Perth to Esperance Road Trip: Basics, Preparations, Tips

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Perth to Esperance Road Trip: Basics, Preparations, Tips

The wildlife and natural beauty in southwestern Australia are genuinely impressive. There are unique natural wonders in the world, coastal walks, Aboriginal heritage sites, silo art trails, and beautiful white beaches with kangaroos lying in the sun in Australia's golden outback.   


The Perth to Esperance road trip will take you through many beautiful nature areas, wheat belts full of wildflowers, and interesting small towns in the country. It's a great chance to escape the natural world and spend time with yourself, your friends, and nature.    


This guide has all the details you need to plan your trip quickly and ensure you get all the fantastic sights along the way. You can make your trip from Perth to Esperance even better with a Jackery Solar Generator, especially the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro and Jackery Solar Generator 500.

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Key Takeaways:

You can drive from Perth to Esperance and back in five days to see some of the most stunning scenery in Western Australia.

You can go from Perth to Dunsborough (281 km), then to Walpole via Margaret River (320 km). After this, you drive from Walpole to Two Peoples Bay (200 km), to Fitzgerald River National Park (208 km), and finally get to the destination Esperance (563 km).

When preparing for your road trip, notice the weather, plan for stops, check the car, and pack essentials.

We recommend taking a Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro or 500 to charge your electronics on the go.

Perth to Esperance Road Trip Overview 

You can drive from Perth to Esperance and back in five days and see some of the most beautiful scenery in Western Australia. Go to the Kari Forest in Pemberton and the beautiful farms in Denmark.

Visit the old town of Albany and then take it easy on the beautiful beaches of Esperance. Come back from your trip by seeing Wave Rock in Western Australia. There is no better way to see it all than a road trip. Use the perfect schedule below to ensure you get all the best parts.

In Esperance, the best time to enjoy the nature sights is from September to April, when it is warmer. Even in the summer, Esperance's weather can change quickly. It gets freezing in the winter.


Travel routes

Day 1

Perth to Dunsborough

Day 2

Dunsborough to Walpole via Margaret River

Day 3

Walpole to Two Peoples Bay

Day 4

Two Peoples Bay to Fitzgerald River National Park

Day 5

Fitzgerald River National Park to Esperance

Perth to Esperance Road Trip Itinerary 

The entire Perth to Esperance road trip lasts five days and has many beautiful scenes. The path below is meant to help you get to some well-known sights. The entire tour route can be changed slightly, or a new path can be chosen.

Day 1: Perth to Dunsborough (3 Hours 7 Min)

Best Stops: Fremantle, Preston Beach, Busselton, Dunsborough

Have you had enough of the traffic, the smoggy air, and the views of endless buildings? If so, you should take some vacation time and drive south to Dunsborough.

Dunsborough is only a three-hour drive south of Perth. It has beautiful beaches with white sand, laid-back bars, unique gift shops, and a hub connecting all this town's great things.

Length: 281km

Time: 3 hours 31 min

perth to esperance road trip day 1

(Data Source: Google Maps)

  1. Fremantle

Fremantle is a maritime city located in Western Australia. It is in the greater Perth area. It is known for its maritime past, Victorian architecture, and things that still stand from when Australia was a British prison colony.

Since 1897, Fremantle Markets has been a busy public market. At the market, many stands sell food, clothes, crafts, and local goods. This busy port city is known for its lively markets and friendly atmosphere. It is located where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean in Fremantle.

  1. PrestonBeach

Many people who love nature and fishing visit Preston Beach, a beautiful beach paradise. You can quickly get to Lake Clifton and Yargorup National Park from here. It's also one of the few places to see thrombolites, some of Earth's oldest living things.  

Walk along the trails and look at the local plants and animals, such as the bright spring wildflowers. On the Heathlands Walk, you can see a lot of land from Lake Preston to Myalup. You can find bird homes next to the water on the Lake Pollard Trail.

  1. Busselton

Busselton is at the top of the well-known Margaret River wine area, full of wineries, restaurants, and cellar doors.

The 1.8 km long wood pier in Busselton is famous. It has stood up to hurricanes, storms, and fires and is still the longest timber pier in the Southern Hemisphere. Located at the dock's beginning, an educational centre allows everyone to learn history. 

  1. Dunsborough

Dunsborough is a seaside town that is both laid-back and stylish. Dunsborough's main street has day spas, shops selling home goods, and photography workshops. A lot of families love going to the flat town beach. 

