Powering Your Motorcycling Touring with a Portable Generator

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Powering Your Motorcycling Touring with a Portable Generator

Every year, Australia is set ablaze with the roaring engines and the thrilling excitement of motorsport events. This year is no exception, with the event having commenced amidst much fanfare and enthusiasm. These adrenaline-pumping events have captivated many Australians and ignited their passion for motorcycling touring.

A motorcycling tour offers a unique blend of freedom, adventure, and connection with the natural beauty of Australia. It allows you to explore areas that are off-limits to cars and vans. However, to safely maneuver through unknown locations and remote areas of Australia, it is vital to keep electrical devices charged and operational. This is where a portable generator comes into play. Portable generators, such as those from Jackery, provide power to essential devices like smartphones and GPS for navigation. Keep reading for more information about motorcycling touring with a portable generator.

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What Motorcycling Tours Bring to You?

Motorcycling tours provide many benefits over other travel modes. These include:

  1. Flexible Tour

One of the most appealing aspects of motorcycling tours is the flexibility they offer. Unlike traditional travel modes, which often adhere to strict itineraries and schedules, motorcycling allows you to customize your journey. You can choose your own routes, set your own pace, and make impromptu stops at points of interest along the way. This flexibility means you can tailor your tour to your preferences, whether that's taking a leisurely ride through scenic landscapes or pushing onward to cover more ground.

  1. Immersive Experience

Motorcycling tours provide a unique level of immersion in the environments you travel through. You're not separated from the world by the windows of a car or the walls of a train. Instead, you can feel the air, hear the sounds, and smell the scents of the places you visit. You can have a more intimate connection with your surroundings and a deeper understanding and appreciation of the landscapes and cultures.

  1. A Chance to Explore

With a motorcycle, roads less travelled become accessible. You're not limited to main highways or public transport routes; you can venture off the beaten path to discover hidden gems. Whether it's a secluded beach, a tucked-away village, or a winding mountain road, a motorcycling tour gives you the freedom to seek out new experiences and create your own memories.

  1. Cost-Effective Tour

Motorcycling tours can be more economical compared to other travel modes. There are no ticket prices to pay or need for checked luggage fees. Accommodations can also be more budget-friendly, as you can opt for stays at campgrounds or hostels that cater to motorcyclists. The cost savings can make your tour more accessible and allow you to travel longer or visit more destinations.

Essentials to Pack for Your Motorcycle Tour

It is important to prepare beforehand for a successful motorcycling tour. You should pack all the necessary supplies in an organized way. Here is the ultimate motorcycle tour packing list to get you started.

  1. Go for Soft Luggage

Though hard luggage offers greater protection for your belongings, they are likely to hinder your ability to navigate tight spaces and rugged roads. Soft luggage, such as tail bags, tank bags, and backpacks, can be a better option. They are usually padded and made of high-tenacity nylon that can withstand abrasion, shock, and wear. You can have a waterproof one with multiple pockets for improved organization.

  1. Comfortable Helmet

A helmet is a piece of gear that ensures your safety on your ride. A well-fitted helmet with proper ventilation and noise reduction features not only protects you in case of an accident but also enhances your riding experience by keeping you cool and minimizing distractions.

  1. Toolkit

A well-prepared toolkit is an absolute must for any motorcycle tour. It should contain a range of tools and accessories to handle minor repairs on the go. These include a multi-tool, tyre pressure gauge, adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and spare fuses.

  1. Clothes

You cannot take a lot on the bike, so pack smartly. For example, opt for an all-weather jacket with a detachable liner for added comfort. Besides the gloves you are wearing, 2-3 comfortable shirts, an extra pack of underwear, pants and shorts, socks, one swimsuit, a towel, and touring boots are some essentials you should not miss.

  1. Cash And Documents

Carry your wallet, vehicle registration, copies of your driver’s license, emergency contact information, insurance cards, and credit cards with you. They are vital for resolving any potential issues that may arise during your tour.

  1. First-Aid-Kit

A comprehensive first-aid kit is an indispensable part of any motorcycle trip. It should include band-aids, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, medical tape, a first-aid manual, pain relievers, and any personal medications.

  1. Electronic Devices

When travelling and exploring on a motorbike, your electronic devices will ensure connectivity and entertainment. Your smartphone, portable power bank, camera, GPS tracker and emergency satellite communicator are some must-have items. Also, consider packing a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and music player to keep you entertained during long rides.

Portable Generator: Another Essential to Pack for Your Tour

A portable generator can also be a game-changer on a motorcycle tour, especially when venturing off-grid or into remote areas. It provides power for charging electronic devices, operating small appliances, and maintaining communication devices. A portable generator provides sustainable power, free access to power, and eco-friendly energy.

