The Ultimate Guide to Kayaking in Perth

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The Ultimate Guide to Kayaking in Perth

Kayaking is an excellent activity for enhancing physical fitness and provides a captivating means of exploring your immediate surroundings from a water-based perspective.


A kayak is a great way to see more of Perth, a great place to explore. You can get great city views from the Swan River if you kayak down it. You can kayak around Garden Island or go to Rottnest Island to test your skills if you like saltwater paddling.   


We've made a list of Perth kayaking spots. Besides, Jackery Portable Power Stations are great to have on hand if you want to power your kayaking trips in an eco-friendly way. This will give you a steady power source for your Perth water activities.

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Key Takeaways:

Kayak rentals in Byron Bay cost anywhere from $33 to $163.          

Carefully planning what to bring is essential for a fun kayaking trip. Except for the must-have gear, like kayak, paddle, life jacket, and waterproof items, you should also take some water, snacks, and a power station on your trip.

We've curated Perth's top 10 kayaking spots, such as Swan River, Rottnest Island, Blackwall Reach, and more. Check the details below.

We highly recommend taking a Jackery Explorer 500 or 300 Plus portable power station on your trip to charge your electronics, like your phone, portable fan, GPS device, and more.

Regarding kayaking in Perth tips, you should learn proper paddling techniques, practice safety, and develop navigation skills.

How Much Is Kayaking in Perth?

We live in Perth, which is lucky because there are so many great lakes and beautiful rivers nearby. It can take time to choose just one.

The Swan River flows through our natural scenery and past the beautiful city skyline. You only need a kayak to see dolphins, pelicans, sandy beaches, and suburbs. 

Kayak rentals in Byron Bay cost anywhere from $33 to $163. (according to Viator) Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are there, as well as a big estuary river that winds through the city and a Mediterranean climate.

What To Pack for Kayaking Perth?

Should you be a seasoned kayaker or a beginner taking to the water for the first time in Perth, carefully planning what to bring is essential for a fun kayaking trip.

A well-organised plan will help you make sure you have everything you need for your kayaking trip in Perth. For kayaking in Perth, the most must-have gear is:

Perth Kayaking Essentials




Sturdy vessel for navigating Babinda waters


Essential for propelling and steering

Personal Flotation Device

Ensures safety on the water

Waterproof Gear

Protects belongings from splashes

Water-Friendly Clothing

Quick-dry attire suitable for kayaking

Sun Protection

Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses


Water bottles or hydration pack

Navigation Tools

Map, compass, or GPS for direction

First Aid Kit

Basic medical supplies for emergencies

Jackery Portable Power Stations

Provides reliable power supply for electronics

Waterproof Storage Bags

Keeps valuables dry during the kayaking trip

Emergency Whistle

For signalling in case of emergencies

A person's Floating Device should be the most important thing. This is very important to keep you safe on the water. Pick a PFD made for kayaking in Perth that meets the safety standards set by the Australian Maritime Authorities. It should float enough for your weight and be comfortable to wear for a long time.

Bring lots of water and snacks on your kayaking trip to stay refreshed and energised. Bring light, non-perishable foods that keep you going, like veggies, trail mix, and granola bars.

Being able to depend on your boat and paddle is helpful. There are several places to rent kayaks in Perth if you need to get your own. The boats available will suit people of all skill levels and water conditions. When selecting a paddle, it is vital to consider its length, material, and shape, as these factors can considerably impact its performance and user comfort.

Jackery Portable Power Stations can make your paddling more fun. Bring a small power station like the Jackery Explorer 500 or Explorer 300 Plus with you on your kayaking trip to keep your electronics charged. 

Even though getting ready is essential, remember to enjoy the trip. Perth's kayaking is the best way to connect with nature, enjoy peace, and see the beautiful surroundings.  

Where to Go Kayaking in Perth? 

No matter why you want to paddle, here are ten kayaking trails around Perth that you should add to your "to-do" list. They go from the ocean to the upper areas of our rivers.

