Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Packing List [PDF]

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Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Packing List [PDF]

Australia's road trips are more than just getting from A to B; they're also a chance to see what makes this land so exciting and different.


Australia's vast size and varied diversity of ecosystems make it a highly sought-after destination for road tourists. Australia is one of the best places for a road trip because it has a wide range of scenery, ecosystems, and cultural history.


We've assembled an entire road trip packing list to ensure you have everything you need for your trip to Australia. Plus, the Jackery Solar Generator is the best way to use solar energy to charge your phone, camera, light, and other things you need while travelling.

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Key Takeaways:

The success of a road trip depends a lot on how well you prepare and what gear you bring; we've compiled a road trip packing list for you; you can print our PDF file.

There are mainly ten types of road trip gear, such as car essentials, safety equipment, cooking essentials, sleeping & camping, and more. Check the details below.

We highly recommend taking a Jackery Solar Generator 500 or 300 Plus on your road trip to charge electronics.

To choose road trip essentials, it is crucial to consider the necessity, compatibility, durability, ease of use, and space for storage.

Why Is Road Trip Packing List So Important? 

You can't say enough good things about a road trip packing list. A trip by car is exciting. It means freedom, new experiences, and fun.

But the success of such a journey depends a lot on how well you prepare and what gear you bring. You must make a good road trip plan to ensure the trip is safe, comfortable, and fun. First, let's discuss why a road trip packing list is essential.

Ensure Safety: Safety must always take precedence when organising a road vacation. Things like first aid tools, flashlights, spare tyres, jacks, jumper cables, and basic kits can save lives in an emergency.

Maximise Comfort: Comfort is essential for a fun car trip. Long trips can get boring and physically draining if you need the right gear. Some things that may be necessary for your comfort are neck pillows, seat cushions, shade screens, and clothes that suit your climate.

Easy Navigation & Planning: Road trips require a lot of planning, and your route often changes. To explore new places boldly, you need a reliable GPS, up-to-date maps, and travel guides. 

Having peace of mind is the main reason a road trip packing list is so important. Knowing you are ready for anything, you can relax and give your all to the trip. It makes you less worried about accidents and lets you focus on creating experiences that will last a lifetime.

Download The Road Trip Packing List PDF>>

Road Trip Packing List 

Taking a road trip is a fun way to see new places, make memories that will last a lifetime, and enjoy the freedom of the open road. It is essential to be well prepared for your trip so that it goes as smoothly and as much fun as possible.

The car trip packing list is divided into ten sections: documents, safety basics, cooking gear, sleeping and camping gear, clothes, toiletries and personal care items, organisation supplies, technology, and fun things to do.

With a thorough road trip packing list, you can make a big difference and stay focused on future adventures.

road trip packing list


First, you should always leave the house with essential papers. Don't get lost on your car trip. Bring these things with you. 

License: This is already in your wallet or bag. However, make sure once more before you drive away. A foreign Driver's Licence may be needed if you plan to drive across foreign borders. Finding these is usually pretty simple; contact your national or state motoring group (in Australia, that would be NRMA).

Car Insurance Documents: Knowing what your car insurance covers is helpful if you get into an accident. You must always keep your car insurance papers with you in some places.

Car Manual: Want to know what that noise is? What does the bright red light on your dashboard mean? What PSI level do your tyres need? Those questions and more can be answered in your car's instructions. If you need to Google something while you're on the road, don't count on being able to. According to Murphy's Law, the trouble will most likely happen when you're somewhere without coverage!

Travel Insurance Documents: If you bought travel insurance for your trip, ensure you can access your coverage papers on your computer or in print.  

Car Essentials

In Australia, taking road trips is a standard thing to do. Music plays in the background, and your favourite people are in the car with you. The beautiful scenery outside your window and where your next stop will be are all you can think about.

This guide has everything you need to stay safe and comfortable and have fun on a long trip to an exciting place or a road trip to see as many places as possible.

