Best Rainbow Beach Camping: Top 10 Camping Spots

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Best Rainbow Beach Camping: Top 10 Camping Spots

Located on Queensland's beautiful shore, Rainbow Beach is a picture-perfect spot for campers looking for a unique outdoor experience. Rainbow Beach has a lot of different camping spots, from private hideaways to sites right on the beach. There is something for every taste and price.      


Set up your tent on the golden sands and waving palm trees of this seaside paradise to enjoy the area's natural beauty. This page lists the ten best places to camp in Rainbow Beach and other things to do while you're there. Jackery Solar Generators are excellent for camping trips because they can power your gear regularly. This way, you can be sure you'll always have power for your Rainbow Beach activities.

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Key Takeaways:

Prepare for your Rainbow Beach camping trip with these must-have items: a tent, sleeping bag, kitchen supplies, personal hygiene, first aid kit, and portable power supply.

We've curated a list of the top ten camping spots in Rainbow Beach where you can immerse yourself in mother nature and live away from the city.

We highly recommend Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro and 500 as your Rainbow Beach camping partner since they can charge most outdoor appliances with solar energy.

Except for camping, there are activities on the water or the land in Rainbow Beach, such as kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, 4WD touring, hiking, and horse riding.

Rainbow Beach Camping Essentials: What To Pack? 

Prepare for your Rainbow Beach camping trip with these must-have items, carefully chosen to make your time in the beautiful coastal scenery and natural wonders even better.

Whether you've been camping before or this is your first time at Rainbow Beach, you must ensure you have everything you need for a great time. Before you go to Rainbow Beach, make sure you have everything you need by using a carefully thought-out plan.

More essentials should be taken to Rainbow Beach camping:

Seal Rocks Essentials



Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Pad



Portable Stove





Water Filtration

Water Storage




First Aid Kit

Personal Medication

Sun Protection

Insect Repellent



Entertainment Items

Jackery Solar Generator

The weather can change quickly. Pack light and warm garments for easy layering and adjustment according to the prevailing conditions. Bring clothes that are waterproof and windproof in case the weather changes quickly. If you want to explore the rough landscapes and nature trails, you need hiking shoes that are both durable and comfy. These shoes are great for walking on the beach and around the camp.

Even though Rainbow Beach isn't a vast wilderness, it's still a good idea to bring a map and guide or a GPS device to help you find your way around and stay on track. If you get lost or need to call for help, an emergency whistle or warning mirror could save your life.

Also, you'll need a compact power source in an emergency. Bringing a small power source on your camping trip is much more critical. You'll use things that need power in the kitchen or when talking to others, like a portable grill, small fridge, GPS, radio, and more. The Jackery Solar Generator turns solar energy into power, which helps charge electronics. You can try it this time!

Rainbow Beach Camping: Top 10 Camping Spots 

Camping at Rainbow Beach offers many options, like discovering the colourful cliffs or relaxing on the clean sand. Explore the wild areas nearby, go hiking on beautiful trails, or relax with a book while enjoying the stunning views of the blue water. 

best 10 camping spots in rainbow beach

(Image Source: Unsplash)

Here is a list of the ten best places to camp at Rainbow Beach that you will love. You can find their locations, phone numbers, websites, events, and short descriptions of what they do. This guide will be helpful for you.

1. Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area

Location: Inskip Point Rd, Inskip QLD 4581, Australia

Phone: (07) 5486 9901

Website: Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area 

When to Visit: Year-round

Amenities: Campfire, generator allowed, information shelter, toilets, dog permitted

Activities: Camping, caravaning, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, walking, bird watching

Wind and waves have built up the narrow, sandy piece of land called the Inskip Peninsula. It acts as a natural breakwater at the mouth of Tin Can Inlet and Great Sandy Strait.

Near Rainbow Beach, Inskip is the way to get to Fraser Island, which is on the list of World Heritage Sites. Cypress pine, beach she-oaks, and other coastal trees and plants shade the popular camping areas surrounded by open ocean beaches and protected river shores.

She-oaks, cypress pines, and other seaside trees and plants provide shade. Both open ocean beaches and protected estuary shores surround the camping places on the Inskip Peninsula. Rainbow Beach is only 15 minutes away by car. The wind and waves tend to be calmer in areas where the peninsula bends westward towards the Great Sandy Strait.

You can camp in one of four quiet places with your drinking water. Dogs are welcome in the leisure area, but they must always be on a lead.

2. Cooloola Recreation Area

Location: LOT 1 Queen Elizabeth Dr, Cooloola Cove QLD 4580, Australia

Phone: +61 137468

Website: Cooloola Recreation Area

When to Visit: Spring and autumn

Amenities: BBQ areas, generator allowed, information centre, lookout, toilets, picnic tables

Activities: Camping, caravaning, boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking, sailing

Cooloola has something for everyone who comes to visit. You can four-wheel drive past tall sand cliffs and coloured sands, fish right from the ocean, canoe on calm rivers, hike through remains of jungle and across wide sandblows, and camp among wildflowers that are in bloom.

