Fun Road Trip Games for All Age Groups

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Fun Road Trip Games for All Age Groups

Road-tripping in Australia is more than just a journey; it's a quintessential Aussie experience. With vast landscapes, picturesque coastal roads, and endless outback adventures, hitting the open road is a favourite pastime for many Australians.


Long drives across the country's diverse terrain can sometimes be monotonous, so entertainment becomes crucial. From classic road trip playlists filled with Aussie anthems to audiobooks that transport you to different worlds, there's something for everyone to enjoy while cruising along the highways.  


This guide will show you different types of fun road trip games. These games help pass the time and foster camaraderie among travellers. Besides, for some video games, you can use Jackery Portable Power Stations to charge your phone, PS, and more electronics on the go.

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Key Takeaways:

Playing games during road trips can significantly improve the travel experience. Games keep passengers entertained and engaged, reducing feelings of monotony and making long drives more enjoyable.

A wide range of games is suitable for road trips, and this variety greatly ensures that games suit all ages and interests. We introduced the classic, innovative, educational, and DIY road trip games.

When playing video games on the road, you can choose Jackery Explorer 500 or 300 Plus to charge your electronics.

Why Are Road Trip Games So Important?

Playing games on road trips offers numerous psychological and social benefits, enhancing the travel experience. Psychologically, engaging in games to play on a road trip helps distract from the monotony of long drives, reducing stress and preventing the mind from focusing on travel fatigue. Games stimulate mental activity, keeping the brain engaged and alert, enhancing problem-solving skills and cognitive flexibility.

Socially, games serve as an excellent tool for bonding. They encourage interaction and communication among passengers, helping to strengthen relationships and create a more collaborative environment. This is particularly valuable on family trips or journeys with friends, where shared experiences can lead to lasting memories.

Moreover, games can turn potentially tedious travel time into fun and laughter opportunities. This positive atmosphere makes the journey more enjoyable and can significantly improve the overall mood in the vehicle. It also helps create a shared experience where everyone can participate and contribute, making the trip shorter and more enjoyable.

In summary, incorporating games into road trips alleviates the dullness of long-distance travel, enhances social connections, contributes to mental well-being, and transforms travel into a more memorable and enjoyable adventure. You will learn more about fun road trip games in the next part.

Classic Road Trip Games 

Classic road trip games are essential to the journey, adding excitement and laughter to long drives. Here are detailed descriptions of some traditional road trip games, along with their rules and variations to keep them engaging:

classic road trip games

1. I Spy  

Each player takes turns picking out an item in their line of sight and declaring, "I spy with my little eye, something that is [colour or description]." Following that, individuals can attempt to determine what it is. Whoever gets the guess right gets to pick the following item. Instead of colours, people can describe the object using categories such as shapes or functions. For example, "I spy something round" or "I spy something that flies."

2. 20 Questions

Everyone takes a turn asking up to twenty yes/no questions to guess what an object one player has thought of. People must guess the object within 20 questions. Time limits can be added to increase the challenge. People can also restrict questions to specific categories, such as animals or famous people. 

3. License Plate Game

People try to spot license plates from different states or countries and keep track of them. Each player holds a list of license plates they've spotted. The player who spots the most unique plates wins. People can create a point system based on the rarity of the plates. For example, plates from neighbouring states could be worth fewer points than plates from distant states.

4. Name That Tune

One player hums or sings a few bars of a song, and others try to guess the title or artist. The player who correctly identifies the song gets to choose the next tune. People can limit the song choices to a specific genre or period to make it more challenging. Alternatively, they can use music streaming services to play snippets of songs.

5. Car Bingo

People have bingo cards with items or landmarks commonly seen during road trips. They mark off items as they spot them. The winner is the player who screams "Bingo!" before anybody else finishes a column, row, or diagonal. People can create custom bingo cards based on their route or interests. They can also add challenges, such as finding items in a specific order.

These classic road trip games provide endless entertainment and make the journey enjoyable. So, whether travelling with family or friends, remember to pack these games to keep the fun rolling on the open road.

Innovative Road Trip Games 

Road trips in Australia offer a delightful canvas for exploration and bonding. The country's vast and varied landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for long drives, making road trips popular among locals and tourists.

To enhance the travel experience, introducing innovative road trip games can turn hours on the road into memorable adventures. These games entertain and foster interaction among passengers of all ages, making the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Innovative Road Trip Games

1. Photo Scavenger Hunt  

This game adds an exciting challenge to any road trip adapted for smartphones and digital cameras. Before setting off, create a list of objects, landmarks, or themes to capture on camera. 

Depending on the participants' ages and interests, these can range from simple items like specific types of vehicles or nature elements to more abstract concepts like "something that represents where you are." Points are usually awarded based on the creativity of the photos, and everyone can participate by taking turns with the camera.