Some of them have food trucks set up so you can eat outside. The restaurants in the town serve everything from Asian food to veggie and gastropub fare.

The small town of Dunsborough is a great place to rest on the first day of the trip because it has many valuable services.  

Day 2: Dunsborough to Walpole (3 Hours 25 Min)

Best Stops: Margaret River, Yallingup, Hamelin Bay, Walpole

From Dunsborough to Walpole is 162 miles (261 km) away, and it should take you 3 hours and 30 minutes to drive there straight. We worked and found great places to stop for your car trip from Dunsborough to Walpole.

Length: 320km

Time: 3 hours 52 min

perth to esperance road trip day 2

(Data Source: Google Maps)

  1. Yallingup

The cute and lovely town of Yallingup is on the west side of the Margaret River region. It faces the Indian Ocean across the peninsula from Dunsborough. Many people love to take vacations in Yallingup. Yallingup Beach is a long stretch of white sand from a steep, bush-covered hillside in the north to a rocky point in the south.

  1. Margaret River

This area around Margaret River is lovely. It is on the southwest coast of Western Australia. Beautiful beaches, beautiful caves, exciting hikes and trails, world-class surf spots, friendly locals, tasty food, and good drinks can all be found in this area.

Margaret River has about 200 farms and is known worldwide for its wine. You can taste local wines for free in about 100 wine caves. There are also several craft brewers for people who like beer.

  1. Hamelin Bay

You have to see the beautiful white beaches of Hamelin Bay. Imagine beaches with white sand, water the colour of blue, and gorgeous hiking trails. The safe bay is excellent for swimming, snorkelling, and fishing; divers can check nearby ruins. You might also see stingrays because they like to swim close to the shore. Many tourists are lucky enough to get close to stingrays in Hamelin Bay's clear water.

  1. Walpole

People who come to the small town of Walpole can do many outdoor activities, such as swimming, boating, sailing, inlet tours, fishing, hiking, and rock climbing. You can take a short break here to get ready for the trip the next day.

Day 3: Walpole to Two Peoples Bay (1 Hour 45 Min)

Best Stops: Green Pool and Elephant Rocks, Denmark, West Cape Howe National Park, Two Peoples Bay

After that, you can get to Two Peoples Bay from Walpole. There are three great places to stop between these two points. Two People's Bay is about 25 kilometres northeast of Albany. It is an important refuge for many endangered species that are known all over the world.

Length: 200km

Time: 2 hours 54 min

perth to esperance road trip day 3

(Data Source: Google Maps)

  1. Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks

One of the best natural swimming pools in Australia is Greens Pool. The surrounding rocks make the inner pool entirely safe from the waves. No matter how rough the ocean is, this haven is a great place to swim.

The name Elephant Rocks comes from the fact that it looks like a giant elephant. The place is usually busier than the Greens Pool, and the rock shapes are fantastic. It's also safe, which makes it another great spot to swim.

  1. Denmark

Denmark has many beautiful natural sights and a mild temperature all year, which makes it an excellent place for a vacation on the south coast. One of the best places in Western Australia is this one. Nature lovers love Denmark because it has beautiful beaches that have yet to be changed, great hiking trails, lots of wildlife, rolling land, majestic tall trees, and bright wildflowers.

  1. West Cape Howe National Park

There are tall rocks, white sand beaches, granite headlands, giant waves crashing on the shore, coastal heathland, and even some karri forest in West Cape Howe National Park. A lot of different kinds of birds and animals live in the area. That thing is beautiful no matter how you look at it.

You may relish the breathtaking ocean vistas and the rugged coastline up to Torbay Head from the elevated vantage point above the picturesque Shelley Beach. 

  1. Two Peoples Bay

You can swim, dive, boat, and fish at Two People's Bays and Little Beach. It's also home to many animals that are in danger of going extinct. The Two Nations Bay Visitor Centre has a lot of information about the past and wildlife of the area.

While Two Peoples Bay National Park has many things to see, Little Beach is by far the most famous and best. You have to visit Little Beach and Waterfall Beach. It would be best to hike from the tourist centre to Little Beach and along the main beach to East Bay.

Day 4: Two Peoples Bay to Fitzgerald River National Park (2 Hour 10 Min)

Best Stops: Cheynes Beach, Fitzgerald River National Park

The plan says that on the fourth day of the trip, you will go to Fitzgerald River National Park after stopping in Two Peoples Bay.

