The Ultimate Guide to Kayaking in Gold Coast

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The Ultimate Guide to Kayaking in Gold Coast

Kayaking on the Gold Coast is an unforgettable journey through clear waters, hidden coves, and beautiful scenery. Planning is essential to get the most out of your paddle experience, no matter how experienced or eager you are to learn.      


We've made a list of places to kayak on the Gold Coast. Also, if you want to power your kayaking trips in an eco-friendly way, Jackery Portable Power Stations are great to have on hand. This will give you a steady power source for water sports on the Gold Coast.

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Key Takeaways:

Kayak rentals in Gold Coast cost anywhere from $20 to $145.          

No matter how experienced you are as a kayaker or if this is your first time on the water in Gold Coast, you must carefully plan what to bring for a fun kayaking trip.

We've picked the best ten kayaking spots in Gold Coast, including Tallebudgera Creek, Broadwater, Currumbin Creek, Nerang River, Coombabah Lake, Coomera River, Jacobs Well, Hinze Dam, South Stradbroke Island, North Stradbroke Island.

We highly recommend Jackery Explorer 500 and 300 Plus for charging electronics during your kayaking trip.

How Much Is Kayaking in Gold Coast?

It's great that we live on the Gold Coast because many great lakes and beautiful rivers are nearby. Picking one can take a while.

The Nerang River flows through the middle of the Gold Coast. You can see the city from the water in a way no one else can. You only need a kayak to see dolphins, pelicans, beaches with sand, and neighbourhoods.  

Renting a kayak on the Gold Coast costs between $20 and $145. (because Viator says) Kayaking on the Gold Coast is the best way to take your time and enjoy the beautiful river. It's best to start your kayak tour with one of our friendly, experienced tour guides, who will teach you how to keep safe while kayaking.

kayak rentals in gold coast

What To Pack for Kayaking in Gold Coast?

No matter how experienced you are as a kayaker or if this is your first time on the water in Gold Coast, you must carefully plan what to bring for a fun kayaking trip.

First, it's essential to pick a boat that's right for the Gold Coast waters and your skill level. A kayak can be used in various conditions, from calm water to seas that could be rough. This makes it a good choice for both newbies and experienced kayakers.  

For kayaking on the Gold Coast, the most must-have gear is:

Perth Kayaking Essentials




Sturdy vessel for navigating Babinda waters


Essential for propelling and steering

Personal Flotation Device

Ensures safety on the water

Waterproof Gear

Protects belongings from splashes

Water-Friendly Clothing

Quick-dry attire suitable for kayaking

Sun Protection

Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses


Water bottles or hydration pack

Navigation Tools

Map, compass, or GPS for direction

First Aid Kit

Basic medical supplies for emergencies

Jackery Portable Power Stations

Provides reliable power supply for electronics

Waterproof Storage Bags

Keeps valuables dry during the kayaking trip

Emergency Whistle

For signalling in case of emergencies

The PFD must be worn for all water activities. If you want to kayak on the Gold Coast, ensure the PFD you choose meets Australian standards. It should be comfortable and fit well so you can do all your moves. Find jackets with pockets to keep the things you need close at hand.

The Gold Coast has a lot of sun, so you must wear clothes that protect you and keep you cool. UV rays can hurt you, but long-sleeved clothes and pants with UPF protection can help. In the summer, you can choose a wetsuit made of a lightweight material. In the winter, you can select a wetsuit made of neoprene. Hats and sunglasses that block UV rays can help you stay safe in the sun even more.

Invest in a good waterproof dry bag to keep your things safe and dry. It would be best if you had these to store stuff like gadgets, extra clothes, food, and other personal items.

When you paddle, Jackery Portable Power Stations can make it more fun. Bring a small power station like the Jackery Explorer 500 or Explorer 300 Plus Plus to keep your tools charged on your kayak trip.      

While getting ready is essential, remember to enjoy the trip. One of the best ways to get in touch with nature, enjoy peace, and see the beautiful Gold Coast is paddling.    