Perth has some beautiful places to kayak and canoe on land and in the water. Here are some of the best ones.

best 10 kayaking spots in perth

(Image Source: Unsplash)

1. Swan River

Location: Pier 3, Barrack Square, Perth, Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: 08 9417 8005

Website: Swan River   

When to Visit: Spring & autumn

Activities: Kayaking, bird watching, fishing, cycling, hiking, camping

Through the middle of Perth, the Swan River cuts through the landscape, providing a peaceful view from the busy city. Its vast waters are surrounded by parks, which makes paddling there fun and different. There are many places along the river where paddlers can start their trip. Matilda Bay, for example, has excellent views of the Perth skyline and is a great place for beginners.

People who are more experienced with kayaking might like paddling from Fremantle to the city, where they can enjoy the natural and urban scenery. The Swan River is more than just a place to go kayaking. It's a part of Perth's outdoor lifestyle and can offer paddlers of all types a peaceful and energising experience. 

2. Rottnest Island

Location: 1 Mews Road, Fremantle, WA 6160 (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: (+61 8) 9432 9300

Website: Rottnest Island  

When to Visit: Summer

Activities: Kayaking, snorkelling, beach picnicking, camping, walking

A kayaker who has done this before will find it challenging and fun to go around the island. They will see coral reefs, shipwrecks, and hidden bays that water can only reach. Thomson Bay is a great place to start a slower-paced paddle and is excellent for newbies and families.

Because of the island's unique geography, there are a lot of different kayaking situations, from calm, safe waters to more exciting open sea routes. While kayaking around Rottnest Island, you can not only push your body to its limits, but you can also connect peacefully with nature, see wildlife in ways that are impossible to do on land and find the island's hidden gems that can only be reached by kayak.

3. Blackwall Reach

Location: 5 Honour Ave, Bicton, WA 6157 (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: 0893 640 666 

Website: Blackwall Reach  

When to Visit: Spring & summer

Activities: Kayaking, cliff jumping, snorkelling, swimming, beach camping

The limestone hills and clear water of Blackwall Reach, which is on the Swan River, make it a unique place to go kayaking. You can start your kayak trip at the Bicton Baths and paddle along the calm river, taking in the beautiful birds and the dramatic rocks that rise from the water.

This water area is quiet, so kayakers of all skill levels can use it. Another exciting part of the Blackwall Reach trip is snorkelling, which lets you see the world under the water.

4. Serpentine River

Location: South West region of Western Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: (08) 9526 1111

Website: Serpentine River  

When to Visit: March to May

Activities: Kayaking, bird watching, visiting the Serpentine Falls

The Serpentine River is a beautiful and peaceful place to kayak because it winds through lush scenery and past the famous Serpentine Falls. You can start your trip at the Serpentine Dam and float downstream while listening to the sounds of birds and surrounded by the green leaves of the tall trees that line the banks.

You can kayak this river whether you've done it before or not. It has calm water at times and small, doable rapids that make the trip more exciting. Along the way, watch for the many kinds of animals in this area, such as kangaroos, echidnas, and many different types of birds. People in kayaks can stop here to have lunch, swim, or enjoy the view of the waterfall.

5. Canning River

Location: Crawley WA 6009, Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: 9442 0300

Website: Canning River

When to Visit: September to November

Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, bird watching, fishing, camping

While kayaking along this river, you'll find a surprisingly green and natural environment that thrives in the middle of a city. The river flows gently from the Canning Bridge to where it meets the Swan River. This section of the river is great for kayakers of all skill levels because the water is calm.

The Canning River is an excellent place to kayaking if you want to relax in nature or learn about the history of Perth's rivers.

jackery solar generator for kayaking

6. Margaret River

Location: Western Australia 6285, Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: (08) 9780 5911

Website: Margaret River  

When to Visit: March to May, September to November

Activities: Kayaking, wine tasting, cave exploring, surfing, hiking

The Margaret River area is about three hours south of Perth and is famous for its wine, beautiful coastlines, and, most importantly, its namesake river, which is a great place to go kayaking. Instead of the ocean's big adventures, kayaking down the Margaret River closely links you with the Western Australian bushland.

Kayak riders can enjoy the peace of this beautiful waterway while paddling through calm waters surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees and green plants. The river's tranquil current renders it ideal for novices, but kayakers of any proficiency will relish the exquisite landscape and the opportunity to observe wildlife. 