Length: 208km

Time: 2 hours 30 min

perth to esperance road trip day 4

(Data Source: Google Maps)

  1. Cheynes Beach

Cheynes Beach has bright blue water and white sand that sparkles. The beach is kilometres long. Many rare species, such as Albany pitcher plants and granite spider orchids, live on Cheynes Beach. There are also many marsupials, such as western grey kangaroos, Kunda kangaroos, honey kangaroos, and many birds, including rare and endangered species and Western Australia's birds.

In the winter, you might see humpback and southern right whales going by. In the autumn, you can fish for salmon. In the spring, you can look for wildflowers and rare birds. And in the summer, you can swim, snorkel, and surf.

  1. Fitzgerald River National Park

The best place to get away from it all and enjoy the beauty of nature is Fitzgerald River National Park, which has many things to see and do. There are also a lot of natural and rare plant species in Fitzgerald River National Park.

This park is also one of the quieter ones, but there are still many things to do on land and in the water. You can swim, snorkel, kayak, surf, and fish in beautiful bays and inlets. During the winter, the park has excellent places to watch whales.

Day 5: Fitzgerald River National Park to Esperance (2 Hour 10 Min)

Best Stops: Duke of Orleans Bay, Cape Le Grand NP, Esperance

After taking in the beauty of Fitzgerald River National Park, it's time to move on to the next stop, Esperance.

Length: 563km

Time: 6 hours 8 min

perth to esperance road trip day 5

(Data Source: Google Maps)

  1. Duke of Orleans Bay

Duke of Orleans Bay is considered one of Australia's most beautiful and least busy coastal wilderness areas. Most people here call it "Duke" for family vacations, fishing, surfing, wakeboarding, 4WDing, and resting.

  1. Cape Le Grand NP

Cape Le Grand NP is famous for its beautiful beaches and natural beauty. You can swim, hike, fish, and camp there. The park has a lot of bushwalks that go along the rough coast and beaches. Stopping to take in the scenery and relax in the water is an option. 

In Cape Le Grand National Park, the scenery is constantly changing. There are huge granite rocks, freshwater pools, and beautiful white sand beaches with views of the many islands.

  1. Esperance

You've now reached Esperance, the last stop on this road trip from Perth to Esperance. Esperance's beautiful sand beaches and turquoise water immediately take tourists' breath away. You'll find yourself enjoying beautiful bubblegum-pink lakes as you walk around.

Along the rocky shore, you can hike, fish, or sail. Esperance has some of the most stunning scenery in the world, and Lucky Bay is one of a kind and very popular with both tourists and kangaroos.

How to Prepare for Perth to Esperance Road Trip

It's always a good idea to get ready ahead of time for a seven-day car trip. Here is a list of things to prepare for your road trip from Perth to Esperance.

how to prepare for a road trip

Notice The Weather

It doesn't get as cold in Australia as in the northern hemisphere, which is excellent. This means that you can plan an Australia road trip at any time of the year. You must be careful about where you go based on the time of year.

Australia's seasons are almost the same everywhere except for the subtropics in the north and north-east. When is the best time to take a road trip from Perth to Esperance? Summer (December to February) and fall (March to May).

Plan for Stops

One good guess is that you will need a break from driving every two or three hours. Make sure your stops on the road trip consider any fascinating cities, parks, stores, or restaurants you want to see. It's all part of the fun of taking a car trip.

  • Make a big-picture road trip plan
  • Choose your overnight stops
  • Add short, easy-to-reach stops along the way to get the most fun in the least amount of time
  • Plan for fuel stops and vehicle checks
  • Be realistic about time constraints

Check Your Car

Having a mechanic check your car for problems before you leave is a good idea if you drive it a long way for several days. Change your oil, add more fluid to your windscreen wipers, and check all your lights to ensure they work. Following these steps will make you less likely to get lost or have technical problems on your road trip.

Pack Road Trip Essentials

You can take your road trip through Australia in many ways, each with its packing needs. You should bring a satellite phone, extra tyres, and a good-quality tool kit if you're going to be driving on dirt roads in the middle of the desert.

You don't need to bring as much for road trips along the East Coast or anywhere near people.

Here is our master camping list, which has almost everything you'll need for a great trip if you're camping along the way. We also have a general packing list for car trips that you can use.

