Campervan Storage Ideas: How to Organise Campervan Storage?

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Campervan Storage Ideas: How to Organise Campervan Storage?

Embarking on a trip to Australia in a campervan is not simply a travel choice; it is a distinct lifestyle that epitomises freedom, adventure and a solid connection to the continent's vast and diverse natural landscapes. It's a lifestyle that appeals to those looking for an alternative to the standard fixtures and fittings that have propelled it to popularity. However, living or travelling in a campervan presents unique issues, particularly regarding space management and resource efficiency.


Campervan living is all about simplicity and efficiency. Space is limited, and every inch counts. Making the most use of limited space while keeping various equipment and items organised is essential for a comfortable and cosy camping experience. This article will explain everything about the campervan storage ideas. Introducing portable power stations like the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro and 2000 Pro has transformed how campervans manage power. 

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Key Takeaways:

• Storage management is one of the most significant issues for campervan owners. Campervan storage will face several challenges, such as limited space, organisation, access, versatility, and weight distribution.

• There are essential items, considering the campervan storage, such as kitchen equipment, clothing, sleeping gear, bathroom essentials, entertainment items, and tools.  

• Five innovative storage ideas are explored to maximise space and improve the campervan's convenience and functionality - multifunctional furniture with hidden storage, vertical space utilisation, slide-out and pull-out assemblies, roof & external storage solutions, and smart organising accessories.

• We highly recommend the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro and 2000 Pro to charge your campervan appliances; these power stations are more than just energy - they represent freedom and flexibility.

What Are The Storage Challenges for Campervan Owners?

Storage management is one of the most significant issues for campervan owners. Many people are drawn to the allure of the open road, the freedom to travel at your speed, and the convenience of having all of your basics in one little place. However, this minimalist lifestyle necessitates creative storage solutions due to the restricted space in campervans. We'll look at the most typical storage difficulties that campervan owners confront.

Limited space: The most obvious challenge is more available space. Campervans are designed to be compact and manoeuvrable, often resulting in a lack of storage capacity. Owners must prioritise their goods, determining what is necessary and what may be left behind.

Organisation: Limited space makes it challenging to organise items. Without adequate organisation, a campervan's interior can soon become crowded, making the living area claustrophobic and uncomfortable.

Access: Even if all goods are neatly stowed, locating specific objects when needed can be difficult. Effectively organising storage space such that frequently used objects are easily accessible while less often used items are stored out of the way is a balancing act.

Versatility: In a campervan, space must frequently be employed for several functions. Dining areas may be converted into beds, while storage areas may be required to double as seats or workplaces. Designing storage solutions that accommodate this adaptability without sacrificing accessibility or organisation is a complex task.

Weight distribution: A campervan's safety and manoeuvrability depend on proper weight distribution. Storage solutions must address how goods are placed around the vehicle to avoid negatively compromising drivability.

Why Is Efficient Campervan Storage Important?

Efficient campervan storage solutions are about more than just saving space; they are also about increasing your overall quality of life on the road. A well-planned storage solution can divide a messy, uncomfortable living area from a cosy, functional home on wheels. Furthermore, efficient storage space can significantly increase the safety and convenience of travel. Proper organisation and accessibility eliminate the need to hunt for objects while driving, whereas appropriate weight distribution guarantees that the vehicle handles effectively in all driving circumstances.

What Are The Items Needed For Campervan Storage?

Campervan storage necessitates careful planning and intelligent use of space. Because of the unique nature of campervan living, each item must serve a purpose, preferably many functions. This article will look at the numerous objects that must be stored in a campervan and provide tips on maximising space while preserving comfort and convenience.

campervan equipment items

Kitchen Equipment

Campervans may frequently accommodate tiny appliances such as small fridges, double-burner cookers, and, occasionally, microwaves or toasters. These appliances must be stored if they are relocated during the trip. In addition, space-saving cooking items, including nesting pots and pans, collapsible colanders, and multi-purpose cutlery, are required. Magnetic knife strips and adhesive utensil hooks make the best use of available wall space. Dry items such as pasta, rice, and canned meals require proper storage. Using airtight containers saves space while keeping food fresh. Consider employing a slide-out or under-counter pantry for convenience.

Clothing and Personal Items

Clothing storage should be adaptable to a variety of climates. Vacuum-sealed bags can help compress unneeded seasonal apparel. Hangers and under-bed drawers are excellent storage solutions for everyday clothing. Hangers that take up little space and collapsible cubes make the most of wardrobe space. Dedicated storage for shoes and outerwear helps keep the car's interior tidy. Add a boot tray near the door and jacket organisers on the roof.

