How to Plan A Surprise Birthday Party

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How to Plan A Surprise Birthday Party

With enough planning, throwing a birthday party can be exciting and manageable. Numerous factors, including venue, theme, cuisine, and decorations, must be considered while planning the perfect birthday bash. That's why we compiled this comprehensive birthday party planning guide.


Whether you're an expert or just starting, this comprehensive handbook will cover all your bases. Jackery offers Portable Power Stations that are ideal for use at outdoor parties or places without access to electricity. These stations can charge essential party equipment such as a portable speaker, karaoke machine, outdoor projector, etc. 

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Key Takeaways:

A birthday party demonstrates how much you care about the individual and how determined you are to make their special day memorable.                      

Planning a birthday party, you will need five types of supplies, including party essentials (such as invitation card, guest list, etc), party decorations, food and drinks, party games, and extras (like camera, stereo, projector, and more).

There are seven main steps to plan a surprise birthday party. You should select a party theme, determine the date and guests, pick a venue, decide the budget, choose menus, add entertainment, and send out your invitations.

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What Does A Successful Birthday Party Look Like? 

Organising a surprise celebration for a loved one at an Australian birthday party location is a monumental undertaking. It demonstrates how much you care about the individual and how determined you are to make their special day memorable. Adding an element of surprise to the party makes it more thrilling and extraordinary, building up the delight and anticipation even more.

At its core, a party is just an excuse to get people together for a good time. You can throw a once-in-a-lifetime bash if you remember this and use it as a guide when you make important decisions about the party. This touching act may put a fantastic celebration in motion, which fills the celebrant with enormous delight and satisfaction. 

Birthday Party Supplies 

Only some things on this list will be necessary for your party, depending on its size and style. We have compiled this exhaustive list to avoid repeat party supply orders and ensure that you notice everything. When planning a birthday party, it's essential to think ahead about details like:

birthday party supplies

Birthday Party Basic Essentials

The invitations to your birthday celebration are a fantastic opportunity to set the tone and notify your guests of all the essential details. If you want your birthday invitations to be easy, you may create them with a theme or a plain design.

If you want an exact headcount to guide your party supply purchases:

  • Ensure your invites include a way to RSVP.
  • Stock up on stamps, even if you won't find them in your local party supply shop. You can find stamps at most supermarkets or the post office.
  • Get enough stamps to send out thank-you cards while doing it.

Additional necessities for a birthday celebration include the following.

Birthday Party Essentials

Invitation Card

Thank You Card


Cake Stands & Servers

Ice Cream Scoop


Serving Bowls

Wine Glasses



Coffee Maker

Coffee Mugs





The dishes you'll need for your party might be better planned if you give some thought you'll be serving. When planning, remember to factor in the ages of your visitors. At gatherings, for instance, little ones may have trouble with fragile paper plates or with meals touching one another. Investing in some sturdy plates with dividers could be a good idea to keep meals from being mixed up while kids play. 

Birthday Party Decorations

For most event organisers, this is the most enjoyable area to work on. The age range of your guests is another factor to consider when determining the necessary decorations for a birthday celebration.

If you're worried that a small kid could hurt themselves or break anything during the party, it's best to keep things simple. On the other hand, if your guests are on the elder side, the decorations may bring your theme to life uniquely and enjoyably. If you're looking for some decorations, here they are.

Birthday Party Decorations




Yard Signs

Party Hats

Wall Decorations

Photo Booth




Patterned Paper


Crepe Paper

Craft Supplies

Table Cover


Your party's theme will inspire everything you need to host a spectacular party. Furthermore, your celebration will be much more interesting if you arrange the decorations by a particular theme. A disco ball from the '70s or a bunch of balloon animals are the simple things that will make your party stand out, regardless of the theme you choose. Be sure that the party supplies you desire for a child's birthday are exciting and suitable for their age.

Birthday Party Food & Drinks

Determining the food and drink that will be served is another vital element of party preparation. Consider imaginative dishes accompanying your theme when making a menu or catering order. This may include birthday cakes, appetisers, or mocktails that fit the theme. To ensure everyone can eat the delicious food, inquire about any food allergies or limitations in the invitation.

Birthday Party Food & Drinks

Birthday Cake

Main Course


Specialty Menu Items

Ice Cream


Alcoholic Beverages







Bar Mixes



No matter what time of day you have your birthday celebration, it is customary to give meals in addition to the usual fare of sweets. Think of serving some easy snacks or appetisers if the celebration isn't happening during mealtime.

