10 Best Fishing Spots in Sydney [With Fishing Tips]

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10 Best Fishing Spots in Sydney [With Fishing Tips]

Famous beaches, verdant national parks, and beautiful rivers surround an adventurer's and fisherman's dream, Sydney. After that, the article dives into the best ten fishing spots in Sydney, chosen to highlight the variety of fishing experiences that are accessible.


It starts with packing essentials and then goes into the vital gear and gadgets you'll need for a successful fishing trip, so you're ready for everything. A Jackery Portable Power Station is also an excellent investment to charge your gadgets (e.g., a GPS, an electric fish finder, a light, etc.) while on the water.

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Key Takeaways:

In general, anyone over 18 who wants to fish in Sydney officially must have a fishing license.

The secret to a fun and successful fishing excursion is being well-prepared. Expect the basic fishing gear, like rods & reels, baits, lures, etc. You can also pack fishing electronics, such as a GPS, fish finder, and portable power station.

We've picked the best ten fishing spots in Sydney, which gives a detailed look at Sydney's most popular fishing spots where you can enjoy the peace of fishing.

To ensure you have sufficient power for fishing electronics, we highly recommend you own a Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro or 500 portable power station.

As a fishing beginner, you need to understand Sydney's fish species first, then choose the right baits, be mindful of the tides, learn different fishing techniques, and stay stealthy & patient.

Besides fishing, you can visit the Sydney Opera House, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, explore the Royal Botanic Garden, and go to Bondi Beach.

Do I Need A Fishing License in Sydney? 

In general, anyone over 18 who wants to fish in Sydney officially must pay a leisure fishing fee and bring the ticket as proof of payment. This is needed to fish in both ocean and freshwater.

You must also pay the fee if you spearfish, hand line, hand gather, trap, collect bait, or prawn nett or move your fishing gear in, on, or near water.

The amount of your fishing fee will depend on how long you fish. The prices fall into four groups: three days, one month, one year, and (for the most bold fishers) three years. When you pay the fishing fee for a year or three years, you also get a plastic ticket.

(Data Source: Fishing Booker)

Best Sydney Fishing Essentials: What To Pack? 

Enjoy the exhilaration of a successful catch while taking in the breathtaking scenery of Australia's coastline when you go fishing in Sydney. The secret to a fun and successful fishing excursion is being well-prepared, whether an experienced fisherman or just starting. Here, we'll go over the fundamentals of what to bring for the best fishing in Sydney.

If you plan fishing in Sydney's freshwater rivers or lakes, on the beach, or from a pier, you'll need a rod and reel set designed for that fishing style. Ensure you have a wide assortment of hooks, sinkers, lures, and bait in your tackle box so you can fish for all kinds of fish.

Ensure you have the equipment to handle fish safely and effectively, including pliers, line cutters, and a hook remover. When fishing in isolated places or from a boat, it's essential to have protection from the elements, so make sure to have a life jacket, sunscreen, and first aid kit. Here are the must-haves for fishing in Sydney:

Sydney Fishing Essentials

Fishing Rod

Fishing Reel

Tackle Box

Fishing Line






Line Cutters

Hook Remover

Life Jacket

Sun Protection

First Aid Kit

Water Bottle



Communication Devices

Electric Fish Finder

Waterproof Gear

Portable Power Station

The most reliable power supply for outdoor fishing is a portable power station. These generators will keep your essential electronics powered up no matter where fishing takes you. 

To illustrate the reliability of portable solar power sources, consider the Jackery Portable Power Station, which is ideal for use when fishing. It is more powerful, quieter, and cleaner than the alternatives. A portable power station like the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro or 500 is an absolute must for eco-conscious contemporary fishermen.

10 Best Fishing Spots in Sydney 

This section benefits anyone who wants to find the best fishing spots in Sydney. It gives a detailed look at Sydney's most popular fishing spots where you can enjoy the peace of fishing, the thrill of the catch, and the beautiful natural surroundings that Sydney is known for, whether you're looking for a relaxing day by the river or an exciting day at the beach.  

10 best fishing spots sydney

1. Sydney Harbour

Location: Sydney Hbr Brg, Sydney NSW

Phone: (02) 8274 7777

Website: Sydney Harbour 

When to Visit: October to April

Amenities: public restrooms, picnic areas, bait & tackle shops, nearby cafes & restaurants

Sydney Harbour is well-known as a fishing hotspot, and it has breathtaking scenery and famous monuments. Australian bass, flathead, and kingfish are just a few species that fishermen may catch there.