2. Podcast Puzzlers  

Tailor this game to different age groups by selecting podcasts that fit all passengers' interests and age levels. After listening to a podcast episode, have a trivia session or a discussion about the episode's content. This makes time pass quickly, enriches everyone's knowledge, and sparks engaging conversations.

3. Mobile App Relay  

Utilise smartphone apps designed for group play. Apps like "Heads Up!" or "Trivia Crack" can be fun and easily adapted for all ages. Create teams and compete in various categories, from pop culture to history or something else. The ease of choosing categories allows the game to be customised to the passengers' preferences and age groups.  

4. Story Chain  

This game starts with one person crafting the beginning of a story, and each passenger adds to it one sentence at a time. The twist could be a theme or a word that must appear in every addition, or the story must be built around items you see along the journey. This encourages creativity and can be hilariously entertaining as the story takes unexpected turns.

5. Musical Memories  

Create a playlist where each person contributes songs that mean something to them. Then, take turns guessing why the song is significant to the player. This passes the time and allows everyone to share personal stories and musical tastes, making for a deeply personal and interactive experience.

These innovative road trip games are designed to keep all passengers engaged, entertained, and actively participating in the journey. By tailoring games to the varied interests and ages aboard, the road trip can become an enriching experience that enhances the scenic drive across Australia's beautiful landscapes.

Educational Road Trip Games 

Embarking on a road trip with kids presents a fantastic opportunity to make learning fun while exploring the vast landscapes of Australia. Educational road trip games keep children entertained and stimulate their minds, helping them develop crucial skills in geography, math, and Language.

Here are some examples of engaging games to play on a road trip designed to educate while on the go:

Educational Road Trip Games

1. Geography Bingo  

Create bingo cards featuring different geographical features such as mountains, rivers, cities, and landmarks. As children spot these features along the road, they mark them on their bingo cards. The first people who complete a row or column should shout, "Bingo!" This game enhances geographical awareness and encourages observation skills.

2. Math Road Trip Challenge  

Utilise simple math problems related to the road trip itinerary. For example, calculate the distance between landmarks, estimate the time it will take to reach the next destination or tally up the number of vehicles of a particular colour seen on the road. Adjust the difficulty level based on the children's age and math proficiency.

3. Sign Language  

Teach children primary sign language by creating flashcards with familiar road signs and symbols. As they spot these signs along the journey, please encourage them to demonstrate the corresponding sign. This game promotes language learning and reinforces safety awareness on the road.

4. State Capitals Memory Game  

A memory game can help children learn the capitals of Australian states and territories. Write the states' names and capitals on index cards and shuffle them. Lay the cards down and take turns flipping two cards at a time, trying to match each state with its capital. This game improves memory retention and geographical knowledge.

5. Travel Journey  

Provide each child with a travel journal to document their road trip experiences. Please encourage them to write or draw about the places they visit, the things they see, and the new things they learn along the way. This will enhance their writing and creativity and create a lasting memento of the journey.

These educational road trip games for kids combine fun and learning, enriching the journey for young minds. Whether exploring geography, practising math skills, or expanding language abilities, these games ensure that children remain engaged and stimulated throughout the adventure across Australia's diverse landscapes.

DIY Road Trip Games 

Creating road trip games is a fantastic way to keep entertainment personalised and engaging during long drives. With some creativity and basic materials, you can craft games that not only pass the time but also cater to the interests and ages of all passengers. Here are several DIY road trip game ideas and tips on customising them for your family and friends.

diy road trip games

1. Custom Bingo  

Create bingo cards featuring sights or items you'll likely pass on your journey. For example, for a trip through the countryside, your bingo squares could include a red barn, a horse, a tractor, or a specific type of tree. This game can be tailored to any region or interest, such as vehicle types, fast food chains, or wildlife. Use a simple grid layout on paper and let each player mark off items as they spot them.

2. Story Round-Robin  

You can bring a notebook or digital device to write a collaborative story. One person starts by writing a sentence or two, then passes it to the next player to continue. Each person can only read the paragraph directly before theirs. This game sparks creativity and produces funny stories, especially when each participant brings their style and ideas into the storytelling.

3. Travel Trivia  

Before the trip, prepare a set of trivia questions based on everyone's interests. These could be about movies, sports, science, history, or personal family history questions. This not only tests their knowledge but can also be an educational experience. Use index cards for the questions, and have some small prizes for correct answers to keep the game exciting.

4. Map Races  

Using physical maps, assign a start and end point and have people trace a route with their finger or a marker. Time each player to see who can find the quickest route from point A to point B. This game can teach map reading skills and geographical awareness.

5. Scrapbook Creators  

Give everyone a small scrapbook, glue sticks, coloured pencils, stickers, and markers. Collect brochures, tickets, and postcards during your stops and use them to decorate the scrapbooks. This game becomes a creative document of the journey and a keepsake to treasure.

