Offroad Living Beginner's Guide: Go with Solar Power for Supreme Adventures

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Offroad Living Beginner's Guide: Go with Solar Power for Supreme Adventures

Off-road living for an escape from the crowded cities for incredible weekends of peace, adventure, and star-filled skies out in nature is attracting more enthusiasts across Australia every season. Newbies and experts are increasingly investing in campervans, caravans and outdoor gear to satiate this offroad living wanderlust bug. But reliably powering equipment in the wilderness remains a key friction point hampering experiences. Electricity access enables functionality from 4WD and overland vehicles, camp lighting, mobile devices, and medical equipment like CPAP machines to laptops for digital nomads.


And Australia's vast, remote terrains lack grid connectivity besides spotty generator and alternator support. Hauling excess gas cans poses safety hazards due to volatility as well. This is where Jackery's revolutionary small electric generators begin grid-independent eco-travel!


Let's explore more about offroad living and Jackery's solar generators' role in improving offroad lives.

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Understanding Off-Grid Power Needs

Offroad living refers to a lifestyle where individuals choose to dwell or travel in areas inaccessible by conventional roads, embracing a nomadic or remote existence. Therefore, self-sufficiency is an eternal theme of this kind of living.

To start offroad lifestyles, you must learn ahead of what to prepare for. As a starter, you will need offroad vehicles as a shelter and as a way of transportation. The vehicle needs to be prepared with essential off-road equipment and tools for off-road environments, and you need to possess off-road driving skills. Camping or tents are also viable approaches towards offroad living.

Water and food supplies are essential for survival; pack ample water and non-perishable foods in case of potential scarcity in off-road locations. Emergency preparedness is also important since you might be alone in the wild and unable to connect with the urban world. Be prepared for unexpected situations and inform someone about your travel plans.

Most importantly, you will need a reliable power source for convenience, comfort, communication, navigation and emergency preparedness.

1) Lighting: for off-grid living, you might need outdoor string lights around campsites for some vibe and interior van lighting for in-house maneuvering. Portable power sources ensure consistent lighting not only for visibility and atmosphere but also for enhanced safety and security, vehicle maintenance convenience, and emergency preparedness.

2) Mobile Devices: Even though the gist of offroad living is about connection with nature and adventure into the less-travelled landscapes, mobile devices are still needed for navigation and communication, emergency assistance and information access. Laptops are also important for nomadic work and productivity. With reliable power sources, you won't have to worry about your smartphones and laptop batteries dying down and emergent or inconvenient things that might happen after that. A peace of mind is therefore guaranteed.

3) Cooking Appliances: Cooking appliances are essential for food preparation along the way. And they are a major part of the power demands for offroad living. Power generators drawing from renewable energy sources can support an induction cooktop for conventional cooking, kettles, and toasters for easier and faster food preparation. They can also power the mini fridges to keep food fresh for more days when it is not easy to get food.

4) Climate Control: Climate control gadgets like portable heaters and air conditioners help address the unique challenges of diverse weather conditions in off-grid and remote environments. They enhance the comfort and well-being of users during offroad living periods and sometimes even contribute to better sleep quality. Portable power sources can help you easily access modern facilities while venturing into nature. There doesn't have to be a contradiction.

Why is Sustainable Solar Power Better for Off-Road Living?

Traditional generator fuel types like gasoline impose logistical and environmental hardships during extended remote trips:

  • Transporting excess flammable gasoline cans dangerously in confined spaces poses fire risks
  • Refueling generators regularly detracts from the outdoor experience quality
  • Excess noise from generator combustion engines disturbs nature’s tranquillity
  • Emissions directly harm fragile flora and fauna besides accelerating climate change

Transitioning to sustainable solar solutions alleviates all of the above sustainability challenges. Clean and green energy directly harnessed from the abundant sun enables off-grid eco-travel success.

Some Key Benefits Unique to Solar Generators:

Solar Generators

1) Simplicity In Setup and Use: There is no need for complex wiring. Users simply need to unfold the solar panels and connect them in a straightforward assembly before attaching them to the power station. Placing the panels in direct sunlight initiates automatic charging for the power station. Many generators also feature intuitive controls and multiple charging options, ensuring easy operation without technical complexities. The streamlined setup and user-friendly features make solar generators accessible, promoting eco-friendly power solutions with minimal effort.

