Sustainable Marine Battery: Portable Solar Generators Shine

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Sustainable Marine Battery: Portable Solar Generators Shine

Solar power has been in the news for quite some time, and with good reasons. A solar marine battery provides clean energy at minimal cost and can offset the effects of climate change. But how beneficial is it for marine environments? As we know, maritime navigation has advanced significantly in the last few decades and continues to do so. Ships these days have highly accurate communication systems, GPS, beacons, range lights, sector lights, and more that require a consistent energy supply.


When the sun goes down and the vessels need something to light things up, the stored solar energy from the marine battery can come to the rescue. It can be a game changer, providing an environmentally sustainable and efficient energy supply. This write-up will discuss the utility of marine generators, so keep reading till the end to get all the answers to your questions.

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The Need for Sustainable Marine Batteries

  1. Environmental Challenges Faced by Conventional Marine Batteries

The maritime industry, traditionally reliant on fossil fuels, faces pressing climate change issues. Addressing them requires a shift towards efficient solar marine batteries that meet energy demands and contribute to protecting vital ecosystems. Conventional marine power sources, predominantly fueled by non-renewable resources, contribute significantly to environmental degradation. 

For instance, the frequency of marine heat waves has increased twofold since the 1980s. Ocean warming has led to a more than 90% reduction in Australia's giant kelp forest cover. Reports suggest that some parts of Australian oceans might have permanent heat waves by the end of this century if things stay as they are. [1]

  1. The Need for Efficient and Sustainable Power Sources

The evolving requirements of modern vessels drive the need for a solar marine battery. As maritime activities become more sophisticated, vessels demand power solutions that are not only reliable but also environmentally friendly. Sustainable marine power sources promise reduced emissions and greater energy efficiency. Burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gasses, including carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide, into the atmosphere, contributing to acidification of the oceans and global warming. Additionally, oil spills pose a severe threat to marine life, causing long-lasting damage to ecosystems and fisheries.

  1. The Urgency of Sustainable Energy

Australia has 12% of blue carbon ecosystems, the third largest mangrove area, and half of seagrass species globally[2]. Moreover, the country also has the Great Reef Barrier, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With such an impressive marine portfolio, Australia is a haven for explorers. However, oceans are under increasing stress due to fossil fuels, which makes the use of marine batteries indispensable.

Key Considerations for Ocean-Friendly Portable Generators

Portable marine generators can be a game changer in marine exploration, making boats more efficient. Portable generators are a no-brainer, from charging batteries to running all the internal systems, such as lighting, refrigeration, and more. Let's explore some of the most important considerations when selecting an ocean-friendly portable battery.

  1. Size and Portability

The first factor to consider here is the marine battery size, which directly affects portability. Compact and easily transportable generators enhance convenience and promote sustainable energy use in maritime settings. You want a generator that adds minimal weight to an already-loaded boat. Opt for models that won't use excessive space on boats or docks. Additionally, look for generators with sturdy handles or wheels for convenient mobility. It ensures practicality and minimizes the ecological impact, aligning to be ocean-friendly.

  1. Power Output and Compatibility

Before exploring the market for a marine battery, determine the appropriate wattage to handle essential equipment. Opt for models with versatile outlets, accommodating various devices commonly used at sea. It enhances efficiency and reduces the need for multiple generators. Moreover, prioritize generators with clean power output, minimizing harmonic distortion to safeguard sensitive marine electronics.

  1. Efficiency in Various Light Conditions

The efficiency of a solar generator matters a lot in marine environments as you deal with varying lighting conditions. Therefore, getting a marine battery with maximum efficiency is critical, converting every little photon from the sun into electric energy. Even when it's overcast, the generator should convert some solar power to light up your boat and keep the essentials running.

  1. Durability and Water Resistance

Getting a quality generator with robust water resistance and general durability is indispensable. Marine environments are particularly harsh on electronic equipment and can render it useless within a short period if it's not protected well enough. Since the whole boat runs on a marine battery, it's crucial to have one that can withstand all kinds of weather. Water resistance is really crucial, as water seeps into the generator internals and slowly breaks it down. Always check the water resistance rating when purchasing a generator, which should be at least IP65.

  1. Heat Resistance and Ventilation

While it might seem unintuitive, marine environments can be pretty hot and humid, given that the sun constantly shines from above. Therefore, your generator should have robust heat protection and quality ventilation to keep things running without any issues. A marine battery that avoids heat buildup by dissipating it regularly has a longer lifespan. Therefore, pick a generator with proper airflow mechanisms to explore marine environments without hiccups.

Sustainable Marine Operations with Portable Solar Generators

  1. Mechanisms and Practical Implementation

Solar marine generators harness energy from the sun through photovoltaic cells, converting sunlight into electrical power. The portable nature of these generators allows deployment on boats, yachts, or remote marine locations, providing a clean and renewable energy source. In marine applications, solar generators power essential equipment such as navigation systems, communication devices, and lighting. They contribute to a reduced reliance on traditional fuel-powered generators, minimizing environmental impact and dependence on fossil fuels.