Where to Go Kayaking in Gold Coast? 

In the past, kayaking was one of the only ways to spend a relaxing day sliding across your best body of water. It has many benefits over other types of boats, like not having to worry about falling and being able to bring snacks with you. Thank goodness it has stood the test of time.

The Gold Coast is a kayaker's dream. You can sail in so many places that you might need help figuring out what to do. The following are the best ten kayaking spots on the Gold Coast.

best 10 kayaking spots in gold coast

(Image Source: iStock)

1. Tallebudgera Creek

Location: Queensland, Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone:  07 5667 2706

Website: Tallebudgera Creek   

When to Visit: September to November and March to May

Activities: Kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, swimming, bird watching

Tallebudgera Creek is a peaceful place to escape the noise and chaos of the city. It is located between Burleigh Heads National Park and Palm Beach. Its clear waters and mangroves create a peaceful atmosphere for people who love nature. Paddling down this creek, one may take in the breathtaking scenery of the Gold Coast area and, who knows, maybe even spot some local wildlife, like dolphins. 

Kayaking through Tallebudgera Creek is a unique way to see the lush greenery, peace, and quiet that isn't available on the beaches. Tallebudgera Creek is one of the best places to kayak on the Gold Coast because it has easy access to services, a wide range of activities, and beautiful natural scenery. 

2. Broadwater

Location: Queensland 4380, Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: +61 (08) 9965 3776

Website: Broadwater  

When to Visit: October to April

Activities: Kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing, snorkelling, parasailing

The Broadwater on the Gold Coast is a vast protected waterway great for boaters. As one of the most flexible kayaking spots in the area, it's perfect for travellers who want to paddle in peace or join in on the action on the water.

The water trail is several kilometres long, so paddlers can go on long or short trips, depending on their preference. For kayakers interested in the Gold Coast's marine biodiversity, the area is home to dolphins, turtles, and many types of fish, making for exciting meetings for wildlife lovers. 

3. Currumbin Creek

Location: Currumbin, Gold Coast City, Queensland, 4223, Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: (07) 5533 0205 

Website: Currumbin Creek  

When to Visit: September to November, March to May

Activities: Kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, bird watching

Currumbin Creek is a peaceful place to get away from nature. It flows from the countryside to the southern Gold Coast and then meets the Pacific Ocean. The waters in this beautiful bay are apparent, and the area is entirely of lush plants. Kayak riders can enjoy a peaceful paddle through stunning scenery.

When people explore Currumbin Creek by kayak, they can go through calm water sections hidden from the Gold Coast's busier places. The creek has a lot of different ecosystems, from mangrove swamps to open estuarine waters. These ecosystems support many kinds of wildlife, like birds, fish, and sometimes koalas in nearby trees.

4. Nerang River

Location: 53 Station St, Nerang QLD 4211, Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: 1900 955 360

Website: Nerang River  

When to Visit: April to October

Activities: Kayaking, bird watching, fishing, sightseeing, walking

The Nerang River flows through the middle of the Gold Coast. You can see the city from the water in a way no one else can. This kayaking spot lets users enjoy the best of both worlds by combining the excitement of exploring cities with the peace of nature.

From the calm water near Evandale Park, kayakers can glide past the busy cityscape and look at the skyline image. When kayakers leave the city centre, the area becomes quieter and more beautiful, with isolated spots full of birds and nature.

5. Coombabah Lake

Location: 4216 Queensland, Coombabah, Unnamed Road (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: 07 5581 69

Website: Coombabah Lake

When to Visit: October to April

Activities: Kayaking, bird watching, nature photography, hiking, riding

The marshes around Coombabah Lake are a natural haven that has yet to be changed. They are very different from the busy Gold Coast coastline. People who like to kayak will enjoy this peaceful spot in the woods, where they can glide through calm waters and be surrounded by lush plants.

When you go kayaking in Coombabah Lake, you can go through channels lined with mangroves and freshwater lakes, giving you a close look at the Gold Coast's diverse environment.

