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    Completing tasks can earn you shopping cards and coupons.

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    Strive for the opportunity to experience our best-selling products.

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    Share your story with a global audience through the Jackery Official and become a pioneer in off-road adventure!


Activity Benefits

Share your off-road stories and win big prizes.

  • Top 3 winners: Hot-selling products

    Incentives: Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station
    Conditions: Based on the number of approved works
    Number of winners: 3
    Total prize value: $1617

  • Top 4-10 winners: $100 Gift card

    Incentives: $100 Gift Card
    Conditions: Based on the number of approved works
    Number of winners: 7
    Total prize value: $700

  • Participation Award: e-coupons

    Incentives: e-coupons
    Conditions: First time uploading work and approved in review

Participate In The Process

  • Sign up

    Visit the activity page on Jackery Life to register and start sharing your exploration journey.

  • Upload

    Upload your off-road travel stories, sharing your unforgettable off-road adventures, experiences and observations, and more.

  • Approved

    Your works will be reviewed by our judging panel, and the approved works will be published in Jackery Life.

Registration Time

Activity Introduction

Welcome to Jackery Life! The Explore the Wild campaign is now live. Capture your off-road adventures and delights in photos or videos - from venturing through breathtaking landscapes, sharing cherished moments with loved ones to your journey essentials. You will have the chance to win best-selling products and a bounty of prizes.

Q1: Who can participate?
· Over 18 years old
· Australia residents
· Make sure your works are original
Q2: Does a winner get any bonus or prize?
Yes, there are three types of awards set for the column launch activities, and everyone has a chance to win. The following is the award arrangement and corresponding prize money and awards:

Top 1-3:Hot-selling products
Top 4-10:$100 Gift card
Participation Award:e-coupons

*The above awards will be effective once the number of participating users reaches 50, and the awards will be based on the number of approved works. Each user cannot win multiple prizes. Coupons and shopping cards are issued electronically, and all physical prizes are randomly issued in configuration and color. Specific prizes and the usage period will be determined based on the email notification.
Q3: Are there any specification requirements for submitted works?
Pictures should be in JPG or PNG format, with a maximum size of 30 MB per photo. A maximum of 8 photos can be uploaded.
Videos should be in MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI or 3GP, with a length of no more than 30 minutes and a size of no more than 500 MB per video.
Q4: What should I take note of when submitting any works?
All posts need to comply with the Content Guideline for Users and upload original works that are related to green energy or a sustainable lifestyle. If your work violates the Community Guidelines, has any elements that do not meet the requirements of the column, or does not conform to the concept of sustainable lifestyle, it will not pass the review.Any loss caused to Jackery or a third party is not the responsibility of Jackery and is the sole responsibility of the user.
Q5: What other information do I need to provide other than my entries?
We will collect and process personal information in accordance with the privacy statement of the column to the extent permitted by law. At the stage of submitting works, you only need to provide relevant information about the registered account. If you win a prize, you will need to provide accurate and effective personal information to verify your identity, including your name, phone number, email address and mailing address. The right to the prize will be deemed to be waived and the organizer will not re-issue the prize if your personal information is incomplete or incorrect, causing the prize to be unable to be issued.
Q6: Can the organizer use my submitted works?
Yes. All work submitted during the event is subject to be used by Jackery and its affiliates for worldwide advertising, product promotion, and brand marketing , including but not limited to using online media, print media, printed materials, photography exhibitions, retail stores, roadshows, digital content, outdoor media and any other marketing activities worldwide.
Q7: How are winner selected?
The selection of winners for the column’s activities will be conducted after the deadline, and the official operation team will select the shortlisted entries based on the activity selection rules and announce the winners on the activity page.Each user can only win one prize. If the user meets the criteria for multiple prizes, the highest value prize will be awarded. Meanwhile, Jackery employees will not participate in the selection of award-winning works.
Q8: How can I collect my prize?
The contest results and winners list will be announced on our column page, and the official operation team of the Jackery Life column will contact you for prize issuance. Relevant messages can be checked in th login state, open Jackery Life personal creator homepage, click Message and switch to Notifications.
Q9: Are there any other benefits for participating in the Jackery Life activities?
Recognition and attention on social media: Your content will be shared on our social media platforms, giving you the opportunity to share your sustainable lifestyle with the global audience.
High scores or upgrades on the rankings: Jackery Life plans to create rankings based on the quantity and quality of users’ submissions. Users who rank high on the rankings will receive titles, badges and honors to showcase their sustainable lifestyle leadership, and attract more users to join our community. The launch date is to be determined.
Earning points: Jackery Life plans to reward you with loyalty points for your activity and contribution to the community. You can use these points to unlock new features, receive special rewards, or participate in community activities, thus enhancing your influence and reputation within the community. The launch date is to be determined.
Participating in community activities and exchanges: We will provide you with a variety of community activities and exchange opportunities to connect and share experiences with other sustainable lifestyle enthusiasts. By participating in community activities and exchanges, you can gain the appreciation and recognition of community members and become a pioneer and leader in low-carbon life.
Q10: What should I do if I encounter problems, such as difficulty uploading my work?
If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints about the activities, as well as inquiries related to receiving awards, please contact
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