Sleeping Gear

Camping vans typically include convertible beds, requiring storage for bedding. Vacuum-sealed bags help you save space on pillows and duvets. To sleep outside, you'll need compact sleeping bags and collapsible mats. These goods can be kept in overhead cabinets or under the chairs.

Bathroom Essentials

Toiletries should be stored in waterproof containers or bags to prevent spills. Magnetic strips are used to grip metal goods like tweezers and nail clippers. Microfibre towels are perfect since they dry quickly and are small. Towels can be rolled up and put in a basket or hanging net. Space for chemicals and toilet paper is required if a portable toilet is supplied. Shelves or cabinets near the bathroom are practical.

Entertainment and Recreational Items

Books and devices, such as laptops or tablets, must be stored securely. Built-in bookcases and under-seat storage are good options. Hobby items like tiny games, cards, and knitting or painting materials can be kept in compact containers or drawers. More significant things, like bicycles or surfboards, can be stored on external luggage racks or storage boxes. Tents, chairs, and portable tables should be compact and light. Exterior storage compartments are commonly utilised to keep these things.

Tools and Maintenance Supplies

Essential campervan repair tools, such as hammers, screwdrivers, and spanners, should be easily accessible and stored in a toolbox. Environmentally friendly cleaning materials, brooms, and dustpans should be kept in a convenient location, such as under a sink.

There is nothing like living off the grid. You can enhance the experience by including a portable power station or a solar generator. When people consider living on the road in a van or being a "nomad" in their RVs, they feel that practically all of life's basic amenities, such as WiFi, refrigerator, and even basic lighting, must be sacrificed. However, you can charge appliances without effort if you have a portable power station, such as Jackery Portable Power Station.

Top 5 Innovative Campervan Storage Ideas

Living in a campervan is an experience, as you enjoy the freedom of the open road while still having to keep your space comfortable, organised, and practical. Storage is essential to campervan design, and inventive solutions are required to utilise limited space while maintaining accessibility and convenience. This article delves into five innovative campervan storage ideas, each customised to a mobile lifestyle's specific needs.

best 5 campervan storage ideas

Multifunctional Furniture with Hidden Storage

Campervan living necessitates adaptable furniture design. Sofas that transform into beds, tables that fold down when not in use, and benches that serve as storage units are all necessary. These pieces of furniture conserve room and have secret compartments to store everything from bedding to clothing. Furthermore, customising furniture to the individual arrangement of the campervan can significantly increase storage space. Customised furniture can be built to fit into awkward corners, under beds, or even ceiling spaces, maximising every possible inch of space.

Van life may be messy, so choose simple furniture to clean and maintain. Removable furniture with wipeable surfaces and covers can be handy on the road. The most excellent furniture design focuses on maximising your limited area. Removable and folding van beds are built with this in mind, allowing you to reclaim room as needed. Because of their versatility, they are a popular choice among travellers. A retractable campervan bed provides the ideal balance of comfort and convenience. You can change your living space into a comfortable area, ensuring a good night's sleep wherever you park your van.

Vertical Space Utilisation

When it comes to caravan storage, think vertically. Consider how you can use every inch of space from floor to ceiling and how much headroom you require. Installing shelves or cabinets up high, depending on how much headspace you need, is a standard method for keeping less frequently used goods. Look for ways to use the vertical space available, such as placing shelves or hanging storage baskets on the walls. This allows you to free up crucial floor space, which lets you keep items like books, culinary equipment, and toiletries.

The walls of a campervan are ideal for storage. Installing combination shelves, knife and tool magnets, and hooks for hanging objects can significantly enhance storage space. Vertical space frees the floor area and produces a more expansive and ordered setting. Organisers can be installed on the inside of doors and cupboard surfaces for items such as spices, cutlery, and toiletries, making them easy to access while staying out of the way when not in use. Remember to be creative with your vertical space! Use them properly, and you'll be rewarded with plenty of space for rest and activity without feeling confined.

Slide-Out and Pull-Out Assemblies

A campervan slide-out (a slide, slide room, tip out, or bump out) expands the living area inside a motorhome or travel trailer. Almost any camper can have at least one slide-out (except tiny rigs like pop-up campers and teardrops), and many RVs have several. RV slide-outs are cut-out portions installed into the sides or back of the RV. The slide function allows them to stretch outward to enhance the camper's living space and then retract to return the rig to its compact size for transport.

