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Glamping 101: The Ultimate Guide to Glamping in Australia

Glamping 101: The Ultimate Guide to Glamping in Australia

Glamping is an excellent way to view many of Australia's beautiful landmarks while remaining comfortable. Glamping is a lovely alternative to traditional camping, allowing you to escape the mundane. Enjoy the beauty of nature while relaxing in the amenities of a hotel. Discover soul-soothing glamping in Australia, from starlit escapes to opulent safari-style tents set in lush woodlands.

Glamping is elegant camping that blends the charm of being in nature with the luxury of a carefully tailored experience. Here's everything you need to know, from the benefits and equipment required to the best spots to camp. If you're considering glamping in Australia, this guide is for you. Furthermore, the Jackery Portable Power Station is a portable rechargeable generator with a high-quality lithium battery that provides consistent and dependable power to glamping appliances day or night. 

glamping 101

Key Takeaways:

  • Glamping is when breathtaking natural beauty meets sophisticated luxury. It's a way to experience the wild without sacrificing creature comforts.

  • The most significant advantage of glamping in Australia is the luxury of being comfortable in the middle of nowhere in an unrivaled area. Besides, it has no time limits, is ideal for family, and has less packing.

  • You don't have to pack too much as camping. All you need to take is the necessary gear, such as essential items (clothes, ID, credit card), entertainment supplies (portable speaker, projector, camera), and a power station.

  • We highly recommend Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro, 1000 Pro, and 500 portable power stations to power outdoor appliances, such as a portable cooler, projector, Bluetooth speaker, and more.

  • When converting camping into glamping, you should convert the tent first, pack luxuries from home, set the kitchen like home, arrange a lounge space, and add more entertainment.

  • There are some famous glamping sites in Australia that you can visit at least once, such as Nightfall in Queensland, Mornington Peninsula Hot Spring in Victoria, Sierra Escape in NSW, and Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef in WA.

What Is Glamping in Australia?

Glamping is when breathtaking natural beauty meets sophisticated luxury. It's a way to experience the wild and unusual regions of the world without sacrificing creature comforts.

People's travel habits have shifted. You no longer desire a one-size-fits-all trip. You want to discover on our terms, immerse yourself in local culture, and live in nature rather than merely observe it. Glamping, a blend of elegance and camping, is a chance to enjoy the world's most breathtaking locations authentically.

For various reasons, Australia is one of the top glamping destinations in the world. To begin, Australia has a plethora of glamping destinations to select from, so you're bound to find the ideal one for you. Many new glamping choices have been made available to travelers in recent years, and as Australians embrace glamping, this trend is set to continue.

Second, Australia provides diverse glamping experiences, including glamping near beaches and national parks and in luxury tents and safari-style lodges. Australia's environment offers a wide range of sceneries and natural beauty, so whether you prefer a comfortable bed by the beach or a cozy cabin with a fireplace in the jungle, there will be something for you.

Finally, Australia is well-known for its beautiful weather. Almost all year, glampers can enjoy the fantastic weather and pleasant temps. Even during the rainy season, there are some lovely glamping retreats where you can curl up inside and relax while watching the rain fall.

Why Is Glamping So Popular in Australia? 

The most significant advantage of glamping in Australia is the luxury of being comfortable in the middle of nowhere in an unrivaled area. Let's have a look at some more benefits.

Comfy Accommodation: Although some people enjoy vacations, sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag might not be their idea of fun. This is where glamping comes in; it's a simple way to explore the outdoors while still having the amenities of a hotel. You enjoy all the perks of camping without setting up a tent or blowing up an air mattress.

Close to Nature: Glamping is a perfect compromise that immerses you in nature while accessing modern conveniences such as running water and a comfy bed. You also get to be in an exceptional place, such as on a safari in Africa, which may not have the infrastructure or permits to construct in such conditions.

No Time Limits: Unlike camping, which is inconvenient in cold weather or extreme heat, glamping is intended to be enjoyed year-round. Accommodations are often designed to withstand various weather conditions and may feature floor heating, area heaters, or a fireplace to keep you warm even in freezing weather. In the summer, you might be heated out of your tent in the early morning. However, if you're glamping, you'll most likely be equipped with fans or other means to stay cool in hot weather.

Ideal for Family: While children enjoy camping, adults with limited vacation time want to enjoy some simple amenities. This is why glamping is perfect for the entire family, and while running any form of accommodation, you want to match the crucial guest expectations.

Less Packing: Because the glamping operator provides so much, there is significantly less to pack, making glamping a more straightforward vacation. You should bring the essentials and devices, and remember to bring a Jackery Portable Power Station to charge your belongings. 