7. Ningaloo Reef

Location: Ningaloo WA 6701, Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: +61 8 9949 4173

Website: Ningaloo Reef  

When to Visit: April to July

Activities: Kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, hiking

One of Australia's natural wonders, Ningaloo Reef, is a great place to go kayaking because the blue water meets the dry land of Western Australia. It's one of the world's most extensive fringing reefs, spanning more than 300 kilometres, and you can quickly get to a rich underwater ecosystem from the shore.

When people go kayaking in Ningaloo, they can glide over the clear water and look closely at the reef's beautiful corals and diverse marine life, such as turtles, manta rays, and more than 500 kinds of fish. Ningaloo Reef has something magical below the waves and along its shores, no matter how experienced you are as a kayaker or how eager you are to learn. 

8. Broke Inlet

Location: Broke Western Australia 6398 (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: (08) 9840 0400

Website: Broke Inlet  

When to Visit: Spring to early autumn

Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, fishing, bird watching

Because it is so quiet, paddlers can fully enjoy the sounds and sights of nature, from the water gently lapping against the kayak to the many kinds of birds that live here. When you go kayaking in Broke Inlet, you need to be ready for a journey and rely on yourself because there aren't many facilities, and the nearest town feels like it's on another planet. 

Kayakers can discover many channels and hidden coves, each showing stunning natural beauty that people haven't changed. The peace and beauty of the place make it a great place to meditate, think, and get away from the busyness of modern life. 

9. Avon River

Location: Avon River, Northam WA 6401, Australia (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: (08) 9622 2100

Website: Avon River

When to Visit: Winter & spring

Activities: Kayaking, white-water racing, bird watching, sightseeing

The Avon River cuts through the middle of Western Australia's Wheatbelt. It offers a variety of kayaking experiences, from calm water in the river's upper parts to challenging rapids further downstream. Because it is constantly changing, it's a favourite among both beginners who want to paddle slowly near cute old towns and experienced paddlers who want to test their skills on rough white water.

The Avon Descent takes place annually on the river, which draws competitors and onlookers worldwide to see this show of skill and endurance. During the wetter months, the river's banks are alive with the bright green of local plants, which is a striking contrast to the usually dry scenery of the area.

10. Blackwood River

Location: Blackwood River, Nannup, Western Australia, 6275 (Open in Google Maps)

Phone: 08 9780 5911

Website: Blackwood River  

When to Visit: September to November

Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, bird watching, fishing, swimming, camping

When you paddle down the Blackwood, you'll find a peaceful environment with tall trees lining the banks and making a peaceful sky above you. The river flows through lush farmland, thick forests, and cute country roads, creating a quiet, beautiful background that constantly changes. While you're there, there are marked camping areas along the riverbanks for those who want to stay overnight and enjoy the area's natural beauty.

There are more kayaking spots & tours in Australia:

Jackery Portable Power Stations for Perth Kayaking

Take your Perth kayaking adventures to the next level with Jackery Portable Power Stations. Jackery Portable Power Stations are designed for outdoor enthusiasts who care about comfort and the environment. They provide a reliable power source for your electronics while on the go.

Jackery ensures that their Portable Power Stations always have power by putting lithium batteries inside them. With the addition of Jackery Solar Panels, these generators can use the sun's energy, making them an eco-friendly power source that is great for Perth's beautiful scenery.

how jackery solar generator works for kayaking

Enjoy unmatched flexibility with Jackery Portable Power Stations, with various charging choices such as solar panels, carports, and AC adapters. They allow you to use renewable energy, improving your kayaking adventures in Perth, whether paddling along rough cliffs or discovering hidden coves. 


Jackery Explorer 500

Jackery Explorer 300 Plus


518Wh (21.6V/24Ah)

288Wh (12.8V/22.5Ah)

Life Cycle

800 cycles to 80%+ capacity

3000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Battery Cell

NMC battery

LiFePO4 battery




Recharging Methods

Explorer 500 + SolarSaga 100W: 9.5H; AC Adapter: 7.5H; 12V Car Adapter: 7.5H

Explorer 300 Plus + SolarSaga 80W: 6.3H; AC Adapter: 2H; 12V Car Adapter: 5.5H

Output Ports

1*AC Output: 240V, 500W (peak 1000W); 1*DC Output: 12V⎓7A; 3*USB-A: 5V⎓2.4A; 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

1*AC Output: 230V, 50Hz, 300W Rated, 600W Surge Peak; 2*USB-C: 100W Max, 5V⎓3A (5V, 9V, 15V, 12V, 20V up to 5A); 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

This Jackery Explorer 500 power station is made to withstand harsh weather thanks to its advanced temperature monitors and robust construction that can work in hot and cold conditions. Because it's so durable, it's an excellent choice for camping trips, outdoor activities, and backup power in an emergency.