The rack and pinion system is the most dependable (and most prevalent) form of RV slide-out. You are also known as "electric through-frame" slides, racks, and pinions. RV slide-out systems employ arms linked to an electric actuator motor beneath the slide box. An exterior slide-out kitchen can transform your outdoor cooking experience. It can hold a cooker, a compact fridge, and cookware storage, freeing space. A narrow pull-out pantry or closet can use a campervan's depth to neatly store food, clothing, or tools in a small space.

Roof and Exterior Storage Solutions

You can use the outside of your van if you only need a little extra space. Getting a roof rack or cargo boxes for your van can provide just that. The outside of the van can store propane tanks, spare tyres, extra winter coats, gear, and anything else that does not fit within your van. Roof racks and cargo bins can transport significant things like bicycles, kayaks, and spare tyres, decreasing clutter inside the vehicle. They are especially beneficial for outdoor enthusiasts who carry a lot of goods.

An awning will provide plenty of extra campervan storage space. It can store holiday items such as surfboards, beach games, deck chairs, bicycles, barbeques, and additional sleeping space if there isn't enough bedding within the van. Awnings provide weather protection while also extending your living area. The awning can be complemented with a windbreak, further expanding your private camping area.

Smart and Compact Organising Accessories

Investing in collapsible kitchenware, foldable tables and chairs, and compact appliances can drastically reduce storage space requirements. These things can be neatly put away when not in use, allowing more space for other activities. Vacuum seal bags are ideal for storing clothing, bedding, and seasonal items. They minimise the size of these objects, making them easier to keep in compact spaces.

Magnetic strips for tools and sticky hooks for hanging objects are both simple but helpful storage solutions. They are simple to install and may be placed in various positions throughout the van for maximum convenience. Use every nook and cranny in your camper van for storage:

  1. Mount overhead compartments, under-bed storage drawers, and magnetic organisers to the walls.
  2. Use storage boxes and baskets to organise smaller objects.
  3. To minimise space, consider using vacuum storage bags for large goods like bedding and clothes.

Check for "dead" places that could be used for campervan storage. If you have a fixed bed, you can keep many goods underneath it. Similarly, you can store bedding if you have bench seats. There is room in several sections of a campervan or caravan.  

Campervan Storage Hacks & Tips

Campervan storage ideas must be both creative and functional. Customising storage solutions to meet the specific demands of campervan owners can significantly improve their overall experience. Here, we'll review how to make these storage items yourself, consider security and durability, and upgrade your campervan with intelligent accessories like the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro and 1000 Pro portable power stations.

  • Make Use of Surface Area: Find ways to increase surface area. For example, if your kitchen is small, consider adding a folding, slide-out, or swivel table to cut your vegetables with plenty of space. You can expand surface space by adding a top to your sink or having an outside table.
  • Make A Packing List: Create a packing list and double-check it before storing anything in your campervan. This ensures you only carry items that take up room and serve no purpose. A list can also provide peace of mind by ensuring you remember everything necessary.
  • Take Advantages of Outdoor Area: Use the outside of your van for extra space. Getting a roof rack or cargo boxes for your van can provide just that. The outside of the van can store propane tanks, spare tyres, extra winter coats, gear, and anything else that does not fit within your van. 
  • Have A Place for Used Items: One important campervan storage tip is to have a designated area for filthy items such as laundry and shoes. Nobody enjoys putting muddy or soaking wet boots in the centre of their laminate floors during a rainstorm or before driving away.
  • Give Everything A Home: Assign a specific "home" to each item in your van to prevent clutter while driving. It also means you will only have that one backpack or item bouncing around your van with a place to rest and stay put. Those items might make your area smaller because they always keep in sight.  
  • PowerSolution: Reliable electricity is essential for charging electronics, running small appliances, and powering DIY tools. The compact size is ideal for the restricted space of a campervan. A solar-powered generator can reduce your reliance on nonrenewable energy sources. Outfitting your campervan with DIY storage solutions and innovative accessories like the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro or 2000 Pro portable power stations may significantly improve your living and travel experience. These tailored solutions integrate practicality with safety.

Jackery Portable Power Stations for Campervans

Towing a small pop-up camper or hauling a 40-foot diesel pusher, a portable power station with multiple outlets could be a handy integration to the campervan. Yes, even if your campervan or RV has many alternatives to powering the AC and DC supply, a power station for campers gives several ports to run and charge the equipment, which might be extremely valuable.

how jackery solar generator works for campervan

Jackery Portable Power Stations deliver dependable electricity, are ecologically friendly, portable, versatile, and operate silently, increasing the camping experience while accomplishing sustainability objectives. Jackery Solar Panels enhance solar energy utilisation by integrating with Jackery Portable Power Stations, giving your campervans an environmentally responsible power option.

