panels maximises solar energy utilisation, providing an environmentally friendly power option for camping in this lovely setting.

Jackery Solar Generators are compact yet powerful, capable of powering needs like smartphones, lamps, cameras, and more. With considerable storage capacity to handle basic camping goods, these generators become essential for a beautiful camping trip in Noosa.

Investigate several recharging solutions, such as using solar energy via connected power stations and panels, a carport, or an AC converter. Jackery Solar Generators offer versatility, allowing you to utilise pure, sustainable solar energy while fully immersing yourself in Noosa's natural splendour and tranquillity. 

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro is your go-to answer for portable electricity that exceeds expectations. With an incredible 1002Wh capacity and 1000W output power, this solar generator is more than just a device; it's a dependable energy source designed for your mobile lifestyle. Imagine a flawless wall charge in just 1.8 hours due to a thousand charge cycles, a game changer for individuals who value efficiency and convenience.

Improve your energy game by incorporating two SolarSaga 80W solar panels, which provide an additional 25% electricity generation efficiency. Whether camping in Kenilworth or an outdoor excursion, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro will keep you fueled up sustainably and cost-effectively.

Designed Explorer 1000 Pro with mobility in mind, the foldable handle adds ease, making storage and transporting a breeze. Its tiny size and excellent 1000-charge cycle life ensure that this power source will keep up with your adventure. Experience the silent power of a pure sine wave inverter, which produces steady energy while emitting only 46 decibels of noise. The integrated battery management system (BMS) monitors and protects battery life, assuring long-lasting and dependable performance with each charge.

Multiple connectors provide versatility and performance, including two 1000W AC output connections, two USB A ports, and a DC vehicle port. The Explorer 1000 Pro power station is a multipurpose hub for camping equipment, powering everything from portable fans to movie projectors. In a world where adventure has no bounds, let the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro be your loyal companion, offering power and the ability to explore without restriction. 


Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro



jackery solar generator 1000 pro


1002Wh (43.2V/23.2Ah)

Life Cycle

1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Battery Cell

NMC battery



Recharging Methods

Explorer 2000 Pro + 2*SolarSaga 80W: 9H; AC Adapter: 1.8H; 12V Car Adapter: 12H

Output Ports

2*AC Output: 230V, 1000W (peak 2000W); 2*USB-A: Quick Charge 3.0x2, 18W Max; 2*USB-C: 100W Max, (5V, 12V, 9V, 15V, 20V up to 5A); 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Working Hours

Fan(70W): 11.5H, TV(60W): 13.4H, Camera(100W): 8H, Lighting(25W): 32.1H, Fridge(700W): 1.1H, Projector(300W): 2.7H

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro is the peak of power, efficiency, and dependability, exceeding expectations. With an incredible charging capacity of 2,160Wh, this solar generator is a shining example of clean and sustainable energy. Imagine a quick charge time of less than 5.5 hours using 6* SolarSaga 100W solar panels or just 2 hours with an AC wall receptacle, making it an excellent choice for camping trips or as a reliable emergency backup power source.

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro is built for durability and dependability with a ten-year lifespan assuming twice-weekly use. Its endurance is further strengthened by heat dissipation and high-temperature protection, which provide maximum operation under various settings. The SolarSaga 100W solar panel has an IP67 Waterproof Rating, which makes it resistant to harsh and moist situations, adding an added layer of robustness.

A simple switch activation provides access to a limitless amount of clean energy. The updated input and output display panels and new on-screen features like a low power warning and a malfunction code indicator give high-quality data for a smooth and informed operation. In a world where power is everything, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro stands out as a sign of cutting-edge technology, durability, and dependability, guaranteeing that your excursions are powered with confidence and efficiency.


Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro


 jackery solar generator 2000 pro


2160Wh (43.2V/50Ah)

Life Cycle

1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Battery Cell

NMC battery



Recharging Methods

Explorer 2000 Pro + 6*SolarSaga 100W: 5.5H; AC Adapter: 2H; 12V Car Adapter: 24H

Output Ports

2*AC Output: 230V, 2200W (peak 4400W); 2*USB-A: Quick Charge 3.0x2, 18W Max; 2*USB-C: 100W Max, (5V, 12V, 9V, 15V, 20V up to 5A); 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Working Hours

Fan(70W): 24.7H, TV(60W): 28.8H, Camera(100W): 17.3H, Lighting(25W): 69.1H, Fridge(700W): 2.5H, Projector(300W): 5.8H

What Things To Do in Noosa?

Noosa on Queensland's Sunshine Coast offers visitors unique natural beauty and dynamic culture. Explore the finest of Noosa with these exciting activities:

Noosa National Park: Immerse yourself in nature at Noosa National Park. Hike picturesque paths for spectacular coastline vistas, see native animals, and relax on pristine beaches, including Tea Tree Bay and Granite Bay.

Hastings Street: Take a stroll down this historic street, which is dotted with boutique stores, cafes, and restaurants. Enjoy a leisurely shopping spree, superb dining, and the vibrant ambience of this bustling beachfront strip.

Noosa Main Beach: Relax on the gorgeous sands of Noosa Main Beach, a popular destination for sunbathing and surfing. The mild waves make it a perfect destination for new and seasoned surfers.

Noosa Everglades: Take a relaxing cruise or kayak adventure in the Noosa Everglades, one of only two systems worldwide. Immerse yourself in the pristine environment and learn about its distinctive flora and creatures.

Eumundi Markets: Visit the bustling Eumundi Markets, just a short drive from Noosa. These markets highlight local arts, crafts, and produce, offering an excellent opportunity to discover the region's creative potential. Noosa's appeal stems from its blend of coastal beauty and vibrant urban attractions. Whether you are looking for outdoor experiences or a relaxing seaside escape, Noosa welcomes you to experience its distinct coastal lifestyle. 

Final Thoughts

Whether exploring the pristine Noosa National Park, enjoying the joys of Hastings Street, or finding the tranquil beauty of the Everglades, Noosa welcomes you into a world where nature and urban elegance coexist. This lovely village on the Sunshine Coast offers the ideal balance of relaxation and action, leaving tourists with fond memories of a seaside paradise. Explore, relax, and enjoy the unique allure that Noosa has to offer. Also, remember to bring a Jackery Solar Generator on your Noosa camping vacations to charge your electronics.

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