This camping zone on the coast has a lot of different sites for you to choose from. It's also easy to get to Double Island Point and Freshwater. You can watch the morning over the ocean from your tent and spend many happy hours wandering this faraway beach. Beach camping lets you camp close to the beach and behind the dunes.

3. Freshwater Camping Area

Location: Freshwater Rd, Inskip QLD 4581, Australia

Phone: +61 3 5264 5296

Website: Freshwater Camping Area

When to Visit: August to October

Amenities: Basic amenities, like toilets, hot & cold shower, telephone

Activities: Camping, fishing, hiking, biking, bird watching

These rivers and creeks are great places to escape the heat and humidity of the wet season because they are cool, relaxing, and surrounded by jungle.

A peaceful night's sleep in a scribbly gum forest just a stone's throw from the beach. Wake up with the birds. Bring the kids to this well-known bush camping place in the Freshwater day-use area immediately below Teewah Beach. That's the best place to be when strong winds are coming.

You can wake up to the sound of kookaburras laughing or sulphur-crested cockatoos screaming. In the fall, you can see small silvereyes, brush turkeys, and birds eating mid-in berries. Big goannas are moving around the sleeping area, so don't let them eat your food.

4. Harrys Hut Camping Area

Location: Harrys Hut Rd, Como QLD 4571, Australia

Phone: +61 137468

Website: Harrys Hut Camping Area

When to Visit: Spring to summer

Amenities: Toilets, picnic tables, mooring point, cultural sites

Activities: Camping, kayaking, canoeing, paddling, hiking, boating, bird watching

Harry's Hut is a great place to camp on the weekend if you don't care about being close to the beach and would rather paddle the Noosa River.

It's not the most beautiful site, but getting to the river is straightforward. You can camp here and walk on the Cooloola Wilderness Walk. There are also a few other hikes in the area.

Around Harry's Hut is a park with clear spots, some of which have picnic tables and compost toilets. With only ten spots for cars, it's not very big, but on the weekends, there are a lot of day visitors and paddlers, so it's never as quiet as you might think.  

5. Carlo Sandblow Camping Area

Location: Cooloola Coast Rd, Rainbow Beach QLD 4581, Australia

Phone: 1800 444 222

Website: Carlo Sandblow Camping Area

When to Visit: Year-around

Amenities: Picnic tables, BBQ facilities, boat ramp, non-flush toilets

Activities: Camping, boating, water playing, coloured sand viewing, sightseeing

Carlo Sandblow Camping Area is set on top of a vast dune and offers a unique camping experience among the dunes. Have fun sandboarding down the hills, watching the beautiful sunsets, and looking at the stars at night.

Take outdoor walks in the area to learn about the different plants and animals that live in the sandblow. Carlo Sandblow Camping Area is a great place to camp if you want to have a fun and relaxing time in Rainbow Beach.

jackery solar generator for camping

6. Great Sandy National Park

Location: Cooloola QLD 4581, Australia

Phone: +61 137468

Website: Great Sandy National Park

When to Visit: April to September

Amenities: BBQ facilities, generator allowed, information centre, picnic tables, toilets, WiFi

Activities: Camping, swimming, exploring rainforest, wildlife spotting, boating

Part of mainland Queensland and the world's most oversized sand island, Fraser Island, are both in the Great Sandy National Park on the coast.

The river flows from Rainbow Beach to Noosa Heads, and the line stays the same along the eastern shore. The only way to get from Fraser Island to the shore is by barge across a small sand reef. 

You can swim in over 100 freshwater lakes, find the cleanest beaches, and get lost in a thick, dark jungle. The guide will tell you exciting things about the fish, birds, plants, and flowers on land and in the ocean. Lastly, you can book a boat tour to see sharks, dolphins, dugongs, and humpback whales.

From March 1 to September 30, campsite reservations can be made as early as six months. This is highly recommended during busy times like school holidays and state holidays. 

7. Poverty Point Camping Area

Location: Rainbow Beach Rd, Rainbow Beach QLD 4581, Australia

Phone: +61 137468

Website: Poverty Point Camping Area

When to Visit: September to May

Amenities: Powered and unpowered sites, BBQ facilities, a camp kitchen, laundry, pool

Activities: Camping, swimming, kayaking, fishing, hiking, cycling

Poverty Point sleeping Area is right next to the Carlo Point Marina and has simple services for sleeping by the water. You can spend your days floating along the calm waters, fishing for bream and flathead, or watching the many birds that live there.