Glamping VS. Camping

Glamping, or elegant camping, has become a popular outdoor recreation in the last decade. If you require a natural mattress, running water, or an actual toilet, various solutions bridge the gap between traditional camping and the luxuries of home.

Suppose you're looking for a challenge that is the polar opposite of our luxurious lifestyles. In that case, you might find the most thrill by reducing life to the bare necessities, or you might need a few extra creature comforts to make the journey more bearable. But, regardless of what the trip requires, it is camping. When discussing the benefits of glamping, we noted some distinctions between camping and glamping, but let's take a closer look.

Essential Gear: There's nothing more relaxing than getting ready for a camping vacation. Consider many goods such as foldable chairs, sleeping bags, air mattresses, a cooking stove, lights, and other items. Glamping eliminates the need to think about supplies because everything is provided for you.

Amenities: Camping is about relaxing around a campfire on your fold-out chairs, singing songs, and sharing ghost stories. While glamping allows you to do this, camping is more rustic, so you may go days without showering or cleaning your dishes in a bucket or a river.

When you glamp, on the other hand, you may enjoy restroom and shower facilities within your lodging and meals provided by the campsite. Rustic implies that it is more do-it-yourself, yet glamping includes that aspect of service that makes the difference in client happiness.

Level of Standard: Glamping can occur anywhere and in any housing, unlike campgrounds, which don't vary much depending on where you travel (other than location and scenery). Glamping is everything but standard. They may be repurposed traditional huts with modern amenities or a treehouse in the middle of the forest with plumbing and power. This variety of options is what makes glamping so exciting.

Glamping Gear: What to Pack?

If you prefer being outside but find camping an endurance test, glamping may be for you. Bringing one or two glamping accessories elevates you from a mere camper to glamper status. Not satisfied with merely getting away from it all, glampers aim to have the best of both worlds by experiencing nature's wonders without sacrificing any of life's conveniences.

Whatever your preferences, here's our selection of the most essential glamping equipment and camping comforts to inspire you to try it and start camping in luxury.

Glamping Gear

Water Bottle

Camping Chair

Outdoor Blanket

Travel Towel




Coffee Maker

Picnic Basket

Portable Speaker


Portable Cooler





Entertainment Items

Jackery Portable Power Station

A glamping tent is similar to an outdoor resort experience in the woods. It's like having your private cabin, villa, or whatever you'd want from a resort, but with the charming accommodations of a large canvas luxury tent. Inside these tents, you may have all of the sumptuous conveniences of home, including kitchen utensils, air conditioning, TV, WIFI, and all home amenities, in addition to the natural beauty of being outside and the excitement of sleeping under the stars.

Glamping is more than just spending the night in an RV or a glamping tent. The most fabulous glamping destinations are in distant areas, such as vacation parks, where you can completely immerse yourself in your surroundings' natural beauty while having modern and contemporary gear. However, power is essential for glamping, especially if you want to watch a movie or listen to music outside. The Jackery Portable Power Station is best for glamping since it provides clean, endless power for outdoor devices.

Jackery Portable Power Stations for Glamping

Glamping is a mix of camping and glamour. Simply put, it intersects breathtaking nature and contemporary and modern luxury. It's ideal for individuals who want to get out in spirit but avoid roughing it too much. You don't need to bring many accessories, but remember to bring a power station.

Jackery is an extraordinary brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality solar equipment. The Jackery Portable Power Station, powered by lithium batteries, provides a continuous and dependable energy source for camping equipment.

The power storage capacity of Jackery Portable Power Stations is adequate to operate the most vital camping appliances, such as a portable cooler, projector, Bluetooth speaker, and more, for an entire weekend. We recommend combining Jackery Solar Panels with a Portable Power Station - Jackery Solar Generator for extended camping trips to ensure constant access to clean, renewable solar energy.

There are numerous methods for charging a portable power station. The connections and wiring of solar panel connectors and power stations are examples of solar energy harvesting. Charging capabilities can also be extended to a carport or an AC adaptor.

how jackery solar generator works
The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro portable power station can power up to seven electronics simultaneously, with a battery capacity of 2160Wh and an output power of 2200W. If you need reliable electricity for glamping, other outdoor pursuits, or a blackout, the Explorer 2000 Pro is the way to go.

Using your Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro portable power station twice weekly will last ten years. With a standby capacity of 100% for over a year, it is a reliable power supply for home backup. It is the best choice because it boasts cutting-edge features such as fast charging (only 2 hours with AC input), comprehensive security with a top-tier BMS, and an intuitive, high-contrast display.