Fishing locations like the Manly Dam, Middle Harbour, and the Parramatta River are available for shore-based and boat fishing in the expansive Harbour. It combines the best of both worlds—urban convenience and scenic beauty—making it an ideal fishing spot with a view of the city skyline.

2. Botany Bay

Location: 13 km south of the Sydney central business district

Phone: (02) 9366 3666

Website: Botany Bay

When to Visit: September to May

Amenities: boat ramps, cleaning stations, parking, picnic areas, nearby bait & tackle shops

Botany Bay is essential to its history and is famous for local fishermen fishing. The seas of the bay are full of different kinds of fish, so it's suitable for both new and expert anglers.

The protected beaches and rivers are great places to catch flathead, whiting, and flounder. Snapper and kingfish can be found in the deeper water. Botany Bay is a peaceful place to fish because of the wildlife and beautiful nature that surround it.

3. Port Hacking

Location: Southern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales

Phone: (252) 515-0574

Website: Port Hacking

When to Visit: June to October

Amenities: boat ramps, public toilets, picnic areas, local shops for fishing supplies

The beautiful estuary of Port Hacking, located south of Sydney, is famous for its marine life and crystal-clear seas. It's a haven for fishermen who want to escape the noise and chaos of the city and fish in peace.

With diverse fish species, including mulloway, flathead, and bream, the estuary provides excellent prospects for fishing in both shallow and deep water. There is no better place to spend a tranquil day fishing than in the beautiful natural backdrop the neighbouring national park provides.

4. Georges River

Location: 831 Henry Lawson Dr, Picnic Point NSW 2213

Phone: 1300 072 757

Website: Georges River

When to Visit: October to April

Amenities: boat ramps, picnic areas, public toilets, walking trails, fishing supply shops

Fishing along the 100-kilometre-long Georges River is as varied as the water it flows through, ranging from freshwater areas upstream to saltwater estuaries close to Botany Bay. There are a lot of bream, flathead, and Australian bass there.

From mangrove-lined banks to rocky spots and deep depths, anglers will encounter a variety of habitats and obstacles as they navigate the river. For local anglers, the Georges River provides the perfect combination of easy access from the city and the allure of remote, unspoilt fishing areas.

5. Hawkesbury River

Location: Northwest of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Phone: +61 432 736 500

Website: Hawkesbury River

When to Visit: Summer months

Amenities: boat hire services, bait & tackle shops, picnic areas, camping sites, nearby cafes

The Hawkesbury River is a great spot for fishermen to discover a wide variety of fish and exciting fishing experiences due to its large size and picturesque environment. There are different types of fishing for people of all skill levels, from deep sea fishing near the river's mouth to freshwater fishing upriver.  

The river's diverse environment supports a healthy fish population, such as jewfish, kingfish, and bream, making fishing there fun and challenging. The beautiful scenery and historical places nearby make Hawkesbury River fishing trips more enjoyable.

jackery portable power stations for fishing

6. Narrabeen Lakes

Location: 29 kilometres from Sydney's CBD

Phone: (02) 9970 6204

Website: Narrabeen Lakes

When to Visit: September to May

Amenities: picnic areas, playgrounds, walking & biking paths, public toilets, tackle shops

A tranquil coastal lagoon system, Narrabeen Lakes offers a peaceful setting for fishing apart from the hustle and bustle of the city. Because of its gentle currents and plenty of fish, it is an ideal spot for families and novice fishermen to cast a line.

Flathead, bream, and tailor fish inhabit the lakes, making them ideal for bank and kayak fishing. Narrabeen Lakes is a great place to go fishing because of its beautiful scenery, abundance of animals, and closeness to the Northern Beaches of Sydney. 

7. Pittwater

Location: 40 kilometres (25 mi) north of the Sydney central business district

Phone: 0410 633 351

Website: Pittwater

When to Visit: October to April

Amenities: boat ramps, marinas, public toilets, picnic spots, bait & tackle shops

Situated on the picturesque Northern Beaches of Sydney, Pittwater is a perfect body of water renowned for its crystal-clear waters and scenic surroundings. With mangroves, sandy flats, and deep canals among its many ecosystems, it provides a fishing experience that is both varied and exciting.

The kingfish in this region are famous, and you may catch them by jigging or trolling around the many structures and headlands. Pittwater is perfect for a peaceful fishing vacation due to its tranquil atmosphere and beautiful scenery. 