Check out the nearby walking tracks and enjoy the natural beauty of the marshes nearby. Poverty Point Camping Area is a quiet place where fishermen, birdwatchers, and nature lovers can relax.  

8. Searys Creek Camping Area

Location: Cooloola QLD 4580, Australia

Phone: 0265 820 581

Website: Searys Creek Camping Area

When to Visit: Spring to autumn

Amenities: Picnic tables, toilets

Activities: Camping, walking, sightseeing, bird watching

Searys Creek Camping Area is tucked away in the Toolara Forest and has essential services and a peaceful creek for camping. You can cool off by swimming in Searys Creek's clear water or exploring the creek by boat. Native animals like kangaroos, wallabies, and goannas can be seen as you walk through the nearby forest. People who want to escape it all and relax in the middle of nature will love Searys Creek Camping Area.

9. Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping

Location: Situated along the coastline of Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia.

Phone: 0419 464 254

Website: Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping

When to Visit: April to August

Amenities: Beachfront camping sites, Freshwater showers, on-site convenience store

Activities: Camping, swimming, fishing, boating, sand boarding, water playing

Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping is best for outdoor lovers who want to camp by the sea. This park is right on Rainbow Beach's beautiful shore and has camping sites with stunning ocean views.  

Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping is the perfect place for a camping trip you'll always remember, whether you want to relax on the sandy shores, learn about the sea life, or go on exciting outdoor activities. This is the best place to camp at Rainbow Beach, so get your tent and some friends or family ready to take in the breathtaking scenery. 

10. Petrie Park

Location: Seal Rocks Lighthouse Walk, Seal Rocks NSW 2423

Phone: 0249 976 590

Website: Petrie Park

When to Visit: Autumn to early spring

Amenities: BBQ, boat ramp, picnic shelter, seating, toilets

Activities: Camping, boating, fishing, picnicking, walking, sightseeing

Petrie Park is another free place to camp in Rainbow Beach, which has sites near the water and other valuable facilities.

The site only has a few spots, so like other free camps, you should get there early to get a spot for the day or the night. There are bathrooms and grilling places on the grounds, and kids and pets are welcome.

Being close to water is an excellent thing about this site. People can fish from the beach or use the boat ramp to launch their small boat or kayak and enjoy the water or fish with friends and family.

Jackery Solar Generators for Rainbow Beach Camping

Elevate your Rainbow Beach camping experience with Jackery Solar Generators. Crafted for outdoor enthusiasts seeking convenience and sustainability, the Jackery Portable Power Station provides a reliable energy source for your electronic devices while camping in this picturesque coastal destination. 

As a trusted manufacturer of top-notch solar products, Jackery ensures consistent power supply through lithium batteries integrated into Portable Power Stations. With the inclusion of Jackery Solar Panels, these generators harness solar energy effectively, offering an eco-friendly power solution ideally suited for Rainbow Beach's stunning natural surroundings. 

how jackery solar generator works

Compact and lightweight, Jackery Solar Generators are designed to power essential camping equipment such as lights, fans, and mobile devices, ensuring you stay comfortable and connected throughout your stay at Rainbow Beach. With ample storage capacity, these generators provide peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the serenity of the outdoors fully.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

Boasting a formidable 1002Wh capacity and 1000W output power, the Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro is not just a device; it's your ticket to portable, reliable power wherever you roam.

With a thousand charge cycles, it effortlessly sustains a complete wall charge in a swift 1.8 hours, making it a game-changer for those seeking efficient and eco-friendly energy solutions. Embrace the freedom to enhance electricity generation by 25% by integrating 2*SolarSaga 80W solar panels, providing an economical and sustainable alternative for camping adventures or powering up in Rainbow Beach's scenic landscapes.

Designed for your convenience, the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station features a foldable handle for easy taking and storage, making it the ideal companion for outdoor escapades. With its lightweight construction and remarkable cycle life, this compact power source ensures you stay powered up throughout your journeys.

In a world of adventure, Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro is your reliable companion, offering power and the freedom to explore without limits.


Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro



jackery solar generator 1000 pro


1002Wh (43.2V/23.2Ah)

Life Cycle

1000 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Battery Cell

NMC battery



Recharging Methods

Explorer 1000 Pro + 2*SolarSaga 80W: 9H; AC Adapter: 1.8H; 12V Car Adapter: 12H

Output Ports

2*AC Output: 230V, 1000W (peak 2000W); 2*USB-A: Quick Charge 3.0x2, 18W Max; 2*USB-C: 100W Max, (5V, 9V, 15V, 12V, 20V up to 5A); 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Working Hours

Portable Cooler (350W): 2.3H; Tablet (30W): 26.7H; Phone (10W): 80.2H; Portable Speaker (60W): 13.4H; Camera (150W): 5.3H; Drone (90W): 8.9H; Portable Fan (40W): 20H; Projector (300W): 2.7H

Jackery Solar Generator 500

Your ideal option for recharging low- to high-power appliances during extended travels or serving as a dependable emergency home backup is the Jackery Solar Generator 500. It combines the Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station with a SolarSaga 100W solar panel.