The portable generator weighs 19.5 pounds and has a folding handle for portability. The Explorer 2000 Pro portable power station's lithium-ion battery, MPPT solar charge controller, and pure sine wave inverter enable it to store solar energy for later use. It can power up to 98% of glamping appliances, such as portable refrigerators, projectors, lights, and other items. It can power a 300W portable chiller for 5.6 hours and a 200W movie projector for 8.4 hours, for example.

Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station


jackery explorer 2000 pro power station for glamping


2160Wh (43.2V/50Ah)

Life Cycle

1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity



Recharging Methods

Explorer 2000 Pro + 6*SolarSaga 100W: 5.5H

AC Adapter: 2H

12V Car Adapter: 24H

Output Ports

2*AC Output: 230V, 2200W (peak 4400W); 2*USB-A: Quick Charge 3.0x2, 18W Max; 2*USB-C: 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 15V, 12V, 20V up to 5A); 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Working Hours

Phone(10W): 168.5H; Light(20W): 84.2H; Projector(200W): 8.4H; Portable Fridge(300W): 5.6H; Speaker(100W): 16.8H; Portable Stove(600W): 2.8H

With its utterly compatible power station, the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station can power many devices simultaneously! The 1000W portable power station has a battery capacity of 1002Wh and can power your electronics while glamping or during a power outage. The BMS is the greatest in the industry, and it also has pure sine wave technology, a folding handle, and a fire rating of 94V-0.

The Explorer 1000 Pro is a three-port portable power station with one DC vehicle port, two USB A connectors, and two 1000W AC outlets. It can power up to 93% of your home's electrical needs, such as electric radios, refrigerators, phones, laptop computers, and more. For example, it can power a 200W movie projector for 4 hours, which is more than enough time to see a movie. It can power a 100W portable speaker for 8 hours.

The handle's collapsible shape makes transport and storage a breeze. This portable power source has a battery life of 1,000 charges, making it ideal for camping vacations. A pure sine wave inverter can power your devices without causing voltage fluctuations. A BMS monitors and maintains the battery life in this exceptionally quiet product (46dB).

Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station


jackery explorer 1000 pro power station for glamping


1002Wh (43.2V, 23.2Ah)

Life Cycle

1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity



Recharging Methods

Explorer 1000 Pro + 6*SolarSaga 80W: 9H

AC Adapter: 1.8H

12V Car Adapter: 12H

Output Ports

2*AC Output: 230V, 1000W, peak 2000W; 2*USB-A: Quick Charge 3.0x2, 18W Max; 2*USB-C: 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 15V, 12V, 20V up to 5A); 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Working Hours

Phone(10W): 80.2H; Light(20W): 40.1H; Projector(200W): 4H; Portable Fridge(300W): 2.7H; Speaker(100W): 8H; Portable Stove(600W): 1.3H

The Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station can power gadgets with modest to high power usage for several hours. The power station is suitable for glamping excursions and emergency home backup solutions due to its high battery capacity 518Wh, folding handle, industry-leading BMS technology, MPPT charge controller, and ergonomic design. It is incredibly portable, weighing only 6.4 kilograms.

The Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station has one AC outlet, two DC inputs, one carport, and three USB connections. Type A charging ports can power everything from smartphones to ceiling fans. The power station's small size, lightweight construction, and low noise level (as quiet as a human whisper) make it ideal for glamping experiences.

Never again will you have to search for a power outlet to recharge your Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station. Thanks to various charging options such as solar panels, automobile connectors, and power generators, you can charge your equipment anywhere, at any time. Besides, the battery life of the Jackery Explorer 500 Power Station is its main selling point.

Explorer 500 Portable Power Station


jackery explorer 500 portable power station for glamping


518Wh (21.6V, 24Ah)

Life Cycle

800 cycles to 80%+ capacity



Recharging Methods

Explorer 500 + 1*SolarSaga 100W: 9.5H

AC Adapter: 7.5H

12V Car Adapter: 7.5H

Output Ports

1*AC Output: 240V, 500W (peak 1000W); 2*DC Output: 12V⎓7A; 3*USB-A: 5V⎓2.4A; 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Working Hours

Phone(10W): 44H; Light(20W): 22H; Projector(200W): 2.2H; Portable Fridge(300W): 1.5H; Speaker(100W): 4.3H; Portable Stove(600W): 0.7H

How to Convert Camping into Glamping?

If your campsite has tents for rent, it's time to upgrade. Say goodbye to blow-up mats and consider installing genuine mattresses. Consider all the amenities your guests would expect from a hotel and ensure that your glamping site fulfills those standards.
how to convert camping to glamping

Step 1: Convert Your Tent

The tent is one of the most critical components of any camping trip. Enhance your camping experience by sprucing up your tent! Glampers typically choose to purchase tents that are twice as large. If camping with two other individuals, you should acquire a tent to sleep four. This allows you more room to roam around than standard camping tents with less space. Glamping requires a lot of space, so choose a tent that will enable you to stand up. It is a simple glamping need, but it will improve your standard camping experience.

