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Picnic Packing Guide: What to Bring to A Picnic [PDF Checklist]

Picnic Packing Guide: What to Bring to A Picnic [PDF Checklist]

During this joyous time of year, families and friends congregate for picnics, spread out blankets, and fill baskets with delectable treats until late afternoon. A breeze is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable ways to spend the warmer months outdoors, whether at the park or the beach.

what to bring to a picnic

A picnic is an enjoyable way to spend time outdoors with family and friends, but how should one properly prepare a picnic? This page contains comprehensive information on what to bring to a picnic, including a list of delicious picnic ideas and the most essential items. Aside from the food, container, and picnic blanket, the only other thing you will need to remember to bring is electricity. Jackery Portable Power Stations furnish outdoor electronics with a steady and reliable power supply, facilitating an enjoyable picnic excursion. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Using or downloading this picnic packing list ensures you have brought every essential item before going to the park or beach. 

  • There are four types of supplies you should bring to a picnic, including the picnic essentials (such as blanket, basket, etc.), picnic food & drinks, picnic entertainment items (like sports equipment, board games, and more), and some extras (portable power station, portable fan, and so on).

  • Jackery Explorer 500, 300 Plus, and 240 are perfect for picnics due to their lightweight, compact sizes and higher capacities. They can charge your portable speaker, fan, projector, camera, and more.

  • We've listed eight easy-to-make finger foods for your reference regarding the picnic food ideas.

Why is A Picnic Packing List So Important?

With a picnic in the sun at your disposal and a sack full of comforting, home-cooked meals, it is time to leave the house. Utilizing this picnic packing list to ensure you have brought every essential item before visiting the park or shore will instill in you the assurance and readiness to gather your picnic necessities. The subsequent justifications demonstrate the need for an Australian picnic-carrying list.

Picnic Packing Checklist: How can you guarantee each item is brought along on your picnic? By adhering to the items on our picnic preparation checklist, you can fully concentrate on the occasion and savor the moment without any concerns about forgetting anything; such a scenario will never arise. In addition, a picnic preparation checklist will help you remember to bring even the most minor necessities, such as insect repellent and sun cream. While not required for the picnic, the following may also pique your interest:

Picnic Instructions: Regardless of the method or occasion for your picnic, certain elements may necessitate your attention, notwithstanding a checklist. Before embarking on your journey, ensure you have packed every essential item. Retain items in your inventory that you discover in your garage rather than removing them. The labeling of the items occurs after their packaging. You may also choose to abandon your intention.

Printable Checklist PDF: Verify the PDF picnic packing list and remove or include items as necessary. The subsequent section contains a printable and distributable PDF checklist. Once you've created a version of your list, you can refer to it regularly or add items to ensure what to bring to a picnic. A picnic offers a charming and intimate setting to create lasting memories.

Picnic Packing List: What to Bring to A Picnic? 

At this moment, when the temperature is rising and the sun is beaming, there is no better time to embrace outdoor gatherings wholeheartedly. Providing sufficient space for the children to run amok, a natural springtime flower display, and delightful company, the only remaining detail is to arrange the food. After devoting considerable time to preparing many picnic recipes, ensuring the safe arrival of all items and verifying that all items have been noticed is imperative. The following picnic checklist has tips for what to bring to a picnic.

Preparing for a picnic begins with the determination of the number of attendees. Having up to two or three of you will facilitate the situation. When planning an event for a larger group, such as an entire family, it is essential to account for the number of adults and children in attendance to ensure that some activities and meals appeal to all.

  • Picnic Essentials: Items that should be taken for every picnic.
  • Picnic Food & Drinks: Some recommend finger foods, snacks, and drinks.
  • Picnic Entertainment Items: The supplies you can play outdoors with fun.
  • Picnic More Extras: You should remember to take some extra items.

In addition to the items above (blanket, plates, utensils, more relaxed, or picnic hamper), you should not forget a few other, less apparent things that you should remember. Please keep reading our extensive picnic checklist to know what to bring to a picnic.

Picnic Essentials

The finest picnics consist of enjoyable company, activities, and numerous other thoughtful additions to an exceptional outdoor day. The following items are picnic essentials that you should pay attention to.