Perth to Esperance Road Trip Essentials

Vehicle Check

Vehicle Clean

Repair Tools


Vehicle Safety Items


Insect Repellent

Fire Extinguisher

Car Oil

Spare Tire

Car Jack

Sun Protection

Emergency Kit

First Aid Kit


Personal Electronics

Hygiene Items

Paper Towels

Rain Gear

Changing Clothes



Pet Supplies

Jackery Solar Generator

Of course, bring your licence, car registration, and insurance papers. But don't forget a road map, a phone charger, some cash and coins for tolls, a first aid kit, jumper wires, a spare tyre and a tyre repair kit, one gallon of drinkable water for each person, and a small cooler with snacks that won't go bad.

Power is essential for car trips, so packing a generator is a good idea. A solar generator is perfect because it is clean and can be used repeatedly. The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro and 500 are the best things to take on an Australian road trip from Perth to Esperance.

They are made to be portable, and they only take up a little room in your trailer. These generators are good for the environment because they use solar power to reduce your carbon footprint while visiting national parks and wilderness areas.

Jackery Solar Generators for Road Trips

Jackery Solar Generators comprise a portable power station and Jackery solar panels. For Perth to Esperance road trips, this portable solar setup is ideal. It has a pure sine wave inverter, an MPPT regulator, and a premium lithium battery to ensure that your electronics and outdoor items always have power. 

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro and the Jackery Solar Generator 500 are the most suitable generators for car trips. They're strong and last a long time.


Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

Jackery Solar Generator 500

Blender (300W)



Projector (350W)



Coffee Maker (550W)



Light (60W)



Phone (10W)



Camera (200W)



CPAP (300W)



Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro is more than just a gadget—it's your ticket to steady power on the go, thanks to its vast 1002Wh capacity and 1000W output power. It can easily hold a full wall charge in just 1.8 hours and has been charged a thousand times. This is a game-changer for people seeking efficient and environmentally friendly energy options.

Include two SolarSaga 80W solar panels to increase the energy you generate by 25%. This is a cost-effective and sustainable option for trips outside or backup power for your home.

To make things easier for you, the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station has a handle that can be folded up for easy storage and travel. This makes it the perfect thing to take with you on your outdoor adventures. This small power source promises to keep you fired up with its impressive 1,000-charge cycle life and lightweight design.

jackery solar generator 1000 pro

Jackery Solar Generator 500

This Jackery Solar Generator 500 is made to withstand harsh weather thanks to its advanced temperature monitors and robust construction that can work in hot and cold conditions. Because it's so durable, it's an excellent choice for camping trips, outdoor activities, and backup power in an emergency.

With a capacity of 518Wh and a 500W inverter that can handle surges up to 1000W, the Jackery Explorer 500 can support multiple appliance charging, making it a versatile power solution for various needs. It is also designed for convenience, featuring a portable and light design that makes it easy to carry and use wherever power is needed.

The power station has three ways to charge it: solar panels, a wall outlet, and a car plug. This gives you options for how to charge it. With a noise level of 37.9dB, it's a quiet power option that won't bother you on the Perth to Esperance road trip.

jackery solar generator 500

Tips for Perth to Esperance Road Trip

Even if you have planned your whole road trip from Perth to Esperance, you MUST remember some things.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. Many Australians are willing to help people in need, and most will be happy to do so if you get lost along the way. Some Australians know a lot about cars, which is pretty cool. If you get stuck on the side of the road, feel free to wave a car over to get help.
  • Keep an eye out for petrol. Petrol prices almost double as you head into the bush, which is crazy. Ensure you have a lot of gas before you go to the Red Centre or other remote bush areas. If you don't, you could spend up to $100 a day on gas. 
  • Learn some basic mechanics. Check out what's going on under the hood, and remember to keep an eye on it. At least once a week, check the oil and water, and always have extras in your trunk. If you're going on dirt roads, you should check your tyre pressure occasionally.
  • Avoid driving at night. No matter how much you want to stay on the road, getting off as soon as the sun goes down would be best. You name it: kangaroos, wallabies, wild horses, camels, wombats, koalas; they all jump out of nowhere at night when they see your bright headlights. Because of how common it is to hit an animal while driving at night, most insurance companies won't even cover you if you do. 

Is the Perth to Esperance Road Trip Worth It?

It would be best if you went to Esperance. Esperance is worth the drive because it has beautiful beaches, outdoor sports, and nature. Despite being a long drive, the Perth to Esperance road trip features exciting stops. It's almost hard to believe when you see so many beautiful places on such a short road trip. Pick the Jackery Solar Generator without a doubt if you want to go on a road trip and need a reliable, compact solar generator. 

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