You should ensure your car is safe and working right before you leave. A professional checkup can give you peace of mind while driving on the highway. It's also a great way to save money and avoid the trouble and time lost when your car breaks down.

Some car essentials you will need on your trip:

Road Trip Car Essentials

Car Check

Car Cleaning

Spare Tire

Basic Tool Kit

Jumper Cables

Tire Pressure Gauge

12V Tire Pump

Tire Patch Kit

Windshield Sunshade

NRMA Membership

Car Jack

Road Atlas

Mechanics Gloves

Wiper Fluid

Car Oil

Brake Fluid

Spare of Car Keys


Tire Inflater

Dash Cam

If the car is clean, it's comfortable, and if the people inside are comfy, they are happy. Before you leave, get everyone together to work on fixing up the car.

Did you forget to turn off your lights before going on an adventure and return to a dead battery? Help is on the way: jumper lines! If you're going to be on roads that don't get a lot of traffic, you should get a jump-start battery booster so you don't have to wait for a kind stranger to stop and help you.

Safety Essentials

Safety should always be your priority on a car trip, no matter how long it is. Planning can ensure that your drive and the drives of other people on the road are safer. 

Put your safety gear and a roadside emergency kit in the trunk or door of your car. This way, they'll be safe and out of the way. Buying a car organiser to keep things in order and quickly find would be best.

Road Trip Safety Essentials


Fire Extinguisher

Emergency Blanket

Plastic Tarp


Snow Shovel

Road Flares

Rain Poncho

Duct Tape

Window Breaking

Reflective Vest

Bungee Cords

Adhesive Bandages



Finger Splints

Oral Thermometer

First Aid Kit


Navigation Tools

Every car should have a roadside emergency kit in case of minor crashes, flat tyres, or other dangerous situations. You can usually find roadside emergency kits already put together at auto shops or travel centres. However, you can also assemble your own and store them in a bag that will last and keep water out.

A small first-aid kit that you can carry with you is a good idea in case you get hurt on the road. You can change this first-aid kit to fit your needs and the needs of a traveller. Your first-aid kit should be kept somewhere in your car's front or back seat, not where your other safety items are, so it is easy to get to if someone needs it while you are driving.

Organisation Essentials

To have a pleasant road trip, ensure your car and gear are clean and well-d. Digging through all your stuff whenever you need something is not fun. You don't want your drink holders to be full of wrappers.

You only need some things on this list. Pick the best things for you and your road trip packing list.

Road Trip Organisation Essentials

Trash Bag

Seat Organiser

Packing Cubes

Standalone Bags

Duffle Bags

Food Containers

Sling Bags


We think the DBS (short for "duffle," backpack, and sling bag") is the best bag for car trips. Most duffle bags are easy to pack, so you can easily carry most of your clothes. You can throw your stuff in one and play Tetris in the car.

The backpack can be an overnight bag or a daypack while you check out whatever crazy site you've chosen. And the sling bag is for quick stops and your needs.

Cooking Essentials

Experiencing food depletion is among the most unfavourable occurrences that can transpire throughout an automobile journey. Individuals who experience anger while driving do not contribute to a pleasant trip.

jackery solar generator for outdoor cooking

It would be best to plan where you'll eat along the way before you leave. What you need to pack will depend on this. A small cooler bag should keep your drinks and snacks cold when you eat. You should bring food with you on your trip and even more things you need to cook.

Road Trip Cooking Essentials

Portable Stove

Portable Cooler



Towel Roll

Cutting Board


Dish Soap


Mixed Nuts

Energy Bars


Dried Fruits

Sliced Meats

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Rice Cakes

Fresh Fruits




Also, remember to bring eco-friendly dishes and straws, like this plate set, a bamboo knife set, and metal straws. Used food packages that can be folded only take up a little room when unused.

Please bring a water bottle you can use repeatedly and fill it up at gas stops. If there is no place to get water, buy water in big bottles instead of small ones that hold 500ml. This will save plastic.

It's always best to pack extra snacks for car trips ahead of time. It can add up if you stop at gas stations whenever you get hungry.