2) Cost-Friendly Off-Road Adventures Companion: Solar generators prove indispensable for outdoor enthusiasts seeking sustainable power. These portable devices offer an affordable and eco-conscious solution, harnessing the sun's energy to power off-grid living trips. The initial investment might be daunting, but in the long term, they are outweighed by long-term savings on fuel costs and operational ease, making them an economical choice for budget-conscious adventurers.

3) Quiet and Uninterrupted Nature Experience: As these devices harness energy from the sun, they operate silently, with the only noise coming from the gentle hum of inverters, allowing adventurers to immerse themselves in the serenity of nature and foster a deeper appreciation for the quiet beauty of the wilderness.

4) Portable Power Wherever You Go: Compact and lightweight, these portable generators are designed for on-the-go convenience, ensuring you have a sustainable power solution for off-grid living vacations. Whether in a remote mountain or a desert area, solar generators offer a reliable and flexible power companion, empowering you to stay connected and energized wherever your journey leads.

5) Reliable and Eco-Friendly Off-the-Grid Living: Solar generators harness energy from the sun, an independent and virtually limitless source. When converted into electricity, they release no toxic fumes or greenhouse gases, making them an eco-friendly choice to integrate seamlessly into off-grid living styles.

How to Use Solar Generators? Tips for Beginners

For beginners embracing the power of solar generators, there are some things to be learned ahead:

  • Understand Your Power Needs

Understanding your power needs is crucial for effectively using solar generators, especially for off-road living beginners. It is essential to consider the devices' wattage, the use duration, and any additional energy storage needs. By assessing the energy requirements of your devices and appliances, you can ensure that the solar generator you choose has the appropriate capacity and power compatibility, preventing overload or underutilization.

  • Maximize Sun Exposure

Maximizing sun exposure is a key tip for beginners, as the efficiency of these generators is directly linked to this. Solar panels convert the energy from sunlight to electricity, so placing them in areas with maximum sunlight exposure ensures optimal performance. This means setting up the solar panels in direct sunlight and avoiding shading or obstruction. Maximizing sun exposure is essential for maintaining a consistent power supply, especially in off-grid scenarios where reliance on solar energy is crucial for the sustained operation of devices and appliances.

  • Learn Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Understanding basic troubleshooting rules allows users to identify and resolve common issues, ensuring a reliable power source. This knowledge is particularly valuable in off-road living situations, where professional assistance may be limited. You can access the information on the brand websites, blog posts, or online research. Remember that regular maintenance efforts in solar panel cleaning, connection checking and battery inspection contribute to the longevity and efficiency of the system.

  • Prioritize Safety Measures

Safety is paramount for solar energy usage and the whole off-road living journey. Ensure proper installation of solar panels in well-ventilated, secure locations with adequate sun exposure. Organize cables to prevent tripping hazards and shield the generator and components from the elements. Avoid overloading by understanding the generator's capacity and checking device wattages. Selecting generators with heightened safety measures is also advised for beginner users.

Jackery Solar Generators

Jackery Solar Generators: Outdoor Power Redefined

Now that the inherent solar generator advantages are abundantly evident, turning attention to Jackery, a pioneering force in renewable off-grid electricity solutions with trailblazing innovations since 2012.

Any equipment for surviving gruelling Australian wilds must demonstrate uncompromising standards for ruggedness and self-sufficiency. Jackery’s solar generators proudly satisfy both thanks to thoughtful designs persistently refined over a decade.

Ideally, determining typical loads from lighting, medical gear, mobile devices, laptops, communications equipment, and any high-current appliances will suggest ideal capacities. Always allow 20-30% over-estimated requirements for future growth. Here are sizing recommendations for offroad living:

1) Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus makes off-grid splendour guilt-free for nature lovers by enabling full-fledged civilized comfort unambiguously far from unreliable grids using nothing but the sunshine!

With a massive 2042.8 Wh LiFePO4 storage, the IBC panels glean around 23% efficiency - supple power even under cloudy days, thanks to cutting-edge tracking. Six Jackery SolarSaga 100W panels working in harmony quench the mighty Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus fully in just 6 hours as you unwind at camp!