With its remarkable 518Wh battery capacity, this power station is built with convenience in mind. It is an excellent companion for outdoor enthusiasts and those looking for a dependable backup power source at home because of its foldable handle and ergonomic design.

The Jackery Explorer 500 is outfitted with cutting-edge BMS (Battery Management System) technology, guaranteeing peak performance and security. Its 6.4 kg weight contributes to its portability, making it incredibly simple to carry wherever your travels may take you.  

The Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station is prepared to meet your energy needs, whether you're going camping, hiking, or off-grid living. Enjoy the flexibility to run various appliances for extended periods inside a small, practical design. Having Jackery Solar Generator 500 by your side will simplify your travels and backup plans.  


Jackery Solar Generator 500



jackery solar generator 500


518Wh (21.6V/24Ah)

Life Cycle

800 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Battery Cell

NMC battery



Recharging Methods

Explorer 500 + SolarSaga 100W: 9.5H; AC Adapter: 7.5H; 12V Car Adapter: 7.5H

Output Ports

1*AC Output: 240V, 500W (peak 1000W); 1*DC Output: 12V⎓7A; 3*USB-A: 5V⎓2.4A; 1*Carport: 12V⎓10A

Working Hours

Portable Cooler (350W): 1.3H; Tablet (30W): 14.7H; Phone (10W): 4.4H; Portable Speaker (60W): 7.4H; Camera (150W): 2.9H; Drone (90W): 4.9H; Portable Fan (40W): 11H; Projector (300W): 1.5H

What Size Solar Generator Do I Need for Rainbow Beach Camping?

Based on your energy requirements, you may select a Jackery Solar Generator with a capacity between 300Wh and 12 kWh. Power output is one of the most important considerations when choosing one for camping. It is determined by the power output of a generator and which appliances and devices it can operate. The formula for determining the operational hours of electronics powered by Jackery Solar Generators is as follows:

Working Hours (H) = [Jackery Solar Generator Capacity (Wh)*0.85] / Appliance's Wattage (W)

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro (1002Wh) can supply power to a 100W portable fan for 8 hours (1002*0.85/100). Employing this formula makes it straightforward to ascertain which of your appliances will continue functioning and which are appropriate for camping.

What Things To Do in Rainbow Beach?

Rainbow Beach is a beautiful beach on Queensland's Sunshine Coast that you should visit. Here are some must-do things to enjoy during your trip to this stunning place, ranging from exciting outdoor activities to peaceful natural sights.

what things to do in rainbow beach

What people do on the water:

Kayaking with Dolphins: A kayak tour in the ocean, where hundreds of dolphins, turtles, and other sea creatures live, is a great way to see them.

Surf Lessons: Anyone can bring their board to the Queensland coast and ride the great waves, but you don't need to know how to surf to have a good time. This is a great chance to have a great time learning how to surf after all these years.

Paddle Boarding: If you don't like surfing or kayaking, you can still have fun in the water with stand-up paddleboarding. Feel free to use the paddle board for as long as you desire. Take pleasure in the sun, water, wildlife, and lovely views.

The activities on the land:

4WD Tours: Off-roading is a fun activity you can do alone or with family and friends. Several 4WD tours go along the beach and over the hills.

Hiking and Walking: Rainbow Beach and its surrounding area have beautiful scenery. You can walk on the beach, in the sands, through the bush, or up and over hills and mountains to see the coast of Queensland. You can see the sunrise or sunset if you get up early or walk in the evening.

Horse Riding: You can go on a sunset horse-riding tour and take a relaxing walk along Rainbow Beach, no matter how good you are at riding horses or how close you've never seen one before. This tour is suitable for people who have never been horseback riding, and the horses are also lovely.

Rainbow Beach has a wide range of activities and nature sights that you can enjoy. Rainbow Beach is a great place to get away to the coast, whether looking for exciting things to do or peaceful times surrounded by nature's beauty.

Final Thoughts

Camping at Rainbow Beach is a one-of-a-kind way to get back to nature and enjoy the peace of living by the water. You can choose from several great camping spots with unique charm and beauty. Your trip to Rainbow Beach is sure to be nothing less than magical. 

Pack everything you need for a comfortable stay under the stars as you prepare for your camping trip. To improve your experience, think about getting a Jackery Solar Generator, which can power all your electronics reliably.

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