Sleeping & Camping Essentials

This part only applies to you if you're going to stay in hotels and Airbnb. But if you want to camp and sleep in your car for some (or all!) of your trip, you'll need some things to help you sleep.

Road Trip Sleeping & Camping Essentials

Camping Tent

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Pad





Utility Cord

As much fun as road trips are, they need some planning to ensure everyone is comfy. This includes:

  • Regularly taking out the trash at rest stops.
  • Keeping the car at a comfortable temperature.
  • Make sure the tyres stay dry.

When packing for your road trip, check the weather report and consider how the places you want to visit will feel.

Clothing & Accessories

On road trips, you might have a nice dinner with your grandfather, camp at a goat farm, or spend the day at the beach, to name a few options. (And, naturally, a lot of driving.) For your car trip, you should bring a lot of clothes and other things you don't need.

Road Trip Clothing & Accessories

Base Layers

Rain Jacket







Hiking Boots




We recommend sturdy clothes that handle anything life on the road may bring. Also, comfort is essential. Who wants to wear tight jeans and sit in a crowded car for eight hours? That's right, nobody.  

Furthermore, we like clothes that have antibacterial or anti-odour treatments (for reasons that should be clear).

Toiletries & Personal Care

Smelling like sweat and sunscreen is part of the fun of taking car trips (right?). But your carmates, the people who work at food stores, coffee shops, parks, and everywhere else you go, will appreciate it if you clean up every so often.

Road Trip Toiletries & Personal Care

Toothbrush & Paste


Portable Shower

Hand Sanitizer

Bug Spray


Toilet Paper


Hair Ties




This part of our packing list differs from others in that only some things will fit in your Dopp kit. We suggest you only put the items you'll need for showers and your morning and evening routines in your Dopp kit.

Not on this list are the toilet paper roll and coconut oil. These and other things can and should be put away in one of the plastic bins we talk about later. Also, you won't have to sort through them all to find your toothbrush every morning. You can get to the things you need when you need them.

Technology Essentials

Taking a road trip is a great way to disconnect and recover. But with some tech, your time on the road can be more of an epic journey than a significant mishap.

Bringing the right tech gear on your car trip will be much easier, more fun, and more comfortable. These are our top picks:

Road Trip Technology

GPS Device



USB Cable

Car Charger

Phone Mount


Jackery Solar Generator

There's nothing better than a long road trip, but as any seasoned traveller knows, things can go wrong quickly when you don't have power. This problem can be solved with portable solar generators, which let you charge your electronics and run small tools outdoors.

how jackery solar generator works for road trip

The Jackery Solar Generator is a must-have for people who like to go on road trips and want to save time and stay linked. It was designed to meet the wants of many people who enjoy being outside.  

Entertainment Essentials

Even though you're on the road, you can still find things to do to pass the time. Along with making safe memories in your car, there are many memories to be made at the places you stay the night, like a hotel.

Now, let's talk about the fun things you should pack for your road trip packing list! Some road trips last a long time, so bring some fun stuff.

Road Trip Entertainment Essentials

Music Playlist




External Car Rack



Picnic Blanket


Travel Games

Travel Journal


If you like to play games, taking a handheld game console with you can make waiting or resting on the road more fun. It's important to remember that you can bring some things on this road trip packing list. Just make sure you get the most important things.

Jackery Solar Generators for Road Trips

Jackery Solar Generator, which combines Jackery Solar Panels with an Explorer Power Station to turn sunlight into electricity, is the best portable solar system because it has the most power.  

The Jackery Portable Power Station has a high-quality lithium battery, an MPPT charge controller, and a pure sine wave inverter to ensure your phones, cameras, lights, batteries, and other personal and home electronics always have power. 


Power Needed

Working Hours

Jackery Solar Generator 500

Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus


5W (5V⎓1A)




85W (24V⎓3.6A)




10W (5V⎓2A)



GPS Device

6.6W (3.3V⎓2A)




10W (5V⎓2A)




15W (12V⎓1.25A)



Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus

Meet the Jackery Solar Generator 300 Plus - the epitome of cuteness and portability in the solar generator market. This little powerhouse, the Explorer 300 Plus with a 40W solar panel combo, tips the scales at a mere 4.95kg, making it an effortlessly portable companion for outdoor escapades.  