After reaching your designated picnic site, you must prepare your area and settle in. This includes a comfortable blanket and, if possible, leisure chairs. Choosing the most suitable picnic blanket is contingent upon your picnic location. For instance, sand can be a significant obstacle if you are having a beachside picnic. If you have ever consumed refreshments while lounging at the beach, you are likely aware of the irritation that can result from sand getting into your mouth or the blanket accompanying your food. 

picnic essentials

A specialized blanket constructed from quick-drying nylon is the most effective method to reduce this issue; it filters out any sand that will inevitably accumulate on the mantle. The most suitable cloak for outdoor picnics is dense and comfortable, such as a blend of fleece and cotton. Additionally, it would be best to search for a picnic blanket that rolls up effortlessly and can easily carry.

Picnic Essentials

Picnic Blanket

Picnic Basket

Lounge Chair

Portable Picnic Table

Plates & Glasses

Bottle Opener


Cutting Board


Wet Wipes


Cooler & Ice

Sun Protection

Trash Bags

Bug Spray

Food Container


First Aid Kit

An essential item for any picnic inventory is a durable and easily transportable receptacle to hold the picnic provisions, such as the renowned picnic basket. You can opt for a straw basket in the traditional design or select a more functional option for this essential item. In this case, a large insulated cooler bag can be a helpful substitute for a conventional hamper when packing perishable items for a daylong outing.

A cooler will assist in maintaining the proper temperature for perishable and chilled foods; nobody wants to consume lukewarm champagne. The primary rationale behind individuals bringing ice packs to a picnic is to ensure the cold storage of beverages at the gathering. Maintain food safety by stowing ingredients in sufficient ice to maintain their chilliness until service. Apply the same principle to heated food brought to a picnic; retain it at a safe temperature above 140 degrees Fahrenheit using a thermos.

Picnic Food & Drinks

Another vital list you need to pack for a picnic is food and drink for everyone. You can bring various foods and refreshments, including sandwiches, salads, juices, and soft drinks. Ensure your selection is balanced and manageable while seated on the grass.

Picnic fare consists entirely of items that will continue to be delicious in two hours. It ought to be both simple to consume and tidy. Additionally, less utensil usage is preferable. Before anything else, ensure that all picnic attendees are informed if they have allergies, sensitivities, or dislike particular foods. Additionally, you may enquire about their preferred items to devise a picnic menu that will satisfy all attendees.

picnic food drinks

Select picnic necessities that are portable, simple to transport, and require only minimal preparation on-site, excluding utensils. These are well-loved picnic food ideas, such as finger foods, desserts, drinks, water, and even main dishes.

Picnic Food 

Pre-cut Fruits

Pre-cut Veggies

Bruschetta Wraps


Mini Sandwiches

Mini Pizza

Mini Burgers




Homemade Jam





There is nothing more disheartening than reaching the location of a picnic to find that the food has deteriorated or escaped. Therefore, the following packing strategies for picnic food are provided to prevent this unbearable situation.

  • Crushed Food Prevention: Comparable to how you would load your groceries, your picnic basket should be layered with heavy, sturdy items at the bottom and light, delicate items on top. Therefore, articles in leak-proof receptacles would be positioned at the bottom, while fruits, sandwiches, dainty desserts, and pastries would be stored at the top. Let us now discuss stone fruits, specifically berries, due to their extreme susceptibility and fragility to crushing. Before packing berries, they must be washed and put in a container lined with paper towels to absorb surplus moisture and prevent them from being jostled.
  • Leak Prevention: Ensure liquid items are contained in a leak-proof container, including chilled soups, dressed salads, fruit salads, watermelons, and other similar items.

The weather and cuisine will also influence the beverages you bring to your picnic. Every individual must have water to stay hydrated. Lemonade is an ideal beverage for warmer-weather picnics because it is carbonated but contains sufficient sugar to keep you hydrated while you play around. The principal drinks that one should bring to a picnic are as follows:

Picnic Drinks



Fresh Juice







Sparkling Water


Soft Drinks

Although champagne is an excellent option for a picnic, it is not the only one. Additionally, you may bring orange juice to prepare freshly squeezed fruits for your date, even if neither of you desires an alcoholic beverage. Presently, an abundance of non-alcoholic effervescent wines are readily obtainable, and they perform admirably.