By integrating interests specific to your family and friends into these games, you create a personalised experience that's both fun and engaging, making long road trips an anticipated adventure.

Jackery Portable Power Stations for Road Trips

You can choose from many road trip games and play with others. Or you can play video games, read E-books, and listen to your favourite podcasts during the trip. Therefore, a reliable power supply to charge your electronics seems more critical. 

how jackery solar generator works for road trips

We highly recommend Jackery Portable Power Station as the best road trip companion to charge all your electronics, like phone, PS5, kindle, portable speaker, camera, and more, with the high-quality lithium battery inside.

The Jackery Portable Power Station has a pure sine wave inverter, an MPPT regulator, and a premium lithium battery to ensure that your electronics and outdoor items always have power. Here, we recommend Explore 500 and 300 Plus for road trips in Australia.

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The power station has three ways to charge it: solar panels, a wall outlet, and a car plug. This gives you options for how to charge it. With a noise level of 37.9dB, it's a quiet power option that won't bother you on the road trip.    

jackery explorer 500 portable power station

Jackery Explorer 300 Plus

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Experience the freedom to charge your devices wherever your journey takes you, thanks to the various charging options offered by the Jackery Explorer 300 Plus. This portable power station combines performance and portability, ensuring your devices stay powered up during outdoor escapades.

jackery explorer 300 plus

What Size Portable Power Station Do I Need?

To choose an appropriately sized portable power station, it is essential to consider your electricity consumption, battery storage capacity, and specific equipment requirements. Selecting the appropriate power station size requires balancing energy requirements, installation effectiveness, portability, and expenses. 

Users can choose a Jackery Portable Power Station, which ranges from 12 kWh to 300Wh, depending on their energy needs. The formula for approximating the operational hours of appliances powered by the Jackery Portable Power Station is as follows:

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The Jackery Explorer 500 can run a 100-watt ceiling fan for 5 hours (518Wh x 0.85/100). This computation assists in determining the hours during which appliances can function.

Road Trip Games FAQs

The following are the frequently asked questions about the road trip games.

  1. What is the 20-questions car game?

Pick out a person, a place, or something. It's okay for everyone in the car to ask yes or no questions about what or who you're thinking about. People shouldn't ask the same question twice; no one can answer more than 20. The first person to guess what the mystery item is wins!

  1. What to do on a boring road trip?

With some planning, imagination, and getting ready, a road trip can be fun, educational, and even healthy. Yes, apps, video games, and portable DVD players are all great ways to pass the time. But remember, these games and tasks suit the whole family and will keep everyone happy as the miles pass.

If your road trip is getting old, you can pass the time with these games:



Can-Do Cards

It's okay if your kids are tired of playing Go Fish, Crazy Eights, and Rummy. You can get them a new card game book or take one from the library. To keep them busy, you could buy a deck of quiz or question cards.

Contest Craze

Use index cards to write down words or questions for a family spelling bee or trivia game. Winners can get prizes like candy, stickers, exercise or colouring books, trading cards, food treats, cash, or extra time to use the hotel pool or stay up late.

Make It Magnetic

Get some cheap magnetic games, like tic-tac-toe, chequers, and more, at the dollar store or gift shops along the way.

Map Quest

Just for the kids, bring a big map or a small map book that they can handle better. Make them use stickers and highlighters to mark each road you travel.

Silence Is Golden

If nothing else works, play "See Who Can Be the Quietest." After singing and making crafts for hours, your kids might enjoy the task of not talking at all.

If you're creative and plan, you can keep your family from fighting and fussing and make great memories of your time together, on and off the road.

  1. How to survive a 15 hour car ride?

You can use these road trip ideas to help you plan your next trip, whether across the country or just for the weekend. Road trips can be stressful and challenging, just like any other travel. These tips for road trips will help you have a fun and safe trip:

  • Prepare for your trip.
  • Bring healthy snacks.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Plan your route.
  • Plan your rest stops.
  • Keep yourself alert.
  • Keep passengers entertained.
  • Stick to your budget.
  • Drive safely.
  1. What is the alphabet game while driving?

Two or more people can play this game. Each player must say the letter and the word as they find it. For example, if you see the word "apples" on a road sign, you need to say "A in apples." Many things outside the car have words on them that you can use. Each player has to find all the letters in the correct order. Each person can only use one letter from the same word. The winner is the first person to finish the alphabet.

Final Thoughts

Road trips in Australia offer a splendid canvas for adventure and learning, especially with games catering to all passengers. From classic games that evoke nostalgia to innovative tech-based solutions, these activities transform travel time into an interactive and educational experience.

By engaging kids and adults alike, games make the journey more enjoyable and provide a unique way to learn about the environment, culture, and history of the regions travelled. Ultimately, whether through DIY projects or digital applications, road trip games enrich the journey, making every mile a memory and every landscape a lesson. 

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