Step 2: Pack Luxuries from Home

Bring home closer to you on your outdoor excursion! Here are some items you might want to bring from home:
  • Everything that contributes to a good night's sleep, such as a mattress, pillow, and bedding.
  • A mat to clean your feet on before entering your tent.
  • String lights, flowers, and even art are used as decorations.
  • A camping table or a tiny table where candles and other relaxing objects can be placed.
  • Yummy dishes and fruits that you enjoy at home.
  • Comfy chairs, a movie projector, or a coffee machine.

Step 3: Cook Like Home

Mealtime is crucial to many memorable camping experiences. Why not make this experience even better? Instead of eating chips or sausages, prepare smoked salmon, fresh cinnamon buns, or anything grilled. It would also be beneficial to carry a cooler to ensure your food is stored correctly. Bringing a multi-burner stove will undoubtedly aid in preparing some gourmet dishes. And, of course, we must pay attention to the wine! Bring some delicious drinks to unwind and relax amid nature's splendor completely. 

Step 4: Set Up A Lounge Space

This is a fantastic way to unwind and enjoy nature. Create a relaxing lounge area with tables, chairs, cupholders, and a bonfire centerpiece if you have one! Just make sure you take all necessary safeguards. 

Step 5: Add Some Entertainment

Try to come up with unique ways to entertain yourself! You could attempt an outdoor movie theatre and go above and beyond by bringing a projector, popcorn, and all your favorite movie goodies. You may also construct various DIY games you and your camping companions will love. Your options are only limited by your creativity!

What Are The Best Glamping Spots in Australia?

There's something so romantic and wild about sleeping under the sky. If you want to go camping but want to avoid dealing with all the difficulties, glamping is the way to go! And fortunately for you, Australia has numerous excellent glamping options: 
best glamping sites in australia

1. Nightfall, Queensland

The luxurious glamping site Nightfall is located in Queensland's Lamington National Park. On the property, there are just five permanent, hand-built tents, each placed far enough apart to give visitors the impression of utter isolation. During the warm summer months, you can open the tent's canvas walls and take in the natural surroundings - native birds congregate in the treetops, and the neighboring Christmas Creek is ideal for a refreshing dip.

Location: Lamington National Park, Queensland, Australia
Phone: (07) 5544 8070
Website: Nightfall
When to Visit: June to August

2. Mornington Peninsula Hot Spring, Victoria

The Peninsula Hot Springs' most recent addition is a collection of luxury glamping tents, which allow visitors to spend the night onsite, only steps away from the geothermal baths, saunas, pools, and other wellness services. The Victoria glamping getaway is a posh affair, with tents hidden among the natural environment, thermally-heated concrete floors, custom-made furnishings, and mattresses dressed in sumptuous linens.

Location: 140 Springs Ln, Fingal VIC 3939, Australia
Phone: (03) 5950 8777
When to Visit: Autumn to Winter

3. Sierra Escape, NSW

Sierra Escape is a luxurious glamping getaway in Mudgee, approximately 260 kilometers northwest of Sydney. The 280-acre property has stunning views and is home to kangaroos, deer, and various local birds. So, in a nutshell, it's utopia. The Carinya tent - if such an extravagant structure can be called a tent - has floor-to-ceiling windows, oversized indoor and outdoor freestanding bathtubs, and a campfire area.

Location: 1345 Lower Piambong Rd, Piambong NSW 2850, Australia
Phone: (02) 6372 1020
Website: Sierra Escape
When to Visit: Spring and Autumn

4. Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef, WA

This is where the desert meets the sea - a spectacular and one-of-a-kind region of Australia that should be on everyone's travel bucket list. There are a variety of hotels along the Ningaloo Reef, but Sal Salis is one of a kind. The 16 off-grid wilderness tents sit directly on the beach, surrounded by raw nature. Swing in your hammock all day, gazing at your ridiculously stunning vistas with an ice-cold drink or exploring. There's no need to hold back at this all-inclusive Australian glamping camp, with activities galore and beverages from the open bar at your disposal.

Location: Yardie Creek Rd, Cape Range National Park, WA 6707, Australia
Phone: (08) 9949 1776
When to Visit: March to November

Final Thoughts

If you're unfamiliar with glamping, it's essentially camping with all the comforts of home. There's something for everyone, from quiet cottages overlooking the coast to snug yurts buried in the forest. This article will explain everything you need to know about glamping in Australia, including the benefits, equipment, how to convert camping into glamping, and ideal sites. Remember to bring a Jackery Portable Power Station to charge your essentials with solar energy. 

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