Picnic Entertainment Items

Following the consumption of delectable sweets and savory refreshments from the picnic basket, an additional enjoyable activity to foster connections among family and friends during your upcoming excursion is to plan a game of flag football, soccer, or kickball. Alternatively, your group is more interested in paddle ball or frisbee. 

picnic entertainment

Bringing an activity that gets people moving is always a welcome diversion, regardless of the sport. Please plan to keep children occupied with activities they are sure to enjoy, such as arts and crafts materials, bubbles, or sandcastle-building supplies for a beachside picnic. The subsequent products are recommended as entertainment components for a breeze:

Picnic Entertainment Items

Sport Balls


Portable Projector

Board Games

Portable Speaker





Water Play Supplies



If you wish to extend the enjoyment of your picnic date beyond the meal itself, bring along a few entertaining board games to nestle into your basket. In addition, music is an excellent method to maintain a festive atmosphere throughout the day. We therefore advise you to carry a portable Bluetooth speaker with you. It is possible to curate a playlist for effortless playback on a mobile device and to receive requests from acquaintances and relatives.  

Picnic More Extras

Except for the items above, a few accessories are not required but are essential for picnic excursions. For instance, a portable fan that is convenient and effortless to carry can serve various purposes during a picnic excursion. It provides an additional barrier against insects and ensures that you and your group remain comfortable and relaxed during periods of extreme heat. This ingenious and simple-to-stow device should be kept nearby for convenience and comfort.

picnic more extras

Do you wish to have a late-night picnic at the beach while stargazing? Certainly, certainly! However, it is far more preferable if you can see each other—the small electric bulbs. Candlelit picnics are romantic, as they do not require batteries to be replaced or create a fire hazard.

Picnic More Extras

Portable Fan


Portable Power Station


Personal Items





Sometimes, picnics and outdoor festivities can become unbearably hot, mainly when there is no shade to protect from the sun. It may be prudent to maintain a cold cooler to prevent food from perishable rapidly. However, if the location of your picnic party needs access to electricity, what measures can you take to ensure the frigid storage of your coolers? Simply put, one should take a portable solar power station. Jackery Portable Power Stations are lightweight and compact rechargeable generators designed to power electronic devices at picnics.

Jackery Portable Power Stations for Picnics

Jackery is a renowned solar manufacturer specializing in producing premium solar goods, including portable power stations, solar panels, and solar generators. Jackery Portable Power Stations furnish continuous and dependable power for picnic essentials via lithium batteries. For efficient use of solar energy, Jackery Solar Panels can be connected to a portable power station (Jackery Solar Generator); alternatively, the power stations can be recharged using carports, electrical outlets, or generators.

jackery portable power stations for picnics
The Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station charges low to high-power appliances for extended periods. The power station's large battery capacity of 518Wh, transportability, foldable handle, reduced noise level (46dB, equivalent to a human whisper), lightweight (6.4 kg), and industry-leading BMS technology make it suitable for picnics. The Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station has three USB-A connections, one AC receptacle, two DC ports, and a vehicle port to charge picnic necessities such as a cooler, speaker, phone, and camera.

Charging with the Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station will never require locating a wall outlet. Numerous alternative charging methods, including solar panels, automotive receptacles, and electric generators, guarantee that you will always be able to charge your equipment. The portable power station can withstand both extremely high and low temperatures.


518Wh (21.6V, 24Ah)



Battery Cell

NMC Battery

Cycle Life

800 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Charging Methods

Solar Charging: 9.5H; Wall Charging: 7.5H; Car Charging: 7.5H

Output Ports

1*AC Output: 240V, 500W (peak 1000W); 1*DC Output: 12V⎓7A; 3*USB-A: 5V⎓2.4A; 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

The Jackery 300 Plus is suitable for outdoor charging due to its 288Wh capacity, 300W power output, two PD ports with a maximum output of 100W each, rapid charging for multiple devices simultaneously, and multiple charging options. It can, for instance, supply 1.6 hours of power to a 150W camera and 4 hours to a 60W portable speaker. With a light weight of 3.75 kilograms, the Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station fits effortlessly in a picnic basket.

The Jackery 300 Plus, powered by a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery and featuring a 10-year longevity, ensures the security of all your electrical equipment by delivering a constant voltage and pure sine wave. Additionally, equipment damage is prevented by the revolutionary ChargeShield technology and continuous power supply. Our improved charging technology guarantees extended battery life and quicker charging periods. Remain charged and connected while traveling or at home. The 300 Plus is dependable for powering picnic essentials due to its streamlined charging solutions.