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6. Coomera River

Location: The South East region of Queensland, Australia 4209 (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: (07) 5596 8333

Website: Coomera River  

When to Visit: April to October

Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, sailing, boating, fishing, bird watching

The Coomera River flows from the hinterland to the northern part of the Gold Coast. It is a secret gem for kayakers who want to go beyond the coastal waters. The path winds around and around, with calm areas and more challenging parts that are good for kayaks of all skill levels.

When you start your trip upstream, you will be surrounded by the lush green trees that protect the river. This makes the kayaking experience peaceful and a little mysterious. As you paddle towards the river's mouth, the scenery changes. You can see expensive marinas full of beautiful ships and boats. 

7. Jacobs Well

Location: Pimpama-Jacobs Well Rd, Jacob's Well, QLD 4208 (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: 1300 672 760

Website: Jacobs Well  

When to Visit: September to November, March to May

Activities: Kayaking, fishing, sailing, sightseeing, walking, photography

The fun of kayaking at Jacobs Well is everything you can do. In protected areas, paddlers can enjoy calm, peaceful waters that are great for exploring at your own pace and seeing wildlife. The mangrove waterways in this area are full of life; you can see many kinds of birds, marine life, and even koalas in the trees nearby.

Jacobs Well is a real example of the Gold Coast's marine lifestyle for kayakers who want to go beyond the usual tourist spots. Its easy access to water, many different kinds of plants and animals, and chances for excitement make it a must-see for paddlers. 

8. Hinze Dam

Location: Advancetown QLD 4211, Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: 0499 221 695

Website: Hinze Dam  

When to Visit: April to September

Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, fishing (with a permit), wildlife watching

On the Gold Coast, Hinze Dam is a unique place to go kayaking. It is in the middle of nowhere, just a short drive from the coast. The dam holds back the beautiful Advancetown Lake and provides drinking water for the area. It has a massive pool with water in it.

People who go kayaking on the calm waters of Hinze Dam can see beautiful views of the mountains and woods nearby. Motorised boats are prohibited, so the area is safe and quiet for kayakers of all skill levels. The area has a large wildlife area; eagles, falcons, and many waterbirds can be seen. 

9. South Stradbroke Island

Location: South Stradbroke Island, QLD 4216 (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: (07) 5577 2849

Website: South Stradbroke Island  

When to Visit: Spring and autumn

Activities: Kayaking, camping, surfing, fishing, hiking, photography

By kayaking around South Stradbroke Island, you can see this hidden paradise from a different angle and learn about its various ecosystems, from the calm waterways inside the island to the slightly rougher waters along the coast.

People who paddle can enjoy the peaceful beauty of the waterways surrounded by mangroves full of birds. They might even see dolphins or wallabies on their trip. Kayak riders can take a break on the island's remote beaches, where they can swim, rest, or enjoy the peace away from the busy mainland. Camping on South Stradbroke Island makes the boat trip more fun.

10. North Stradbroke Island

Location: Queensland 4183, Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: 1300 667 386

Website: North Stradbroke Island  

When to Visit: September to November

Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, bird watching, fishing, swimming, camping

Adventurers can get close to the island's variety of sea life by kayaking around North Stradbroke. It's not unusual to be swimming along with big groups of fish, turtles, rays, and different kinds of birds. For some people, a group of dolphins may join you on your trip.

It is easy to see because the water is clear, so each trip is a new chance to see the underwater environment at work. North Stradbroke Island is beautiful and has lots of wildlife. It also has a lot of cultural past. You can learn about the Quandamooka people's history and connection to the land. 

There are more kayaking spots & tours in Australia:

Jackery Portable Power Stations for Kayaking in Gold Coast

Take your Gold Coast kayaking adventures to the next level with Jackery Portable Power Stations. Jackery Portable Power Stations are made for people who like being outside and care about the environment and their comfort. They give your tools a safe way to get power while on the go.

