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Essential Gear for Photography Adventure in the Australian Wilderness

Essential Gear for Photography Adventure in the Australian Wilderness

From the rugged beauty of the Great Sandy Desert to the lush rainforests of Queensland, Australia boasts a mosaic of landscapes and ecologies that beckon adventurers and shutterbugs alike.

But this wilderness isn't just vast; it's also incredibly remote, often far from the convenience of power sources and urban infrastructure. As a photographer venturing into this untamed realm, your reliance on electronic equipment, from cameras to drones, is undeniable. To ensure that your devices stay powered up in the midst of this raw, unspoiled beauty, you must have a solar battery storage solution.

This article delves into the details of the must-have gears for your photography adventures and the importance of a solar panel battery storage solution. Let's dive in!

Jackey Solar Generators for Photography Adventure

Necessary Camera Equipment When Going Out for Photography

Some of the necessary camera equipment you should take with you on your photography adventures to the diverse landscapes of Australia are:

Right Camera Body and Lens for Different Types of Wilderness Photography

Picking the right camera body and lenses is a critical decision for any wilderness photography expedition in Australia. The continent's diverse landscapes demand adaptability. A versatile camera body, such as a DSLR or mirrorless camera, offers the flexibility needed to switch lenses and adjust settings to various lighting conditions and subjects. Must ensure your camera is weather-sealed to withstand unpredictable conditions.

Now, let's come to lenses! A wide-angle option, like a 16-35mm, excels at capturing landscapes. A telephoto lens, such as a 70-200mm, is essential for wildlife photography. Likewise, a macro lens works perfectly for close-ups of intricate flora and insects. Always prioritise lenses with wide apertures for low-light scenarios.

Make sure you have solar storage batteries to keep them charged throughout the journey.

Tripod for Stable Shooting

Stability is the bedrock of capturing sharp and clear images in the wild. This makes a reliable tripod an indispensable tool. Opt for a tripod crafted from robust materials like aluminium or carbon fibre to endure rugged terrains and withstand strong winds.

Consider its height and weight, aiming for a balance between portability and functionality. A lightweight, compact design is ideal for hikes to remote locations, provided it extends to a comfortable shooting height. Also, the choice of tripod head matters; a ball head or fluid head allows for precise adjustments and makes your shots perfect! 

Memory Card

Having ample storage capacity is crucial to ensure you can capture all the breathtaking moments without interruption. Opting for a high-speed memory card is equally important, especially when shooting fast-moving subjects or in burst mode. It minimises lag and ensures you never miss a shot. Carrying multiple memory cards as backups is a wise practice. Similarly, backing up your photos ensures the safety of your precious photographic memories.

Waterproof Camera Backpack

Venturing into the Australian wilderness also requires you to safeguard your camera gear from the elements. A waterproof camera backpack is your best ally, offering both protection and accessibility. Seek out backpacks constructed from waterproof or water-resistant materials like nylon or rubberised fabric. Also, opt for models with sealed zippers for added security.

Customizability is key. Make sure the interior can be adjusted with dividers and compartments to fit your camera, lenses, and accessories, preventing shifting during transportation. You may also go on long treks, so prioritise backpacks with padded shoulder straps, a chest strap, and a waist belt. This distributes your weight evenly and keeps you agile as you navigate the diverse and captivating landscapes of Australia's wilderness.


Filters are indispensable tools for wilderness photography, enhancing and controlling the quality of your shots in Australia's diverse landscapes. Some of these filters are: 

  • Neutral Density (ND) filters stand out for their ability to reduce the amount of light entering your lens, enabling longer shutter speeds even in bright conditions. This is invaluable for capturing the ethereal flow of waterfalls or the soft blur of moving clouds.
  • Polarising filters are equally crucial, as they minimise reflections and glare, perfect for shooting water surfaces, intensifying sky colours, and cutting through haze.
  • Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filters come into play when balancing exposure in highly contrasting scenes, such as a vivid sunrise against a darker foreground.
  • Finally, UV filters, often used for lens protection, also play a role in reducing the impact of UV rays, particularly in high-altitude or intensely sunny settings. 

These filters collectively empower you to elevate your wilderness captures by controlling light and enhancing the beauty of Australia's natural wonders. 

Navigation Tools

Photographing the diverse landscapes of Australia needs navigation tools like a GPS device, compass, etc. A GPS device provides precise location tracking and route planning, ensuring you can pinpoint photogenic spots, traverse remote terrains confidently, and aid in orientation and map reading. Speaking of maps, they offer a comprehensive view of the terrain, helping you plot your course, measure distances, and plan your photographic journeys effectively.

The ideal way is to carry solar storage batteries to keep your navigation devices charged throughout the journey. 

Remote Shutter

A remote shutter release is more than just a convenient accessory for your wilderness photography - it's a game-changer in capturing stunning images. It eliminates the need to touch the camera when taking a shot physically. Additionally, a remote shutter minimises the risk of camera shake, ensuring sharper, clearer photographs.

This is particularly advantageous during long exposures, such as when capturing star trails or serene nightscapes. 

Importance of Having a Stable Power Supply 

A stable power supply like a solar battery storage solution is a game-changer for you when exploring Australia's natural beauty. It's the key to uninterrupted shooting, as it keeps cameras, drones, and other gear powered up even in the remotest locations. This means you won't miss capturing that perfect shot due to dead batteries. Furthermore, Australia is the 7th largest solar nation and having a solar battery storage aligns with its goal to embrace sustainability.