288Wh (12.8V, 22.5Ah)



Battery Cell

LiFePO4 Battery

Cycle Life

3000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Charging Methods

Solar Charging: 6.3H; Wall Charging: 2H; Car Charging: 5.5H; USB: 4H

Output Ports

1*AC Output: 230V, 50Hz, 300W Rated, 600W Surge Peak; 2*USB-C: 100W Max, 5V⎓3A (5V, 9V, 15V, 12V, 20V up to 5A); 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Guests of an outdoor picnic with you who have brought cameras must operate them during the outing. Unfortunately, the lack of electrical power at this location prevents the proper functioning of these cameras without a power supply. Therefore, They should always carry a Jackery Explorer 240 to charge compact devices.

The entry-level model from Jackery, the Explorer 240 Portable Power Station, is the ideal power source for compact appliances. The Explorer 240 power station can be effortlessly transported in a picnic basket owing to its light weight of 3 kilograms. Its refined design and sophisticated safety features make it the preferred product among outdoor enthusiasts. Jackery Explorer 240 is a portable rechargeable generator operated using a 240Wh lithium-ion battery cell. The pure sine wave inverter and multifunctional outputs (1* AC outlet, 1* DC vehicle connector, and 2* USB-A ports) permit the concurrent operation of multiple devices.


240Wh (14.4V, 16.8Ah)



Battery Cell

NMC Battery

Cycle Life

1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Charging Methods

Solar Charging: 5H; Wall Charging: 5.5H; Car Charging: 6H

Output Ports

1*AC Output: 230V, 200W (peak 400W); 2*USB-A: 5V⎓2.4A; 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Picnic Food Ideas

Following our discussion on what to bring to a picnic, we shall now delve into preparing picnic cuisines and provide additional ideas for picnic menus. Although any savory dish that does not require immediate service is acceptable for a picnic, certain words are well-suited for outdoor consumption.
picnic food ideas

1. Egg Salad

Egg salad, a traditional picnic dish, can be utilized as a sandwich filling or a garnish over a bed of vegetables. Combine it with a pickle condiment to enhance the tanginess. Despite mayonnaise and eggs, egg salad can be stored at room temperature for approximately four to five hours.

2. Meat Sandwiches

An indispensable item for picnic hosts, a platter of deli meat sandwiches is sure to be a hit with all attendees. Let visitors choose their favorite cold cut from an assortment, including turkey, ham, and roast beef. If they will be out for more than two hours, refrigerate them.

3. Veggie Wraps

Wraps make for excellent picnic foods due to their ease of consumption. Personalize these festive covers to suit your preferences or the contents of your refrigerator. Embrace the idea of incorporating sliced beetroots, lentils, white beans, romaine lettuce, baby greens, red onions, bell peppers, sprouts, or any other vegetable that captivates your attention.

4. Turkey Wraps

Easy-to-eat foods are always preferable at a picnic, and a turkey wrap is one of those fan-favorite mess-free dishes. Also, they are simple and fast to prepare. Although they should be refrigerated, they can remain outside for two hours.

5. Asparagus

Elevate your picnic with these elegant yet incredibly straightforward vegetable appetizers. Asparagus should be encased in prosciutto and drizzled with balsamic marinade before being dismissed. This finger cuisine is simple to prepare and can remain at a picnic for up to two hours.

6. Potato Salad

At a picnic, this Southern classic is always a welcome sight. To prepare this adored side dish, combine sour cream, bacon, sweet pickle relish, and mayonnaise as directed in the recipe. To attain an ideal consistency, thoroughly chill the potatoes before incorporating them into the mayonnaise mixture. One may alter this dish by incorporating additional mustard, shallots, vine tomatoes, or other ingredients.

7. Peach Cobbler Bars

This delectable recipe embodies all of your favorite elements of a fruit cobbler for the summer in a portable form that is ideal for outings. The blackberry and peach filling is complemented by the delectable texture provided by the toffee-glazed pecan pieces atop these bars. Before slicing, allow sufficient time for the bars to cool thoroughly.

8. Spicy Pineapple Slaw

This vibrant slaw recipe will significantly elevate your picnic experience. With a preparation time of less than 30 minutes, this recipe should be your go-to accompaniment for grilled meats, sandwiches, and finger foods. Coat the cabbage mixture with zest, lime lem,  juice, honey, and seasonings with a whisk before serving.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to plan a picnic for your next date night? A little outside dining is a terrific, low-cost date choice, but do you know what to bring to make it truly memorable? Use our picnic date checklist to add a little razzmatazz to your picnic. Now that you understand what to bring to a picnic choose a day, call your pals, gather your kit, and head to your favorite outdoor area. Plan your ideal picnic now! Bring a Jackery Portable Power Station to power your picnic electronics, such as a cooler, portable fan, speaker, etc.

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