Now, let's talk specs. The Jackery Explorer 300 Plus is aesthetically pleasing and has a substantial power capacity of 288Wh and a strong output of 300W. This means you've got ample juice to power a wide array of devices while you're out in the great outdoors.  

But that's not all. This solar generator is a true multitasker, thanks to its dual PD ports, which can churn out an impressive 100W each. This allows for swift and efficient charging of multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring you stay powered up no matter where your adventures take you.

jackery solar generator 300 plus

Jackery Solar Generator 500 

How do you charge your electronics during a road trip? How will you keep the charge on your phones and the temperature of your coolers while playing with others? The situation can be promptly resolved using a Jackery Solar Generator 500. The SolarSaga 80W or 100W solar panels are used with the Explorer 500 portable power station to convert sunlight into electricity.

The Jackery Explorer 500 is an easy-to-use and portable power supply that can charge a wide range of equipment for long periods, from low-power to high-power. The power station's substantial 518Wh battery capacity, ability to be easily carried, foldable handle, lower noise level (46dB, comparable to a human whisper), lightweight (6.4 kg), and cutting-edge BMS technology make it well-suited for automotive applications.  

The Jackery Explorer 500 contains three USB-A connectors, two DC ports, one AC outlet, and a carport to charge your electronics, such as your phone, GPS device, camera, PS4, and more. For example, it can charge a phone for 44 hours, providing enough power to navigate the route.

jackery solar generator 500

What to Consider When Choose The Road Trip Essentials?

Picking the right road trip accessories ensures a safe, comfy, and fun trip. There are a few things to consider when picking out this trip gear. We'll talk about the different things you should think about in this guide so that you can choose the best road trip packing list for your needs.

  • Purpose and Necessity

The first thing is to know what each item is used for. Check if something is necessary for your safety, comfort, or fun. Sort things by their importance to situations or how often they can be used. For example, you should always have a first aid bag in a medical emergency. A multifunctional tool can be used for many things, such as tightening loose screws and opening bottles.

  • Compatibility with Vehicles

Before buying any extras, ensure they will work with your car. Whether it's a seat storage box, a cooler in the car, or a roof rack, it's essential that it fits your vehicle and doesn't get in the way of how it works. If you want to add electronic devices like dashboard cameras or GPS systems, ensure your car can handle the power and installation methods needed.

  • Durability and Quality

Buying good-quality items that last a long time will save you money in the long run. The durable design and resilient materials can withstand the physical strain and adverse weather conditions encountered on extended journeys.  

Find out about different names and read reviews from other travellers to understand how well and how long something will last. Don't skimp on essential things like pocket batteries or tyre inflators to avoid risking your safety.

  • Ease of Use and Convenience

Check to see if the items are simple to use and put on. It can be annoying to deal with complicated settings, especially when you're moving around. Look for features that are easy to use and a quick startup process. Also, think about how convenient it is. Coolers that are easy to carry, chairs that fold up, and other easy camping gear to store can make parking and overnight camping more fun and less of a bother.

  • Space and Storage

There is only sometimes a lot of room on road trips, so pick items that are small or can help you save space. Think about how much room an item needs and how it can be stored. New ideas like vacuum-sealed clothing and water bags that can be folded up make the best use of the room. Also, think about how the items will fit in with the rest of your luggage and how easy it will be to get to them when needed. 

Final Thoughts

In Australia, road trips are the best way to see the continent's vast and varied landscapes, from the rough Outback to lush rainforests and pristine coastlines. They are the very definition of excitement.

It's essential to carefully plan your road trip packing list for safety, ease, and a better trip. Bringing a Jackery Solar Generator on your road trip lets you use renewable energy to power gadgets and essentials without relying on traditional power sources.   

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