Gourmet meals emerge effortlessly from the emission-free 3000W AC outlet for hours. The LFP battery withstands 4000+ usage cycles, retaining 70%+ capacity thanks to innovative cell balancing and electrolyte stabilization technology!

Despite substantial battery capacity, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station weighs around 27.9 kg and has retractable handles, compact layouts, and integrated wheels designed for easy solo transportation during off-road living periods. This conscious portability enables positioning the green power source optimally for each campsite change without straining movability over uneven terrain, into backwoods or wherever adventure calls completely off-grid!

Why compromise power or longevity during hard-earned weekends in the bush when the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus promises unlimited silent productivity without disruptive generator fumes or deadly petrol hazards? Feel the freedom and self-reliance just like home with Australia's most advanced portable green energy capsule tailor-made for wanderers craving the road less travelled!

2) Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

When venturing deeper into the Australian outback fully self-contained for weeks, there might be a need for heavy electrical loads. Trust the beastly Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro without compromise!

The flagship harbours a muscular 2160Wh lithium battery tamed only by Jackery's bespoke Battery Management System. At the grid's core lie dual microchips continuously optimizing charging to enlarge the life cycle count beyond 1000 cycles. Four thermistor detectors actively regulate temperature to enable full-throttle 2200W AC output bolstered by a separate 4000W surge reservoir to tackle the nastiest electric loads like portable air conditioners or induction cookers briefly!

But the alien power lurking within the compact, rugged frame only unlocks with sufficient sunlight. Six Jackery SolarSaga 100W solar panels at 23% efficiency track and trap every possible photon, even on partially cloudy days, routing the bounty to replenish the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro fully in just 5.5 hours! The unlimited stamina supports heavy-duty equipment vital for self-reliance across Australia's isolated frontiers, which lack utility connectivity for months!

Designed for thriving through harsh seasonal extremes beyond 65-degree Celsius heatwaves to below minus 10-degree Celsius frost, the SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels leverage mono-crystalline cells with IP65 resilience for protection against dust or other solid particles and low-pressure water jets from any direction. These features enhance solar panels' durability, reliability, and adaptability, making them a dependable power absorber in the unique and demanding conditions associated with offroad living.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

3) Short Comparison

These two generators both feature robust capacity and power output, excellent battery life and charging versatility. Still, they differ in some respects. For offroad living enthusiasts, choosing based on the actual needs and budget is advised. Comparing the bigger Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus and Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro models side-by-side here for your reference:


Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro


2042Wh - 12k Wh



3000W Max/ 6000W Surge

2200W Rated/4400W Surge

Cycle Life

4000 cycles to 70%+ capacity

1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity


AC Output(x3)

USB-A Output(x2)

USB-C Output(x2)

AC Output(x2)

USB-A Output(x2)

USB-C Output(x2)

Battery Chemistry

LiFePO4 battery

Lithium Ion

Recharge Time – with 6 Jackery SolarSaga 100W solar panels

6 Hours

5.5 Hours

Recharge Time - AC

1.7 Hours

2 Hours

Weight of Power Station

27.9 kg

19.5 kg

Warranty (if purchased from Jackery’s website)

5 Years

5 Years


With eco-conscious off-road living vacations surging in popularity as travel rebounds post-pandemic, unreliable electricity access poses a credible threat to perfect trips if equipment fails without charge. But Jackery's innovative solar generators deliver dependable renewable energy reserves, maintaining precious function in nature sans emissions or noise!

Recharge conveniently harnessing the Australian sun directly through high-efficiency panels, minimizing charging downtime for perpetually powering camp comforts anywhere under the stars, miles from shaky municipal grids. Whether your journeys traverse highways in a souped-up campervan or muddy 4WD trails in a ruggedized overland vehicle, smart Jackery solar generators could tag along charging gear reliably sans risky gasoline. Protect equipment from damage while streaming entertainment non-stop or cooking delicious meals through wild storms, extreme cold, and equally unfazed!

The road awaits filled with breathtaking memories across majestic landscapes best experienced in utter silence only punctuated by nature’s mesmerizing sounds. Embark fully prepared, powering every necessity indefinitely, for remote work, emergencies or a relaxed holiday off the beaten path. Let Jackery solar generators illuminate the way ahead to the most magical destinations Australia hides through the power of portable green energy!

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