  1. Adaptability of Portable Solar Generators

One of the best things about solar-powered generators in marine environments is their adaptability to varying conditions.  Portable solar generators excel in marine environments with their ability to provide continuous power in weak sunlight or at night. Their resistance to corrosion and salt accumulation and waterproof design ensures durability, making them reliable in fluctuating weather conditions and constant exposure to water.

  1. Using Portable Solar Generators for Marine Journeys

Marine journeys have become more accessible and enjoyable, thanks to reliable energy supplies. Whether on a recreational trip or a professional expedition, precise location tracking with GPS is indispensable. With a solid power station, you can enjoy your beach resorts without any worry about the music going off.

Imagine losing your GPS tracking when the power suddenly goes off. You'd be stranded in the middle of nowhere, desperately trying to return without navigation. Having a reliable marine battery ensures that you complete your trip peacefully.  It's not just GPS that requires power, but also fish finders and SONAR technology. With these technologies, you can see the fish beneath the surface. You can do all that only with a reliable power source, such as a solar-powered generator.

Besides professional and recreational exploration, these solar marine generators are also useful for emergencies. If a crew is stranded somewhere in the ocean or the team has fallen sick and requires constant attention, solar generators ensure you have the power to respond to such situations.

Best Solution for Sustainable Marine Batteries by Jackery

Jackery's story started in California in 2012 with a vision to bring green and sustainable energy to everyone. We have been responsible for innovation in sustainable energy, such as developing our first portable solar panels. 

Jackery allows adventurers to explore the outdoors, including marine exploration, without worries through these incredible energy sources. Let's delve into Jackery's three solar marine solutions and understand them in detail.

  1. Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station is one of the most reliable products for providing sustainable and portable power to your devices. With three charging modes, including solar, it can be fully charged for 5.5 hours through 6 Jackery SolarSaga 100W solar panels. Moreover, this solar power battery boasts a potential lifespan of up to 10 years when used twice a week, much longer than other power stations on the market.

Since it's meant to be portable, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station has a compact design that weighs just 19.5 kg and a foldable handle. The design lets you take it anywhere and enjoy your adventures without hiccups because of its 2160 Wh capacity. With an output power of 2200W, it can power up to 7 devices simultaneously. The safe operation is secured by the leading BMS. An advanced smart screen will help you have full command of the usage states, for it displays 18 types of working states.

Enjoy Your Adventures with Jackery Portable Power Station
  1. Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station

The Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station has a 1002 Wh capacity that can be used for outdoor activities, camping, and emergency power backup. It can be charged with solar panels, a car charger, or an AC outlet and supports up to 7 devices simultaneously, making it a perfect boat battery for marine explorations.

Moreover, its safety is promised by a pioneer BMS and pure sine wave technology. Its durability is enhanced by the utilization of 94V-0 fire-rating material. Weighing 11.5kg, it features a foldable handle for on-the-go carrying as well! It features an integrated LED flashlight that proves highly beneficial during emergencies. Even after undergoing 1000 charging cycles, it promises 80% battery capacity due to the first-rate recharging algorithm. Further, it operates within a wide temperature range of 14-104 ℉ (-10-40℃), making it exceptionally suitable for all your outdoor adventures.

  1. Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus comes with the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station with a mega 2 kWh - 12 kWh expandable capacity. It can be expanded to a gigantic 12 kWh by adding battery packs. It is ideal for off-grid living and for powering you during extended blackouts.

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus delivers a maximum of 3,000W AC output. It is equipped with high-efficiency IBC solar panels and a durable LiFePO4 battery, offering a reliable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline generators. It is an upgraded version of solar innovation. With high FCC/CE and UL certifications, it intensifies safety assurance due to innovative ChargeShield technology, which provides 62 protection forms. What makes it more appealing is that the Jackery App will help you control and monitor its operation.

The Advantages of Jackery Solar Generator


A portable marine battery offers numerous advantages and significant potential for future marine activities. Marine operators and enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to integrate portable solar power generators into their activities to foster the transition to renewable energy. Jackery emerges as a recommended supplier. We have invented the our first outdoor portable power station and launched our first photovoltaic product that received TÜV SÜD's prestigious certification.

We have won several accolades because of innovation and exceptional products. Till now, we have successfully filed 426 international patents, 43 invention patents, 178 utility model patents, and 205 design patents. We take pride in producing the best solar solutions and offering trustworthy products to those who would like to explore the marine world sustainably.


[1] Climate Council/2023, "CODE BLUE: OUR OCEANS IN CRISIS". Available at:'s%20giant%20kelp%20forests%20have,to%20reduce%20fossil%20fuel%20emissions. (Accessed at 29th November, 2023)

[2] Sustainable Development Reform Hub/ 2023, "A roadmap to Australia's Sustainable Ocean Plan: The Ocean Summit White Paper". Available at: (Accessed at 29th November, 2023)

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