Make sure there's enough food to go around if your party is scheduled around a mealtime; otherwise, your guests may feel compelled to gorge themselves on cake. Guests who are ravenous during your party are less likely to enjoy themselves and more likely to be grumpy.

Consider your visitors' dietary allergies or sensitivities when preparing the menu. When guests RSVP, include any food sensitivities if you don't know them well enough to do so in the invitation.

Birthday Party Games

Games and activities are fun for people of all ages, whether a birthday celebration for a child or an event only for adults. If you want your party to be memorable and for people to talk to one other when they meet for the first time, prepare some entertaining activities. You could play card games for a casino-themed party.

Birthday Party Games

Toys & Puzzles

Water Bottle

Art Crafts

Themed Washcloths

Temporary Tattoos

AR Games

Stuffed Animals

Homemade Cakes

Board Games

Telling A Story

Play with Pets

Taking Photos

Another method to make your house appear festive and cheery is to use the packaging of party favours as table decorations. If you plan on having party favours, think about what they may look like before you pile decorations all over the tables.

Birthday Party Extras

Aside from the apparent party essentials like food, beverages, and games, there are a few things that you may overlook, but they make a big difference when throwing a party. For instance, music is vital at a birthday party for several reasons, including creating the atmosphere, inspiring dancing, and bringing the guests together. 

Birthday Party Extras

Portable Speaker


Outdoor Projector


Rubbish Bags

LED Lights

Gift Wrap

Cake Topper




Portable Power Station

When selecting the finest portable electricity for your birthday parties, many options are available. A portable generator is the way to go for events with many moving parts. Party equipment like the speaker, stereo, camera, LED lights, and more can be charged with the Jackery Portable Power Stations all day.

How to Plan A Surprise Birthday Party 

The most joyous day of the year is undoubtedly a birthday, and unlike other celebrations, this one is all about that one unique individual. No matter who you're celebrating the birthday of - a kid, parent, spouse, or anybody else - it's the perfect chance to revel in their existence and express your deepest sentiments.

how to plan a birthday party

The fundamental difficulty for event organisers is to organise all the little things. An excellent birthday party begins with a thorough list of all the tasks that must be completed, along with the due date and the most efficient means of accomplishing each task. Following these rules will help you plan a birthday party smoothly. 

Step 1: Select A Birthday Party Theme

Pick a nice theme since it is the most crucial thing that may make a party more memorable. Create one that showcases your interests or go with a popular theme like "Cowgirl/Cowboy," "Jungle," "K Pop," "Disco," or "Rockstar" that everyone will like. Do you like making things, or are you a huge Marvel or Game of Thrones fan? It would be best if you took advantage of this situation by planning a way to draw attention to the fact that it is your birthday. 

You can simplify your search for the ideal location, menu, and decorations for your party if you have a clear theme. The event will be cohesive and simple to remember because of you. 

Now is the time to think about the party style that will go well with your theme. For instance, if you're planning a birthday dinner or brunch, try having your guests dress as their favourite celebrity. Also, a garden party with food trucks might be perfect if you're more into casual events. For the year 2024, here are a few ideas for birthday parties:

  • 20s Disco Party
  • Vintage Party
  • Harry Potter Themed Party
  • Marvel-Themed Birthday Party
  • Casino-Themed Party
  • Disney-Themed Party
  • All Black Party

Step 2: Determine The Date & Guest List

Consider a few things before deciding a time and date for your celebration. The age of the honoree should be a primary consideration. The party could be better planned for an afternoon on the weekend if it's for children and adults, it might be better for either a weekday or an evening.

The accessibility of your visitors is another crucial consideration. Ensure important people, including close relatives or friends, can attend the celebration by checking in with them in advance. It is essential to provide enough notice to your guests if your event is planned during a busy season, like the holidays or summer.

Notes from Experts*

Time of year and season are other factors to consider while planning your party. As an example, it all depends on the weather where you live; there may be better choices than an outdoor party, for instance, during the summer or winter.  

Step 3: Pick A Venue

An essential aspect of throwing a memorable birthday party is selecting the appropriate location. The location you choose for your event significantly impacts the atmosphere and how comfortable your visitors will be. Consider a few spots in Sydney if you want a first-rate location for your function.