These generators are an easy, cost-effective solution that gives campers practicality and peace of mind while exploring the great outdoors. The Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro and Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro are portable power stations that have transformed how outdoor enthusiasts, particularly campervan owners, approach their power storage and usage demands while on the road.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro

The Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro is a high-capacity portable power station designed to suit the energy requirements of campervan owners and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a dependable, long-lasting power supply. With a 1002 Wh lithium-ion battery and 1000 watts (2000 watts peak) of output power, it can power up to seven devices at once, making it an excellent choice for powering laptops and smartphones, as well as larger devices like electric toaster ovens and coffee makers.

One of the Explorer 1000 Pro's most prominent characteristics is its quick AC charging capability, which can recharge the battery in just 1.8 hours. This fast charging speed benefits campervan users with limited time to utilise a power outlet before heading back into the wilderness. The station supports twin 100W PD (Power Delivery) fast charging, which allows for the quick charging of high-power devices such as PD laptops and tablets.

jackery solar generator 1000 pro

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro portable power station represents the pinnacle of power, efficiency, and durability, exceeding expectations. With an astonishing charging capacity of 2,160Wh, this power station exemplifies clean and sustainable energy. Consider a charge time of less than 5.5 hours with 6* SolarSaga 100W solar panels or just 2 hours with an AC wall receptacle, making it an ideal choice for camping vacations or as a dependable emergency backup power supply.

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro is designed for durability and dependability, with a ten-year lifespan assuming twice-weekly use. Its durability is enhanced by heat dissipation and high-temperature protection, which provide maximum functioning in various environments. A simple switch activation grants access to an infinite supply of renewable energy. The redesigned input and output display panels and new on-screen features, such as a low power warning and malfunction code indicator, provide high-quality data for efficient and informed operation. In a world where power is essential, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro is an example of cutting-edge technology.

jackery solar generator 2000 pro

Campervan Storage Ideas FAQs

The following are the most frequently asked questions about campervan storage ideas in Australia:

  1. 1. Should a caravan be stored at the level?

    Your caravan should be stored on a level surface with the corner steadies lowered. Place chocks under the wheels. Spin the wheels to keep them from being in one position over long periods. This can be accomplished by shifting the caravan back and forth or jacking it up to rotate each tyre.

    1. 2. What size of generator do I need for my campervan?

      To select the correct size generator for your campervan, consider your energy requirements, the effectiveness of your solar panels, battery storage capacity, the unique needs of your equipment, as well as practical factors like mobility and cost. Customers can select a Jackery Portable Power Station with capacities ranging from 12 kWh to 300Wh for a portable solar system based on their energy requirements. The formula for estimating the operating hours of Jackery-powered appliances is as follows:

      Working Hours (H) = [Jackery Solar Generator Capacity (Wh)*0.85] / Appliance's Wattage (W)

      The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro can run a 100-watt ceiling fan for 18.36 hours (2160Wh x 0.85/100). This formula assists in determining the hours during which appliances can function.

      1. 3. How do you stay organised in a camper?

      At least once a year, you should thoroughly clean your campervan, whether during spring cleaning or fall winterisation activities. It's also an excellent time to organise all the corners, crannies, drawers, and closets! This will not only make your campervan more organised and clean, but it will also make it much easier to maintain. Doing the simple things every day is essential for maintaining an organised campervan. Here are some of our favourite methods for organising your campervan to stay tidy from trip to trip.

      • Keep tablesand counters clear.
      • Mount storage units, hooks, and shelves on walls and cabinets.
      • Use baskets, boxes, and bins within cabinets.
      • Store frequently used things in easily accessible spots.
      • Store less-used items under the bed or dinette.
      • Designate pass-through and underneath storage spaces for outdoor gear.

      Final Thoughts

      Campervan storage is one of the most crucial aspects to consider while converting a van. And you can never have enough storage; that is a fact. In campervan living, the key to harmonic and practical campervan storage ideas is balancing space and power and knowing how to manage the campervans. There are numerous tools and methods for managing campervan space; for electricity, consider the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro and 2000 Pro portable power stations, critical components in attaining this delicate balance, giving campervan owners a sustainable and versatile power solution.

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