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Explorer 300 Plus + SolarSaga 80W: 6.3H; AC Adapter: 2H; 12V Car Adapter: 5.5H

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Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

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The power station has three ways to charge it: solar panels, a wall outlet, and a car plug. This gives you options for how to charge it. With a noise level of 37.9dB, it's a quiet power option that won't bother you while kayaking in Perth. 

jackery explorer 500 portable power station

Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station

The Jackery Explorer 300 Plus portable power station is a lightweight and efficient power supply designed to meet the power needs for various situations such as kayaking, picnicking, camping, road trips, and emergency power backup.

This power station has a unique Battery Management System (BMS). It has 52 safety features and 12 BMS algorithms that work together to keep the device and any attached appliances as safe as possible. It also has four kinds of physical security to ensure everyone is safe.

This model stands out because it has an intelligent app control feature that lets users quickly manage the battery through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This makes it more modern and convenient to use. It's also very light - only 8.27 pounds - so it's an excellent choice for people who are always on the go.

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Kayaking Tips: What Are The Tips for Gold Coast Kayaking?

Kayaking on the Gold Coast is fun and a great way to relax, get in touch with nature, and see new things. To help you kayak, here are some tips:

Choose The Right Kayak: Step one is to pick out the right boat for what you want to do. Kayaks come in many styles, such as seated, recreational, travelling, and inflatable. It's excellent for newbies and warm places because the kayaks sitting on it are stable and easy to get in and out of.

Kayaks, for fun, are best for calm water, like lakes and rivers that move slowly. Tourist kayaks are made to go long distances in open water, with more storage room and better performance. Inflatable kayaks are convenient and easy to carry but might need to work better in rough circumstances.

Get Proper Training: If you have never been sailing before, you should take lessons before you go. The proper training will teach you the basics of rowing, dealing with different types of water, and staying safe. Many clubs and outfitters in the area offer classes that teach everything from basic skills to more advanced ways to move and save people.

Prepare Safety Gear: No matter how well you can swim, you should always wear the proper personal flotation device when paddling. Pick clothes that are right for the water temperature and weather. Use hygroscopic materials, wear layers, and stay away from cotton. Consider wearing wet or dry clothes to avoid shivering in cold weather. Even when wet, shoes should support your feet and keep you steady.  

Stay Hydrated & Energised: You should drink plenty of water and eat well before you paddle because it's hard on your body. Bring a lot of water and snacks like fruit, nuts, energy bars, and more. Please put them in cases that won't leak to keep your things dry.

What Things To Do in Gold Coast?

Many fun things to do, see, and do in nature can be found on the Gold Coast. People like to kayak in the city because it has beautiful rivers and beaches, but there are many other fun things for tourists and locals.

Visit Theme Parks: The Gold Coast has some of Australia's best theme parks, making it an excellent place for children and people who like thrills. There are fun rides, shows, and attractions at Warner Bros. Movie World that are all about Hollywood and feature your favourite movie figures. Seaworld has fun rides, shows, and displays of marine life to teach people about protecting the oceans.

Explore The Natural Landscape: National parks, rainforests, and rivers around the Gold Coast are lovely. Lamington National Park is in the Gondwana jungle, a World Heritage Area in Australia. You can take a walk through the lush jungle and see amazing views.

There are natural arched bridges, streams, and firefly caves in Springbrook National Park that people love. Hiking trails with different levels of challenge let people thoroughly enjoy the beauty of nature.

Go to The Beach: Beautiful beaches are what the Gold Coast is known for. Surfers Paradise Beach is famous for its famous skyline, lively atmosphere, and excellent conditions for surfing. Burley Point Beach is a more relaxed place to go. It has gentle waves, a calm mood, and a grassy headland great for a picnic. 

Final Thoughts

You can connect with nature, see beautiful scenery, and do exciting water-based activities like kayaking on the Gold Coast like no other activity. Smart packing with watertight luggage, life vests, and sunblock will guarantee a pleasant and risk-free journey. Adding a Jackery Portable Power Station to your list of things to bring improves the experience by keeping your electronics charged during the trip.

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