Sustainable Power

Portable generators are designed to provide a continuous supply of power, ensuring that your electronic devices and other essential equipment remain operational throughout your journey. They are equipped to harness energy from various sources, such as solar panels, which makes them a sustainable choice for powering your devices without relying on non-renewable resources.

Access to Power

One of the most critical aspects of a motorcycling tour is to stay connected and maintain communication with modern society. Portable generators offer uninterrupted access to power, which is essential for charging smartphones, GPS devices, and two-way radios. This access to power is particularly crucial in remote areas where there may be no other sources of electricity available.

Environmental-friendly Energy Source

Portable generators, particularly solar generators, provide an eco-friendly source. They minimize the environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions and noise levels.

Jackery Solar Generators: Perfect Companions for Your Motorcycling Tour

At Jackery, we offer innovative portable generators. Our portable generators can be used to power outdoor activities and serve as home backup power. Among our products, Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus and Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus stand out as ideal companions for any road adventures across Australia.

Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus – Ideal for Short Road Trips

Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus weigh less than 5kg, making it ideal for short trips if you like to pack light. The inbox Jackery SolarSaga 40W Solar Panel can easily fit inside your backpack. But don't let its size fool you; the portable generator offers an ample 288Wh capacity with 300W output, perfect for keeping your essentials charged. You can charge cameras, drones, lighting lamps, and smart speakers.

Moreover, its dual charging ports with up to 100W output allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. This quiet portable generator is also flame retardant and impact resistant, and the IP68 waterproof and dust rating make the Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus ideal for rugged terrains of Australia.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus – Ideal For Long Road Trips

If you are planning to be on the road for more than a few days, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus would be a fantastic choice. This portable power generator offers mega 2 kWh - 24 kWh expandable capacity and can support up to 5 additional battery packs, making it an extremely reliable power generator for lengthy expeditions.

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus can power heavy-duty devices of up to 3000 W, including portable air conditioners, electric ovens, microwaves, electric kettles, drones, coffee makers and much more. Moreover, the portable generator is equipped with an innovative lithium battery that works in high temperatures without compromising the overall performance.

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus is a smart, portable solar generator that can be controlled smartly through the Jackery mobile app. The app enables you to monitor the battery status and customize your settings conveniently.

Best Routes to Take During The Australian Motorbike Tour

Here are some of the best routes to enjoy the beauty of Australia on a motorcycle.

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia's most renowned and beloved roads. It stretches over 240km along the southwest coast of Australia, offering picturesque landscapes and idyllic oceanic views. You can start your trip from the town of Torquay and ride all the way to Allansford, where you will see the Twelve Apostles, Kennett River, Aireys Inlet Caves, and beautiful beaches along the road.

Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales

Kangaroo Valley offers a perfect getaway from the bustling city life, located 160 km south of Sydney. A motorcycle excursion around the valley will take about 10 hours, allowing you to immerse yourself in the valley's wildlife-rich rainforests and countryside.

Starting from the Princess Highway in Kirrawee and meandering through the Royal National Park, Kangaroo Valley will prove to be an exciting experience. You can enjoy iconic landmarks, including the majestic Fitzroy Fall, the Nan Tien Temple, the Hampden Bridge, the Kiama Blowhole, and much more.

The Lions Road, Queensland

The Lions Road is a scenic road joining the Summerland Way (Kyogle in New South Wales) and Mount Lindesay Highway in Queensland. During your ride, you will enjoy many captivating sights, including streams, railways and farmlands. The road winds through the valley, so you can expect spectacular mountain scenery as well. You can also photograph many old deserted dwellings. The road is incredibly popular among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Adelaide Hills Circuit, South Australia

Adelaide stands out as one of the most motorcycle-friendly destinations in Australia. Adventure enthusiasts are drawn to the 159km loop within the exhilarating Adelaide Hills.

The motorbike tour starts from Golden Grove and ends near Tea Tree Gully. In addition to exploring captivating landscapes and stretches of countryside, you will also encounter delightful cafes, restaurants, and wineries along the route.

Jackery Portable Power Stations for the Motorbike Tour


Exploring Australia on a motorbike offers an experience like none other. But while road trips promise adventure and thrill, careful planning and preparation are essential to savour every moment of your trip. You must pack all your essentials, get a map of the route and have a portable generator to charge your electronic devices.

Jackery offers many portable solar generator models with eco-friendly innovative technologies, high-quality batteries, long life and impressive output. Its customer-friendly services, patented technologies and long warranties have made it a go-to brand for clean, green energy storage solutions. With a portable generator by your side, you can confidently plan long road trips anywhere in the world without any worries.

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