8. The Royal National Park

Location: Kingfisher Bay Resort North White Cliffs, K'gari QLD 4655.

Phone: (02) 9542 0648

Website: The Royal National Park

When to Visit: September to May

Amenities: picnic areas, campgrounds, walking trails, toilets, basic facilities

The rough shoreline and brackish rivers in the Royal National Park, just south of Sydney, make fishing there a unique experience. Many species can live in the park's marine settings, making it an excellent place for people who like to fish from rocks or the beach.

The wild scenery, like steep hills, deserted beaches, and untouched forests, makes fishing trips more exciting. This place is a must-see for anyone who wants to combine fishing action with natural beauty.

9. Manly Dam

Location: 112 King St, Manly Vale NSW 2093

Phone: (02) 8495 5009

Website: Manly Dam

When to Visit: Warmer seasons

Amenities: picnic tables, BBQ facilities, walking & biking trails, playgrounds, public toilets

Popular among freshwater anglers, Manly Dam on Sydney's Northern Beaches is home to a healthy population of Australian bass. The dam's natural vegetation and calm waters make it an ideal spot for anglers seeking serenity.

After rains, when the bass are more active, it's a fantastic spot for fly and lure fishing, and you can catch some nice fish. Anglers looking for quiet on the lake will like the dam's location, which is close to Manly Beach and the city. 

10. Bronte-Coogee Aquatic Reserve

Location: Clovelly NSW 2031, Australia

Phone: 1800 043 536

Website: Bronte-Coogee Aquatic Reserve

When to Visit: October to April

Amenities: Restrooms, picnic areas, cafes

One of the best places to go beach or rock fishing in Sydney is the Bronte-Coogee Aquatic Reserve, a protected marine region with crystal blue waters and marine life. Fishing in the reserve is both challenging and rewarding as you cast your line into beautiful coastal scenery in the hopes of catching a wide range of species.

This is the perfect spot if you want to fish while enjoying Sydney's famous beaches and coastal lifestyle. There are eateries, picnic spots, and facilities along the beachfront walk that connects Bronte and Coogee. However, fishermen should come prepared since there may be few facilities near the fishing locations.

Jackery Portable Power Stations for Sydney Fishing

People of all skill levels can catch a lot of different kinds of fish off of Sydney's waters. To have a good time fishing, you should get the things you need, like an electric fish finder, GPS, contact tools, etc. It might be helpful to have a power station for Sydney fishers to charge those things.  

how jackery solar generator works

Jackery Portable Power Stations meet this requirement responsibly by storing the electricity harvested solar energy via Jackery Solar Panels. You can recharge the Jackery Portable Power Stations using wall outlets, carports, and the Jackery Solar Panels. With higher capacities, choosing one for your fishing trip is suggested.

Jackery Explorer 500

The Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station is a versatile and efficient power station designed to meet Sydney fishing and outdoor enthusiasts' energy needs. With a 518 Wh capacity and a 500W inverter capable of handling surges up to 1000W, it provides reliable power for various appliances and devices.

This portable power station stands out for its intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) and pure sine wave inverter, ensuring stable and safe power delivery to connected devices. The incorporation of state-of-the-art temperature sensors makes the Jackery Explorer 500 suitable for extreme weather conditions, offering durability and reliability in hot or cold environments.

jackery explorer 500 portable power station

Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro

The Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro power station is an advanced power station designed to meet the needs of anglers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those requiring a reliable emergency backup power supply.

With a generous battery capacity 1002Wh, this portable power station is equipped to handle the charging demands of nearly 90% of fishing used appliances, from electric fish finders to portable coolers and even pumps. It's an ideal companion for RV trips, camping, and power outages, providing an immense solar power source.

This model features a 1000W output, capable of powering multiple devices simultaneously, making it fully compatible with various electronic needs. The Explorer 1000 Pro is built with an industry-leading Battery Management System (BMS). It employs pure sine wave technology to ensure safe and stable power delivery to sensitive electronics, mimicking the quality of household electricity.

94V-0 fire-rated material further enhances safety and durability, and its design includes a foldable handle for easy transportation, all while weighing just 25.4 lbs. This makes the Explorer 1000 Pro powerful, portable, and easy to carry on all your adventures.

jackery explorer 1000 pro portable power station

What Size of Power Station Is Needed for Fishing in Sydney?