Among the many reasons this breathtaking location is perfect for a birthday bash is its cutting-edge audiovisual equipment, ensuring your guests have a memorable celebration. In addition, your event will be executed flawlessly and without a hitch by its skilled personnel.

  • The Glenmore Room
  • Top Deck
  • The Terrace
  • Hideaway
  • Lover's Lane

Step 4: Decide The Budget

Right now, we need to discuss finances. What is your desired budget for coordinating everything? Everything you want for your party, including the location, food, drinks, entertainment, decorations, and cake, should be divided according to your selected budget.

Always take your time and don't hurry anything! Consider how much you can cost and choose the finest choice. Which is better: throwing a party at your place and cooking everything yourself, getting a caterer or renting a restaurant or bar that will take care of everything?

You have a plethora of choices. Using a spreadsheet (or writing down your calculations) is brilliant for evaluating options within your budget. Making a budget is necessary if you want to have fun while planning your birthday and not go into debt. 

Step 5: Choose The Menus & Drinks

There can only be a birthday party with tasty food and drinks. Having the right food at your party takes it to the next level and makes everyone happy. When planning your meal, consider your party's theme and guests' food allergies and preferences.

People often serve hot dogs, pizza, burgers, fried chicken and cheese at kids' birthday parties. It would help to have a DIY food spot, like a taco or pizza bar, where people can make food. With an adult party, you can be more creative with the food. You could have a spread with many different foods or a sit-down dinner with many meals. 

As starters, people like charcuterie boards and bruschetta. For main courses, they like grilled meats or pasta meals. For dessert, they want cake or cupcakes. Give both kids and adults a choice of different kinds of drinks. For kids, you could offer juice boxes, lemonade, or pop. For adults, you could provide beer, wine, or fancy drinks.

Step 6: Add Entertainment

Okay, let's get to the fun part: the birthday party games! For your party to stand out, you should plan fun things to keep everyone busy from beginning to end.

For a fantastic party, think about planning fun things to do with your guests from the beginning to the end. Why not hire a professional DJ and saxophone duo? Plus, they'll bring some cool lighting effects to make things even more fun. Add that extra something special by setting up a video DJ booth that is just for your event.

You could also hire a professional shooter. What do you think? They can get pictures of all the special times that might happen at the party. You also won't have to worry about missing important details or getting lousy cell phone pictures from someone who needs to learn how to use their camera right!

Also, for extra fun, why make a picture-perfect area with throwaway cameras, toys, and decorations that inspire everyone to be creative?

Step 7: Send Out Your Invitations

Inviting friends and family is one of the most crucial parts of planning a successful birthday party. Ensure your attendees know when and where the party will be held and other vital details like the dress code or expected gifts.

Keep the intended tone and concept in mind when you design the invites. For instance, invitations for a children's party could be more whimsical and colourful than those for a formal dinner. 

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How to Plan A Birthday Party FAQs

The frequently asked questions about how to plan a surprise birthday party in Australia are listed below:

1. Is 4 hours too long for a birthday party?

It depends on what kind of event it is. Four hours is usually enough for adult birthday parties and events at night. Most formal events, like weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and sweet sixteen parties, last at least four hours but can last much longer. Also, parties for little kids should only last two hours because they only have a little time to pay attention. Do you still know how long your event should last? Etiquette can differ depending on where you live, so look at other events like this to get ideas.

2. How soon should you plan a birthday party?

About two months before your family's or friend's birthday, you should begin organising the celebration, whether a formal dinner or a casual barbeque. Once you've settled on the party's theme, date, location, size, and total budget, it's time to round up your support staff and get the party started. The following is a schedule for birthday party preparations:

prepare a birthday  timeline

3. How many guests should you have at a birthday party?

The bonds in a group start to fray if the number of members exceeds nine. Hence, seven plus or minus two is the sweet spot for guest lists at forthcoming parties (five to nine individuals). This is all predicated on studies, and your circumstances may require a different approach. To test the waters, have a dinner party with five or nine guests instead of four or thirteen. You may be surprised by how much fun it is. It is possible that you will be delighted.

Final Thoughts

Although organising and planning a birthday party may seem like a breeze, We can attest from experience that it can be quite a drag. Remember that you need to have everything in order as early as possible if you want to host a one-of-a-kind and memorable party. Remember to take a Jackery Portable Power Station to charge your birthday party gadgets effectively.    

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