These solar battery storage solutions also help you to focus on your craft. You can capture the beauty of Australia's diverse landscapes without worrying about power constraints. The Jackery Solar Generators and Solar Power Banks are best in this regard. They are weather-resistant and high capacity with little to no noise, keeping all your photography essentials charged. 
Jackery Solar Power Banks

Significance of Portable Power Stations for Photography Travel

Here are the points that highlight the significance of portable power stations for your photography travel: 

Stay Connected

On your photography adventure, staying in touch with the outer world is also crucial. Portable solar panels and power stations enable you to keep your essential devices like smartphones and laptops charged. This means you can stay connected to the world, plan routes, and share your photography in real-time, enhancing both safety and storytelling.

Considering the solar battery storage price in Australia, this convenience can make a big difference in your overall photography experience. 

Versatile Compatibility

These power stations are made with photographers in mind. They come equipped with various charging ports and capacities, accommodating a range of devices. You can charge everything with them, including your camera, drone, and camping gear. You can even power up your laptop for on-site photo editing.


Australians have a deep appreciation for their stunning natural landscapes, making eco-friendliness a priority. Portable power stations align perfectly with this ethos by providing clean and renewable energy. Relying on these solutions reduces your environmental footprint while exploring and capturing the beauty of Australia.

Considering the reasonable solar battery storage price in Australia, this eco-friendly capability is a major advantage.

Backup Safety

Safety is a top priority, especially in the rugged terrains of Australia. Portable solar panels and power stations offer a crucial backup in emergencies. They can power communication and navigation devices, such as satellite phones or GPS systems.

You can reach out for help or navigate your way to safety if unforeseen circumstances arise during your expeditions. This backup power source can be a lifesaver when venturing into remote and potentially hazardous environments.

On-the-Go Editing

For those who prefer to edit their images on-site, portable power stations are a game-changer. They can charge laptops and tablets, providing the necessary power for post-processing.

This capability allows you to review, edit, and even share your photographs immediately after capturing them. It enhances your workflow and creativity, allowing you to fine-tune your shots while still immersed in breathtaking Australia's beauty.

Best Portable Solar Battery Storage Solutions for Your Photography Adventures

Here are the best solar storage batteries you can try to capture every beauty: 

Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station

The first solar battery storage solution is the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station. It's purpose-built to elevate your outdoor photography endeavours. On top of that, its robust construction ensures durability. 

  • The compact design of this solar panel battery storage makes it an ideal travel companion. Its small volume and weight are advantageous for single-person backpacking, making it easy to carry into remote wilderness areas for photography. Its small footprint allows for more equipment to fit in limited vehicle space and helps avoid drawing the attention of wildlife in the wild. Despite this, the Australian solar power storage device is very affordable.

  • Safety and versatility are at the heart of this solar power bank. The low noise design (46Db) of the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station helps avoid disturbing wildlife, making it ideal for photographers silently observing and capturing wildlife. Its battery management system (BMS) prevents over-discharge and overcharging, prolonging the battery's lifespan. These two features greatly enhance the comfort and safety of photographers when used in the wild.

  • Furthermore, the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station has multiple charging ports, including AC outports, USB ports, and a carport. Equipped with various charging ports, it can charge different types of photography equipment such as smartphones, DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, drones, and more. The power station can also charge multiple devices simultaneously, reducing charging time. Depending on the different port powers, it can match the optimal charging needs of different devices.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro is a solar battery storage solution in Australia made for remote photography adventures. This solar power bank combines with Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station and Jackery Solar Saga 80W Solar Panel/Jackery Solar Saga 100W Solar Panel. It comes with features that make it an indispensable companion in the wild. With its vehicle-grade battery, it can endure the rigours of outdoor expeditions while providing a reliable power source for all your photographic equipment. Its top shock-resistant level 9 ensures that it can withstand bumps and jolts on rugged terrain, allowing you to carry it wherever your photography journey takes you.

Moreover, this solar generator, equipped with the efficient Jackery Solar Saga 80W Solar Panel or Jackery Solar Saga 100W Solar Panel, is Australian outdoor photographers' ideal green power companion. It harnesses Australia's abundant sunshine for eco-friendly charging, avoiding reliance on unstable grid facilities and enabling photographers to operate freely in remote areas. An ample power supply supports extended photography sessions, and the silent solar charging system doesn't impact shooting quality. The lightweight and portable solar panels can be adjusted as needed. This perfect solar power solution provides a stable, reliable, and eco-friendly continuous power source for outdoor photography, significantly reducing fossil fuel consumption and making it the ultimate outdoor power partner for every Australian photographer.

The Value of Jackery Solar Generator


Embarking on photographic adventures in Australia's diverse and rugged landscapes demands careful consideration of essential gear. From a tripod to a shutter remote, there are many navigation tools for safe exploration; each piece plays a pivotal role in crafting stunning visual narratives. However, two solar battery storage solutions, the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station and the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro, truly elevate the game.

They provide reliable power, even in remote areas, and harness the sun's energy for sustainable photography. Jackery also offers an unparalleled solar battery storage price in Australia. With these must-have tools, you can capture the essence of Australia's wild beauty while having the peace of mind that your gear will stay charged. So, don't wait – start your photographic adventures with Jackery's amazing solar panel battery storage solutions. Order Now! 

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