Based on your energy requirements, you may select a Jackery Portable Power Station with a capacity between 300Wh and 12 kWh. Power output is one of the most important considerations when choosing one for fishing. It is determined by the power output of a generator and which appliances and devices it can operate. The formula for determining the operational hours of electronics powered by Jackery Portable Power Stations is as follows:

Working Hours (H) = [Jackery Solar Generator Capacity (Wh)*0.85] / Appliance's Wattage (W)

The Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro (1002Wh) can supply power to a 100W electric fish finder for 8 hours (1002*0.85/100). Employing this formula makes it straightforward to ascertain which of your appliances will continue functioning and which are appropriate for camping.

Sydney Fishing Tips

Fishing is more than a pastime; it's an art form that calls for precision, expertise, and understanding of one's natural surroundings. This fishing advice will improve your experience and raise your chances of success on the waterways of Sydney, whether you're a newbie fisherman or a seasoned expert. Here are a few pointers for the best fishing in Sydney:

  • Understand Local Species: Bass, bonito, bull shark, kingfish, and many more types of fish inhabit the waterways around Sydney. Therefore, it's essential to be familiar with them. Before going out, find out as much as possible about the species you want to hunt. Learn about their routines, where they hang out, and what they eat. You may use this information to choose the best bait, gear, and fishing locations.
    sydney fish species and fish time

(Data Source: Sydney Premium Charters)

  • Choose The Right Baits & Lures: You must use the right bait or lure to catch the fish you want. Prawns, pilchards, squid, and worms are bait fishing alternatives that perform well for diverse species. Depending on the weather and the fish's habits, you may use soft plastics, hard-bodied lures, or metal jigs for lure fishing.
  • Be Mindful of The Tides: In coastal and estuary regions, the behaviour of fish is greatly affected by the tides. Mastering the skill of reading tide charts and the effects of rising and falling water on fish migration is a must. For the best fishing results, organise your expeditions according to the tide phases when many species are active.
  • Explore Different Fishing Techniques: Sydney has many fishing spots, such as beaches, rock platforms, estuaries, and offshore reefs. To broaden your fishing horizons and adapt to new environments, try bait fishing, lure casting, fly fishing, and surf fishing, among other approaches. Make sure you practice and try several approaches since each method calls for different gear and abilities.
  • Stay Stealthy & Patient: Fish may be easily startled by loud noises or other disturbances, particularly in calm & clear water. Keep your movements and noise levels low while fishing in calm estuaries or shallow seas to not frighten the fish. Patience is essential; rather than continuously moving about, sitting in one place for a long time or attempting different casts in the exact location could provide better results.

What Things To Do in Sydney?

Discovering the lively city of Sydney, known for its beautiful harbour, famous monuments, and verdant parks, provides many activities beyond the peaceful fishing hobby.

From art lovers to beach bums adventure seekers to history buffs, Sydney offers something for everyone in its diverse activities. This section will lead you on a hand-picked tour of some of the best Sydney attractions to ensure your vacation is complete with unforgettable experiences.

Visit Sydney Opera House: This architectural wonder is essential to any trip to Sydney. It serves as an aesthetic delight and a centre for the performing arts. Experience live opera, modern music, dance, or theatre performances, or take a guided tour to discover its architectural and historical importance.

Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge: Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an incredible experience for adrenaline seekers and anybody seeking a bird's-eye perspective of the city. Upon reaching the bridge's summit, you will be treated to breathtaking views over the port, the Opera House, and everything. It offers a unique perspective of Sydney's skyline, particularly at sunrise or sunset.

Explore Royal Botanic Garden: This serene and picturesque sanctuary is near the Opera House. This garden is ideal for relaxing strolls, picnics, or even educational guided tours of the many plant species. Beautiful floral displays and works are often featured in the Calyx, a central space inside the park.

Enjoy Bondi Beach: Bondi Beach is the epitome of Sydney's beach culture, so enjoy it. It is a must-see due to its golden dunes, turquoise seas, and lively vibe. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, Bondi is a great place to learn how to surf. Stunning vistas and access to smaller beaches make the Bondi to Coogee coastline walk another favourite pastime.

Final Thoughts

We tried to give you an overview of the fishing scene in Sydney, but there's a lot more to see. This article covers everything from essential planning tips to the best fishing spots in Sydney and beyond so fishing fans can make the most of their trip to Sydney. 

Jackery Portable Power Stations make it easier to charge your fishing electronics efficiently and quietly. Sydney calls with its fishing and other fun things to do, offering unforgettable experiences for everyone who explores its waters and shores.

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