With a capacity of 518Wh and a 500W inverter that can handle surges up to 1000W, the Jackery Explorer 500 can support multiple appliance charging, making it a versatile power solution for various needs. It is also designed for convenience, featuring a portable and light design that makes it easy to carry and use wherever power is needed.

The power station has three ways to charge it: solar panels, a wall outlet, and a car plug. This gives you options for how to charge it. With a noise level of 37.9dB, it's a quiet power option that won't bother you while kayaking in Perth. 

jackery explorer 500 portable power station

Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Portable Power Station

The Jackery Explorer 300 Plus portable power station is a lightweight and efficient power supply designed to meet the power needs for various situations such as kayaking, picnicking, camping, road trips, and emergency power backup.

This power station has a unique Battery Management System (BMS). It has 52 safety features and 12 BMS algorithms that work together to keep the device and any attached appliances as safe as possible. It also has four kinds of physical security to ensure everyone is safe.

This model stands out because it has an intelligent app control feature that lets users quickly manage the battery through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This makes it more modern and convenient to use. It's also very light - only 8.27 pounds - so it's an excellent choice for people who are always on the go.

jackery explorer 300 plus portable power station

Kayaking Tips: What Are The Tips for Byron Bay Kayaking?

Kayaking in Perth is fun and a great way to relax, get in touch with nature, and see new things. To help you kayak, here are some tips:

Learn Proper Paddling Techniques: For paddling to work well, you must use good technique. It keeps you from getting tired or hurt and helps you move faster and more smoothly. The most basic way to paddle is to stand up straight, rotate your torso with each stroke, and keep your strokes close to the kayak for more strength. You should take a class or watch some how-to movies to understand these basics.

Practice Safety: Your safety should always come first. Get to know basic safety rules, like how to get back into your boat if it flips over. Bring essential safety gear with you, like a whistle to call for help, a bilge pump to empty your kayak of water, and a light in case you get lost at night or early in the morning. Also, it's wise to kayak with a friend, especially if you're new to the sport or if the weather is rough.

Develop Navigation Skills: Even though current tools like GPS are helpful, it's still important to learn how to use them properly. Figure out how to read and use a map. This information could be beneficial, especially in remote places where electronics might not work. 

What Things To Do in Perth?

Perth is the aesthetically pleasing capital city of Western Australia. It is a lively centre for adventure, culture, and nature. Kayaking is popular in the city because of its lovely rivers and beaches, but there are also many other fun things for tourists and locals.

Discover Perth's Beaches: Perth is famous for its beautiful beaches with clean sand and clear water. One of the most famous places in the city to swim, snorkel, and watch the sun go down over the Indian Ocean is Cottesloe Beach. Other well-known beaches, like Scarborough and City Beach, have excellent surf conditions, bars right on the beach, and lively atmospheres that are great for relaxing and having fun.

Experience Adventure Sports: Perth has a lot more to offer people who want to get a rush of excitement than just kayaking. Some exciting things you can do are skydiving, kite surfing, and hot air balloons. From the coast to the parks and hills, the city's varied scenery makes it the perfect place for an unforgettable adventure.

Go to Kings Park & Botanic Garden: Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a sprawling urban park that ranks among the largest in the world. It has stunning views of the Swan River and the city skyline of Perth. It's a place of natural beauty, peace, and fun, covering over 400 hectares. 

People can go on guided walks, learn about Indigenous culture, look around the Western Australian Botanic Garden, or have lunch and enjoy the view. Kings Park is more than just a park. It's a showcase of Western Australia's plants, a place to think, and a hub for the community.

Final Thoughts

There are many places to kayaking in Perth, each with its landscapes and wildlife. This shows the importance of picking spots suitable for your skill level and hobbies. 

If you want to kayak in Perth and see its calm, beautiful waters, you must ensure you have the right gear and know what you're doing. A safe trip is guaranteed if you bring waterproof bags, safety gear, and maybe even a Jackery Portable Power Station.

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